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TTC (before IUI & IVF)

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by babybleep, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. babybleep

    babybleep New Member

    Hi everyone, hope some here have advice for me.

    I've started visiting KKH for fertility issues (no/irregular periods, not ovulating despite periods) since early last year. They have put me on meds that 1) help me have my regular periods and 2) help me ovulate. I have also been to the fertility clinic where I do ultrasounds during a key period of fertility to check the size of my eggs and the precise time for ovulation (with injection stimulation help).

    I have not gone through IUI or IVF, which I'm not keen on, but which medical doctors have suggested I should try, given that we have already tried natural means for ard 1.5 years.

    I'm still not ready to try unnatural/invasive means. Both my husband and I still feel like we should try naturally, specially since we did not try very hard in the past 1.5 years, even though we had been prescribed the fertility meds, e.g. Letrazole. We were newly married, still adjusting, and also did not have stable accomodation but these have since settled down more or less for us.

    I am 34 this year. I had chosen to go to KKH for check up early in my marriage as I was already quite old then (32 years old). But it feels like, due to my eagerness to get checked out, the doctors feel like I have already tried natural means sufficiently and should try IUI now.

    Can I still try natural means?? I suspect i would still need medication for ovulation so will still need to visit KKH.

    Would appreciate any viewpoints, advice, etc from you lovely people here. Thanks!

  2. Hi babybleep, I would say you and your hubby can try IUI. I also went through the same dilemma and hesitate to go through more invasive procedures, and when I did my first IUI i was glad I went for it. I think I was very lucky to get pregnant on first cycle, and on the hindsight I wished I tried IUI earlier. FYI I am 31 years old this year :)

    Sharing with you a timeline perspective of what we went through:
    Late 2014: Got married, stayed with inlaws. Still on protection because we dont want to move house and be pregnant and/or have a baby while moving
    Late 2015: Moved into our own place
    Late 2016: Decided to go for fertility test at KKH as we were trying - but not exactly calculating the fertile dates pro-actively. All good, except my cycles do not come on time and my hubs has mild mortility issue which the doc said it does not affect conception. Took letrozole for 3 to 4 cycles to regulate menses.
    Feb to Aug 2017: I took TCM to strengthen my constitution. Menses improved, but did not conceive
    Oct 2017: Sought 2nd opinion from a private doctor. Doctor say all looks okay, shouldnt be a problem conceiving. We were more hardworking in calculating fertile days and doing homework in the next few months.
    Jan 2018: Still not pregnant, went back to KKH. Doctor said I have PCOS, and I expressed interest to go for IUI. Hubs and I went for a series of blood tests and counselling there after. I took supplements and reduced carbo & sugar to optimise my health condition in conceiving and manage PCOS symptoms.
    Mar 2018: First IUI cycle started. Injections was not too bad, just psychological barriers to overcome and hormonal changes.
    Apr 2018: Confirmed pregnancy :)
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  3. the fat cat

    the fat cat New Member

    I also think you can try IUI. I only started seeing doc at KKH as I had bleeding in between period and doc said I had to remove polyp. That was in 2017 jan. I tried my first IUI in mar 18, failed. And second one jun 18, today period came so also failed. Next round will be my last round.
    I’m on Tcm too but I’m not sure if it’s really working.... :(

    guess there is no harm for u to do both together. In fact good to try naturally also when u r on IUI according to my doc to increase the chances.
  4. Michelle19

    Michelle19 Member

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  5. princess20

    princess20 New Member

    Hi Babybleep, I am also 34 yrs old and trying to conceive for 2 years now. Maybe you can go for a 2nd opinion to other hospital like Thomson or Mt Elizabeth.. I tried in Thomson before but unsuccessful. Now on my first cycle with Dr Charles Lim from Mt E.. He did not advice us to go for IUI but he prescribe us some medicine and injection. Maybe he can help you too.

