TTC Over 40 years old - WA Grpschat


Hi all sisters who is age 40 and above, I'm trying to create a WA grpschat. PM if u are interested.

dear , after 4 failed IVF attempts in KKH, I went to taiwan to give my last shot and was blessed to give birth to a boy girl twins 8 months ago. The fertility hospital is considered the "Authority in fertility" and has superior technique which can achieve success rate up to 80%.
As a patient in their mailing list, I saw that they are having a seminar on April 27th.
Just sharing . This is the registration from .

Can share with your group .. anyway I'm 38yrs.


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Hi all
I am 40y/o and just started IVF with Dr. Tan in Bridge IVF this morning.
I keen to do WA group if still ON. Mine at +6583222330.

thank you.


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Since this thread is started is in May 2019, is the WhatsApp group still on? I am thinking if we get enough people, maybe we can form a WhatsApp grp for ourselves sharing our IVF experiences. Just a thought