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Travel to Japan/Tokyo

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by ojx, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. ojx

    ojx Member

    Hi I'm planning to travel free & easy to Japan in May. Need advice from ppl who went there b4...

    1. How to get from Narita airport to Tokyo city centre?

    2. How to travel within Tokyo? Is there something to buy like Ezylink card?

    3. How to travel to other places like Osaka? Easy to get around?

    4. Where are the places to visit in Tokyo? For sightseeing & shopping? How to get there? Heard there's a place where sell Agnes B bags cheap. Where is it & how to get there?

    5. Which hotel to stay in Tokyo most accessible?

    6. Where to eat? Any must eat & try places in Tokyo?

    Thanks for your experience in advance

  2. ojx

    ojx Member

    forgot to add I will be bringing my 2yr toddler along as well
  3. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    Hi Ojx,

    I will try to help as I was there for work few years back.

    1. outside the gate, there is some booths that sell bus tickets to the tokyo city hotels. Depending on which hotel and location you are staying, the prices varies.

    2. Within Tokyo, I took the subway then. There is a link here... http://www.tokyometro.jp/global/en/index.html

    3. I know some places you can travel by the trains or internal flights. Depend on how or where you are going... my sil and bil just did a free and easy to Japan... but they stay in those really small rooms where one sleep on the floor type... let me know what information you need, I can ask her.

    4. I went to Shibuya and Ginza... quite a good place to shop.

    5. I think, so long you are staying near the subway station, travelling within Tokyo is easy. The only problem is most hotels near Subways, are slightly more expensive.

    6. Eat... I can't help much in this... as it was the locals who brought me around to eat and so can't remember the names of the shops. But finding food in Tokyo isn't hard... it is the communication... But nowadays, got a couple of chinese students there and so I was able to converse in Chinese with them then.

    You are on, ojx.. I would love to bring my girl to Tokyo too.... quite a nice place to go.... if possible, bring her to Disney.... my sils all said quite a good place for little ones.
  4. ojx

    ojx Member

    koalarie thanks for ur info. have been speaking around with 1 or 2 collegues who went japan b4 & heard its quite easy to travel by urself.

    yap definitely going disney. heard tat japan's disney is very clean. it's accessible by the subway too right?

    yap worried about the language too but i took jlpt4 so hopefully with tat little bit of jap will take me through the whole trip [​IMG] at most point here point there lor
  5. ojx

    ojx Member

    oh is it easier to travel by bus or train from airport to hotel?
  6. meixue

    meixue New Member

    How do I get to Mount Fuji from Toyko? What're the options? Day tours? Travel on my own but how? How long would the journey be?

    I am also bringing my girl along, she'll be 3 years old.
  7. Koalarie

    Koalarie Active Member

    Hi Meixue, my ils that time took train to Mt Fuji's area.

    Found this on web... http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2172.html.

    Hope it is useful to you. = )

    When I went there in 2002/2003, I took buses then as would need to make several transit if taking trains.... your choice. The buses I took, got toilet so it was very comfortable trip for me from the airport to where I was staying. = p
  8. meixue

    meixue New Member

    Thanks Koalarie!

    How long would the journey be from airport to Ginza area?
  9. folic

    folic New Member

    ojx, I am going to tokyo/osaka end of May [​IMG]

    Some suggestions:

    1. You may want to purchase the Japan Rail Pass for travelling within Japan on the JR trains/buses. You mentioned Osaka, so I assumed you would be travelling to a few cities. In that case, the pass costing 28000 yen for 7 days would be very useful and cheaper than buying individual tickets. Youc an buy it at JTB in taka.

    2. Going from tokyo airport to hotel- usually i use the narita express (train) which will bring me to my hotel in shinjuku within 90 mins. However, if your hotel is not located near the train station, it might be easier to check out the buses, which might go directly to your hotel.

    For young children, I am planning to go to Disney and also the Ghibli museum. That is the studio where they make cartoons like totoro [​IMG] You can buy the tickets from any lawsons mart when you are in tokyo and then go to the museum.

    3. I prefer to stay in shinjuku area, cos can easily get access to shopping and food etc. If you are a krispy kreme fan, the first krispy kreme stall in tokyo is right above the shinjuku station.. be prepared to queue for an hour or so :D I think the 2nd stall just opened in ginza or something.

    Meixue, I intend to go Mt Fuji this time. Been searching on web and seems that most hotels will have local day trip tours there. Might join that or go directly to Mt Fuji while on my way to Tokyo from Osaka. Then, prob will stay over one night in Hakone.

