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TTC (before IUI & IVF)

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by babybleep, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. babybleep

    babybleep New Member

    Hi everyone, hope some here have advice for me.

    I've started visiting KKH for fertility issues (no/irregular periods, not ovulating despite periods) since early last year. They have put me on meds that 1) help me have my regular periods and 2) help me ovulate. I have also been to the fertility clinic where I do ultrasounds during a key period of fertility to check the size of my eggs and the precise time for ovulation (with injection stimulation help).

    I have not gone through IUI or IVF, which I'm not keen on, but which medical doctors have suggested I should try, given that we have already tried natural means for ard 1.5 years.

    I'm still not ready to try unnatural/invasive means. Both my husband and I still feel like we should try naturally, specially since we did not try very hard in the past 1.5 years, even though we had been prescribed the fertility meds, e.g. Letrazole. We were newly married, still adjusting, and also did not have stable accomodation but these have since settled down more or less for us.

    I am 34 this year. I had chosen to go to KKH for check up early in my marriage as I was already quite old then (32 years old). But it feels like, due to my eagerness to get checked out, the doctors feel like I have already tried natural means sufficiently and should try IUI now.

    Can I still try natural means?? I suspect i would still need medication for ovulation so will still need to visit KKH.

    Would appreciate any viewpoints, advice, etc from you lovely people here. Thanks!

  2. Hi babybleep, I would say you and your hubby can try IUI. I also went through the same dilemma and hesitate to go through more invasive procedures, and when I did my first IUI i was glad I went for it. I think I was very lucky to get pregnant on first cycle, and on the hindsight I wished I tried IUI earlier. FYI I am 31 years old this year :)

    Sharing with you a timeline perspective of what we went through:
    Late 2014: Got married, stayed with inlaws. Still on protection because we dont want to move house and be pregnant and/or have a baby while moving
    Late 2015: Moved into our own place
    Late 2016: Decided to go for fertility test at KKH as we were trying - but not exactly calculating the fertile dates pro-actively. All good, except my cycles do not come on time and my hubs has mild mortility issue which the doc said it does not affect conception. Took letrozole for 3 to 4 cycles to regulate menses.
    Feb to Aug 2017: I took TCM to strengthen my constitution. Menses improved, but did not conceive
    Oct 2017: Sought 2nd opinion from a private doctor. Doctor say all looks okay, shouldnt be a problem conceiving. We were more hardworking in calculating fertile days and doing homework in the next few months.
    Jan 2018: Still not pregnant, went back to KKH. Doctor said I have PCOS, and I expressed interest to go for IUI. Hubs and I went for a series of blood tests and counselling there after. I took supplements and reduced carbo & sugar to optimise my health condition in conceiving and manage PCOS symptoms.
    Mar 2018: First IUI cycle started. Injections was not too bad, just psychological barriers to overcome and hormonal changes.
    Apr 2018: Confirmed pregnancy :)
  3. the fat cat

    the fat cat New Member

    I also think you can try IUI. I only started seeing doc at KKH as I had bleeding in between period and doc said I had to remove polyp. That was in 2017 jan. I tried my first IUI in mar 18, failed. And second one jun 18, today period came so also failed. Next round will be my last round.
    I’m on Tcm too but I’m not sure if it’s really working.... :(

    guess there is no harm for u to do both together. In fact good to try naturally also when u r on IUI according to my doc to increase the chances.
  4. Michelle19

    Michelle19 New Member

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  5. princess20

    princess20 New Member

    Hi Babybleep, I am also 34 yrs old and trying to conceive for 2 years now. Maybe you can go for a 2nd opinion to other hospital like Thomson or Mt Elizabeth.. I tried in Thomson before but unsuccessful. Now on my first cycle with Dr Charles Lim from Mt E.. He did not advice us to go for IUI but he prescribe us some medicine and injection. Maybe he can help you too.

    Baby dust to all...

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