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WTB platform bed base or raise mattress above ground

Discussion in 'Want To Buy' started by ann76, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. ann76

    ann76 New Member

    currently i have a queen bed frame and single bedframe. planning to put the mattress down on the floor so safe for children to sleep. however, concern about the cleanliness. so looking for cheap platform bed or base to raise mattress above ground slightly.
    something light so easily stackable or removable when cleaning.
    please provide pictures and price. thanks.

  2. Mommy Cindy

    Mommy Cindy Member

    Hi ann76, I am not sure if there are such item to raise the mattress off the floor. But what I do is to put a plain cheap (or old) mattress cover on the bottom side before I put the actual mattress cover on the top. In this way the bottom side will be protected by the mattress cover. Just a suggestion.
  3. Hi

    I have a Lucky Baby Toddler Bed. Bought but never use as it is a spare bed at grandma house.
    Almost new mattress. PM me if keen. Thanks.

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  4. kiki80

    kiki80 Member

    I have one preloved super single mattress. Text me if u interested. 98738741
  5. ann76

    ann76 New Member

    Thanks mummy Cindy.
    Happyhappybaby and kiki80,
    i have mattress currently. i am looking for solution to raise them above ground.
  6. kiki80

    kiki80 Member

    Yes. Tt is divan to raise above ground. Divan is abit like mattress just harder. I use to have one. What i mean is u can consider use mattress n raise it
  7. haiting

    haiting Active Member

    I have a preloved trundle for sale at $80.
  8. mariajohnson245

    mariajohnson245 New Member

    Why you are thinking about spending a lot money when there is a great cheap solution. Just get a low profile box spring and keep it under your mattress. That's it. You can get a good one for around $50.


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