Very bad experience with Confinement nanny.


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Hi, just wish to share with everyone about this Confinement Nanny by the name of Jenny Loo. She is from Malaysia, Ipoh.
She has given us hell for 3 days.

Here is the list of things that she has done.

1) like to cook oily food even though repeated feedback we prefer less oil.
2) like to cook meal early and leave the food to cold.
3) like to finish a task as soon as possible so that she can play her handphone.
4) insist to feed baby with formula even though we prefer lactation.
5) like to waste food. Example if the vegetable is a bit not nice and she will throw away.
6) love to cook food in large quantity and throw away if any leftover.
7) Give wrong suggestion and information. Examples cook chicken and egg every day during first few days.
8) Give my wife cold drink and food throughout her stay.
9) Can't be bother take care of baby during the last day.

I have attached her picture over here.
Finally, please do not engage her service.
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Bad experience with freelance confinement lady Bong Siew Fong (黄秀红)

I would strongly recommend to AVOID this freelance confinement lady.

She is a 67 years old, Malaysian from Malacca. Her number is +60 166653255.

Firstly, she is dangerous as she leaves the baby on the bed not the cot and falls asleep.
>We have told her multiple times not to leave the baby on the bed, that the baby must be in the cot but this was unheeded. She has also fallen asleep while the baby is on her bed and this is dangerous and poses a risk of sudden infant death.

Secondly, she is unhygenic.
>We have instructed her on how to wash bottles and the teats. However, she would skip using the teat cleaner to wash the teats. She would not dry the items before sterilisation and this has led to dirty bottles and pumps.
>She has also touched my baby's mouth after changing the diapers without washing her hands prior.
>When we asked her to wash her hands prior to feeding baby, she washed only with water and had to be told and reminded multiple times to wash with soap. She declined to use alcohol handrub citing the smell.
> She also claimed she was not able to see the feces on our baby's changing mat

Thirdly, she is full of excuses.
>She would say things like 'crying is exercise for baby' when the baby is with her and crying but would say that we are taking care of the baby poorly and how can we be so terrible to let the baby be hungry when the baby is crying when with us
>When she breaks things, she would say that the things are old, or that 'auntie forgot' but would never apologise

Fourthly, she is nosy and talks bad about people
> She told us about a previous colleague whom she helped and how bad her husband was, how she complained to my colleague's father and mother etc.

We terminated her and asked her to leave early as she was causing more stress to the house rather than helping