    Baby dust to all...
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  6. Hopefulgirl

    Hopefulgirl Member

    Dear All,

    I just did my first iui with Dr Roland Chieng @ Mt E Novena. Any people experiencing the same with the same doctor? Looking forward to your reviews and experience.
  7. Hopefulgirl

    Hopefulgirl Member

    Hi, congrats to you!
    Can I know how many expected matured egg when you were doing iui? What is your husband’s sperm count after washing? Did the doc advised you to have intercourse the day before iui and after?
  8. EY girl

    EY girl Member

    Hi babybleep, in the end did u go for IUI? Or still trying naturally? Me and my husband has been TTC for 2 yrs+, we went for fertility check up last yr, my husband have abnormal sperm morphology and i have low vit D. Not too sure vit D can affect fertility also. Doc suggeste us to take Q10 and vit D. We took for 1 yr and still not conceive. Now we have decide to go for IUI. But before that we still need to go for alot of tests. Hopefully everything go smooth. I am currently seeing Dr Yeong CT. Anyone hearing about him and is he good in IUI?
  9. Hi hopefulgirl, I had a number of eggs that grew after injections but only one that was more than 18mm which is the ideal size of egg for fertilization.

    Husband sperm count is 23 millions after washing. The nurse who was with me at the IUI procedure room advised me to have intercourse on the same night of procedure.

    For me, I was fearful of getting jabs and hormone fluctuation for awhile and was hesitant to go for IUI for months. Once I did it, Im glad i did overcome my fears and thankfully my hubs was supportive & helped me with the jabs.

    Hope that helps :)
  10. EY girl

    EY girl Member

    Hi beautifulbreathoflife, congrats to u. I am planing to go for IUI on this coming cycle. Hope can success for the 1st cycle.
  11. Jiayou EY girl! Baby dust to you :)
  12. EY girl

    EY girl Member

    Thanks! I will b seeing doc this Sat and check out more from him. I believe I still need to go for some blood test before start the IUI.
  13. Hopefulgirl

    Hopefulgirl Member

    Thanks for the update! Anyway, what’s the early symptom which you have encountered for early pregnancy?
  14. EY girl

    EY girl Member

    Hi beautifulbreathoflife, I went to see dr today and I will start my 1st cycle of iui end of this month. Dr said I dun need jabs 1st, he gave me femara to take for 5 days and did a scan for me cause today is my 2nd day of menses. I need to go back follow up on 21st and 27th to monitor the eggs. On 21st I still need to do another blood test for hep A, hep B, HIV, etc. Dr said is the MOH guideline required.

    Did iui need to go for counselling? I forgot to ask dr and he also didn't mention abt the counselling.

    Dr suggest me to take the revosit but the nurse told me is more for PCOS and irregular menses patient. So i didnt take because I taking alot of supplements and I want to consider 1st. Did u heard revosit before?
  15. Early symptoms differ for different people. For me i didnt feel much difference, just slight cramps around 6 - 7 dpiui and sensitivity to light. Might be also due to hormones for these two 'symptoms'.
  16. Yes I did take revosit as a supplement with a combination of low fat high carb diet for 1 - 2 months before i went for IUI. I have PCOS too and had read the correlation of PCOS and insulin, hence i took the supplement and embarked on the diet. Though I would say revosit is not 'guarenteed' to get pregnant because my friend who tried 2 IUI cycles with revosit did not get pregnant.

    Sounds like your current IUI cycle is the IUI without injections. I went through my IUI cycle with KKH as Super- Ovulation IUI (SO-IUI) which is with injection. My doc explained to me the difference in treatment and pricing, and let me choose what I wanted. During the counselling with hubs that took place around 1 - 2 weeks after the required blood tests for both of us, I decided to go for SO-IUI.
  17. Abb

    Abb New Member

    My partner and I faced various difficulties trying to conceive locally as it is only made available for married couples. Hence we experimented with ICI with our donor. It worked the 3rd time round!

    The process is pretty similar to IUI. Totally non invasive and you can do it at home! You can read more about it online. After ICI, I just put on my mooncup for 3-5 hrs. We also work with our gynae at NUH to make sure my ovulation happens on a timely manner (clomid and HCG shot) she also mentioned that the success % of IUI and ICI is quite close.

    Prior to that we did a full body checkup and I also had a HSG to make sure my tubes are clear...

    *babydust to you!
  18. EY girl

    EY girl Member

    Yes, my current iui don't need injection. Dr said this is my 1st time so can skip injection, only take femara and monitor the eggs. I will be going back to do the scan on next Tues and iui will be on Fri.

