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What fish to use for fish porridge?

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by sunglow, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. sunglow

    sunglow New Member

    Hi, like to know what kind of fish is suitable for making porridge for a 7 month old baby? Has heard that fish with no scale is not suitable. And do we mash the fish for baby to eat or just use the fish stock?

  2. lachattesg

    lachattesg Member

  3. cocoon

    cocoon New Member

    I use what in chinese is translated at "five-fish". It's one of the sweetest and cleaner fishes. Once in a while, use cod or salmon. I give the fish to the bb mashes initially. don't cook too long

    Small fishes are also good, those tiny ones that the kelong catch and they sell in a small tub, not salted but fresh. Abit fishy, so must put some ginger.
  4. cometgarden

    cometgarden Member

    Hear from news these fishes are good for babies above 6 mths. Codfish (鳕鱼) and Threadfin - Ma Yau (cantonese)/ Ngor Hee(hokkien).

    Codfish or Threadfin normally steamed with wolfberry and a bit of light soya sauce and mixed with ikan bilis porridge. Taste delicious !
  5. orchid

    orchid New Member

    cod is very good but very ex. threadfin is ngor hee..very good for kids. salmon also very good in omega3. one tip, if your NTUC near u sells fish, go in the morning.

    look out for 'fish bone' packed nicely. you will find salmon, threadfin etc. they call it 'bone' but they're not actually very boney. these are the 'left overs' after filleting and they are sold very cheap. eg for salmon bone, it's actually the belly which is the best part. and if it is real bone, use it to make stock, scrape out the bits of meat stir into porridge very good.
  6. smurfygal

    smurfygal Member

    My girl seems to find fish porridge too fishy sometimes. Anyone has this problem. I have a fussy eater on hand
  7. orchid

    orchid New Member

    hi smurfygal,
    mine used to also. but after that i cooked the fish with fresh milk first then add into the porridge. don't cook the fish together with porridge as it will become very fishy.

    also avoid any salt before the babies are one yrs old cos salt is harmful to their kidneys. the fresh ingredients is tasty enough already. i even began eating healthier and less salt after cooking for my girl. for better tasting meal with no salt, make stock by boiling chicken, potatoes, onion, carrot (no salt). use this stock to cook the porridge. it is very yummy. u can freeze the stock for future use. the potatoes & carrots can mash and put together with the porridge to eat.
  8. onlyson

    onlyson New Member

    Hmmm... I will try putting less salt on my bb's porridge... What abt adding light soya sauce ? cos I always find it quite bland in my bb porridge and he refused to eat.
  9. piggydamien

    piggydamien New Member

    Hi orchid,

    I had problem feeding my son fish too, he doesn't really like to eat fish porridge. This is the 1st time I heard cooking the fish with fresh milk. Will give it a try then.
  10. jcefoo

    jcefoo Member

    Try not to put salt or soy sauce for under 1s. The base of the porridge is the make-or-break. Make sure the base is sweet then you won't need salt or soy sauce to enhance the taste. A good stock makes a good base for your porridge and it'll also hide the "fishy-ness" of the fish. Use pork bones or veg to make stock. It's extra work but works for me. Up till now I don't add any salt to my soup (which I sometimes use to cook porridge) for the family. Always make extra stock and store for next round. Fish wise, rotate on a few different ones, eg cod, salmon, "five-fish" (wu yu), dory.
  11. cheryltsg

    cheryltsg Member


    Anyone to advise when can a baby consume wakame seaweed? Anyone know where to get trout rainbow fish?
  12. jerejoy

    jerejoy New Member

    hi j foo,

    Can I hv the recipe to make the stock? I dun know wht r the ingredients to make the stock n how to go abt to cook it. thanks!
  13. jcefoo

    jcefoo Member

    Cheryl, I think wakame can only be consumed after 1, at the very least. I believe it's quite difficult to digest. I think I've seen rainbow trout at NTUC Finest.

    Jerejoy, if you're making chicken stock then use a huge pot, throw in the entire chicken, boil, skim the scum (ie the dirty stuff that surfaces once it starts boiling vigourously) then continue to simmer for 2-3 hours. Same if using pork ribs. If it's veg stock, then use carrots, celery, onions, potatoes, parsnip, tomatoes and simmer for 1.5 hours or so. I don't measure out the water so can't give you exact measurements. You roughly guess la, don't put too much to start off with, add only if need to, otherwise stock becomes too diluted.
  14. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    My mil gives me son Ma Yau fish and cod fish.
  15. zolldoll

    zolldoll Member

    Gorgot to add that the fish must be skinless though.
  16. chestnut

    chestnut New Member

    Can I check if I wanna intro threadfin porridge for my baby, do I slow cook the fish together with the porridge, and after that, I just use fork to manually mash up the fish meat?

    My DS is going 7 months and doc advise me to feed porridge with fish.
  17. jcefoo

    jcefoo Member

    I normally use fish bones (wrapped in muslin) to do the stock, or use chicken/pork bones as base. Only throw in the fish meat (sliced thinly) at the end.
  18. chestnut

    chestnut New Member

    Hi J foo,

    Thanks, after you add the fish that was thinly sliced, when cooked, do I actually need to put the fish into a blender to puree it? I haven't got a blender as yet though...

    If I just mash it, will it be fine enough for a 7 month baby??
  19. jcefoo

    jcefoo Member

    I never did use a blender with my two kids. Most I think would be fine with just a fine mash but I know of some who have a narrow pipe and therefore will choke even with small lumps. You try bit by bit and see whether ok, otherwise may have to puree. Make sure the porridge is cooked to the consistency of the Cantonese porridge though not as thick.
  20. steven168

    steven168 Member

    what is "five-fish" (wu yu) in english call?
  21. chestnut

    chestnut New Member

    If I'm not wrong, its Threadfin.
  22. steven168

    steven168 Member

  23. kaline

    kaline Member

    You should not be getting fishy smell from cod fish, if you do means that fish is not fresh. I normally go to Chinatown wet market to buy my fresh fish.
  24. juliesim79

    juliesim79 New Member

    Try cooking the porridge with vegetables.Use japanese scallop,ikan bilis or pork rib as soup stock for the porridge.My child likes Treadfin with broccoli(without the stem) porridge,Salmon (steam the salmon and mix with porridge only when eating)with cauliflower and tomato(de-seed and de-skin)porridge,Codfish with Round Spinach(without the stem),Treadfin with Gou Qi Zi(only add in to cook for 10mins b4 the porridge is cooked)porridge.Try to add few drops of oil and a thinly slice of ginger when cooking.If possible,only use fresh from the market fish cause frozen ones are fishy.Don't overcook the fish or the texture will becomes dry.
  25. eggy_eggy

    eggy_eggy Member

    Can baby eat together with the cod fish's skin?
  26. kaline

    kaline Member

    Well it depend on your personal preference. I dont like to eat skin so I don't put skin for my kids too. But some people put together with the skin. As long as the skin is properly clean with no fish scale, u can put in if u want.
  27. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    batang fish.
  28. bakaholic

    bakaholic Active Member

    Anyone feeding snapper? I tried for the 1st time and my boy had nappy rash. Not sure if they are related.
  29. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Do you need to marinate the fish, slice thinly and/or remove the skin? Sorry never cooked fish porridge before - do you cook the porridge first and then add the fish towards the end?
  30. bakaholic

    bakaholic Active Member

    I cooked porridge w veg and steam the fish separately. I will mash the fish w fingertips and to feel for bones, then add to porridge just before feeding.
  31. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Thanks, Bakaholic[​IMG] Learnt something new today.

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