    Actually I dunno what is the different of IUI and So-IUI. Happy for u to success conceive with So-IUI. Hope my IUI success also.
  19. grumpet

    grumpet Active Member

    Hi hi, I am abt like u, was hesitant to try IUI & IVF initially. Married late (ard 37+). Tried abt a year, even before was not trying but not preventing (maybe 1 yr). If u wanna try naturally, given yourself maybe a timeline (3-6months) after that I would suggest to move on to assisted help. I didn't know back then fertility plunges after 35, and big dip after 40.

    Every couple has to decide the next steps together. I took too long and missed out on govt subsidy (co-funding for IVF). Still TTC, but my issues are complicated (just going thru another miscarriage) :(

    Read books on natural / baby making like the one from Jill Blakeway & Dr Sami. I can't remember full title , Baby making - a proven 3 month plan ... something like that. can read on egg quality too if proposing IVF "it starts w the egg". Good luck !!!
  20. mscyn

    mscyn New Member

    Anyone able to share whats the diet like after iui? Thanks
  21. Hopefulgirl

    Hopefulgirl Member

    Hi, I am planning to go for SO-IUI this cycle but unfortunately it may be affected due to cny period. Anyone met the same situation before? What can be done as I am more free this cycle.
  22. starlights

    starlights Member

    I just saw dr Phoon today... says the ivf nurse will call me 3-4weeks time and will let me know what to do then? 1st time doing this so dunno wad I should expect =/
  23. Sandy.n

    Sandy.n Member

    After trying/seeing this gynae for 2yr doc suggested me go for IUI since no news..

    She scanned my womb and etc all fine so ask me proceed to iui next mth...

    May i know before iui what kind of check will doc do 1st before iui?
  24. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    Don't worry much about IUI. Some doctors will prescribe Clomid for Day2-6 of menses to ensure ovulation. Then Day 10, they will do a scan to see if you ovulate. After that, they will prescribe an injection and ta-da next day, will be IUI. Is pretty straight forward process, don't worry much about it. I went thru 4 IUI(spaced out within a year) before I hit jackpot.

    The above experience is with NUH, not KKH...

    Baby Dust to you!
  25. Sandy.n

    Sandy.n Member

    Hi Qqduckie,

    Gynae only ask me to call up the clinic when i tested positive for ovulation to make an appointment for IUI.

    She did scanned me in Nov17 and Feb19. Semen test (jun18) also ok just some of them out of shape but still classify as "Schooling"

    She did not comment anything abt this Clomid for Day2-6 of menses to ensure ovulation. Then Day 10, they will do a scan to see if you ovulate.

    I also nv do any test for fallopian tube.. Quite worry.
  26. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    oh .. maybe different hospital works differently. I have been NUH for the last 1 year, so that's my experience.

    And partly i am on clomid as I don't ovulate every month.
  27. Sandy.n

    Sandy.n Member

    My gynae from Glen (friend recommended me) price reasonable just abit far. I ovulating everymth (tested using digital kit) but still no news..
  28. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    Don’t give up!

    during my 1st and 2nd visit with nuh, I think that’s so much test done till I don’t remember what it is. and yes, they did the Fallopian tube test to see if it is ok. but this is not a very comfortable test. maybe you can ask your gynae advice on this?

    sometimes changing gynae might give a second opinion. if not, go for a short trip during your ovulating period. You might get lucky, gambatte!
  29. BeautifullyblessedK

    BeautifullyblessedK New Member

    I'm new here and is TTC.
    I have a 8 year old daughter and has all along been ok and experiencing ovulation signs eg. Mucus u till recent few months they're all gone! Dr diagnosed PCOS. Started 1 cycle of clomid but eggs still not growing. Thinking if I should take up injectable next cycle.
  30. Sandy.n

    Sandy.n Member

    Hi anyone encountered failed IUI the next following mths not ovulating or delay in ovulation??
  31. Hopefulgirl

    Hopefulgirl Member

    Yes! My following cycle did not ovulate due to pcos
  32. Sandy.n

    Sandy.n Member

    Why pcos? All along you have or only that mth?
  33. Hopefulgirl

    Hopefulgirl Member

    All along I have
  34. Sandy.n

    Sandy.n Member

    Hi Qqduckie, u did 4 IUI? No 4 u hit jackpot?? Why space out within the yr?
  35. Sandy.n

    Sandy.n Member

    Oh, did doctor help you anything w Pcos?
  36. tinymomo

    tinymomo Member

    dear all, after 4 failed IVF attempts in KKH, I went to taiwan to give my last shot and was blessed to give birth to a boy girl twins 8 months ago. The fertility hospital is considered the "Authority in fertility" and has superior technique who cheap success rate up to 80%. As a patient in their mailing list, I saw that they are having a seminar on 27th.
    Just sharing . This is the registration from . https://forms.gle/7fc2re7WEqi2nQ947

    im 39 this yr :)
  37. Sandy.n

    Sandy.n Member

    All along i dont have ovulation issue. Only after failed iui last mth, this mth i not able to track it.. Not sure it came early anot.

    My O day usually start d12. But when tested on d12, digital kit show negative but with 2 lines.
  38. Artzer

    Artzer New Member

    Hi all, I currently having letrozole for my menses and finger crossed that I will be able to do my 1st iui next week( @ kkh). As my 'spare egg' rate is low, kind of worry on the success rate will dipped further:(~ turning 37 this yr. Not sure anyone here also waiting for similar procedure ?
  39. rainbowdst

    rainbowdst Member

    Hi may I know you did IUI at where and which doc?
    I did mine last year but fail. Hub also have low motility n morphology but quantity is good. Did few checks and doc told to go ahead but yet still fail. Thinking whether is due to our age 40 that time. Doc at nuh never prescribe me any medicine only one injection cos my check did say i ovulate. Thinking to go fertility clinic at kkh to check again.
  40. EY girl

    EY girl Member

    Hi, u did ur IUI at nuh under which doc? I'm seeing Dr PC Wong and going for my 2nd IUI with him next mth. Suppose this mth should start the IUI but on cd12 went to see him, my follicle still in small size 14.5mm and went back to see him again on cd14 but the follicle disappear. Dr said mayb I ovulate in small size of follicle, I think so too because on cd12 I test opk and its show positive. Dr also didn't prescribe me any med, he only asked me go back to see him on my next menses cd10 and only will hv 1 jab b4 IUI to trigger. My hb also hv low morphology but quantity is good too and my 1st IUI with Dr CT Yeong failed.
  41. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    @Sandy.n, yeah.. I jackpot on 4th IUI try with prof PC. So mommies, gambatte! I did the spaced out because I can't really handle too much disappointments in consecutive months. Is pretty mental straining for me.
  42. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    @EY girl , Prof PC didn't prescribe any Clomid for you? he insisted i should eat that to make sure i ovulate so that i can do my IUI
  43. EY girl

    EY girl Member

    Nope, he nv ask my take any clomid. I also dunno why. Ur 4 cycle of IUI also got take clomid?
  44. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    Almost all cycles except my 3rd cycle. Cos i wanted to try to see if without clomid will it be easier to conceive.

    Maybe u doesn't need clomid to ovulate. So, don't worry so much. Because my ovulation abit irregular.
  45. XJJ*

    XJJ* Member

    Hi. I’m also with prof Wong at nuh. My first natural iui this week too. Given the trigger shot to do at home. I’m also not given clomid. It’s not easy but we can all do this together :)
  46. XJJ*

    XJJ* Member

    Don’t worry so much :) we will take each step at a time. All the best for ur next cycle of iui :)
  47. EY girl

    EY girl Member

    Yeah.. All the best to u too..
  48. EY girl

    EY girl Member

    Hmmm... Mayb because I can ovulate and my menses is regular so don't need clomid... Is ur follicle size ok when u do iui?
  49. XJJ*

    XJJ* Member

    Ya is my first time doing iui so I am abit nervous though ah the same time I know how slim the chances are :( especially cos I’m 36 this year
  50. XJJ*

    XJJ* Member

    Yes my menses is also regular and I ovulate, hence I think prof Wong didn’t give me clinic as well. So I think that’s the key reason

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