    Japan is generally a child friendly country. Sometimes, can just go to the children's dept of major chain stores like taka, isetan etc and the kids will have a good time playing in the play area haha.. free entertainment [​IMG]

    For shopping, I plan to go to the factory outlet. There are several throughout japan, but intend to go to the one near Osaka as i would be spending a few days there as well. http://www.premiumoutlets.co.jp/en/index.php

    hope this helps
  10. ojx

    ojx Member

    folic me going end May too. actually i book a tour on may 23 liao. but then now decide to go free & easy so hoping tat the tour will be cancelled as it's not confirm yet. then will go book SIA ticket & sit A380 [​IMG] but by then i dun think i can catch the 1st flight to tokyo liao. dunno will be fully booked or not.

    have u made all ur reservations for hotel? can you share with me which hotel u staying in tokyo & osaka?
  11. folic

    folic New Member

    ojx, i believe A380 will fly to Tokyo on 18 May. [​IMG] I will be flying to/fro Osaka as would be visiting my sista who is staying there. For Osaka, I will be staying in Swissotel Nankai, which is right on top of the Namba station. For Tokyo, will be Century Southern Tower, which is just directly opposite Takashimaya times square, and above the shinjuku station and right in front of krispy kreme. haha! I will also be going for onsen at a ryokan for a couple of nights but have not decided where yet.
  12. ojx

    ojx Member

    i thought i check website 20 may leh at 00:40
  13. folic

    folic New Member

    ojx, i think u r right.. i was jus recalling from memory. [​IMG]
  14. bedebe

    bedebe Member


    i'll be tokyo 24-29may thereafter osaka till 3 june. we taking a380 too!

    this is my dd's 2nd time in japan-first time at 5mo, then in may at 11mo. now i'm working out how to prepare her meals...aargh!

    i'm tempted to go to the premium outlet near kansai airport but will prob give it a miss since 1. dh will be doing massive shopping in the US premium outlet 2 weekends in may, 2. the things in japan not that cheap according to my mum and cousin.

    ojx...we're staying at hvf shiodome in tokyo (for easy connection to haneda airport and cos we stayed there and like it) and swissotel nankai in osaka (connected to takashimaya...whoohoo shopping!)
  15. folic

    folic New Member

    bedebe, your itin is the exact opp of mine [​IMG] we will cross each other's path cos while u go to Osaka, I will be going from Osaka to Tokyo [​IMG]
  16. ojx

    ojx Member

    hi both, how are u travelling btn osaka & tokyo? shinkansen or plane?

    seems like both of u like swissotel nankai hor
  17. folic

    folic New Member

    ojx- will be using shinkansen. yes, swissotel nankai is very convenient location.
  18. cicilia

    cicilia New Member

    Anyone knows where the best burbery blue label bag shop in Japan?
  19. fairyprincess

    fairyprincess New Member

    I am not sure about the "best" but the burberry shop at Ginza has about 5 floors- with blue label, black label, the full works...
    Many of the design of the regular burberry are only available in japan only, not just the blue label range...

    if you go there, then can hop into Uniqlo a few shops away- like the japanese equivalent of "bossini/ giordano", its about 5 floors too and l like their clothes and reasonable price =)
  20. nee

    nee New Member

    hi Lia, am new to this forum.

    A little info to share, i chanced upon a blue label boutique when i walked along omotesando hill towards shibuya, there is this 2-3 storey boutique selling blue label apparels.
  21. cicilia

    cicilia New Member

    I hope some of you could share how its like to bring ard 18 months old baby there, anyone can advise which is better free & easy or tour pckg?
  22. nee2

    nee2 New Member

    Hi Lia,i m not a mother yet... so i cant advise u...

    but i took up F&E cos i do not want to go to disneyland and seems like tour agencies charging me more than $3000 for a 5D3N F&E package, so i decided to go for F&E on my own.
  23. lho

    lho New Member

    Hi folic, any other hotels near Shinjuku Station besides Century Southern Tower you have stayed?

    Hi bedebe, how is it with your 5m/o to Tokyo? Are you bf then? Easy to find nursing rooms other than in shopping malls like Taka?

    Hi all, bring stroller to Tokyo? Anyone fly with NW to Tokyo before?
  24. lho

    lho New Member

    I am planning to go Tokyo in Nov with my 5m/o [​IMG]
  25. nee

    nee New Member

    Hi LHo, i fly to Tokyo with NWA in end March. As for as i remembered, most departmentals' toilets comes with nursing rooms.
  26. lhy

    lhy Member


    Can advise how's the travel with Northwest? I'm thinking of taking that, but my baby already exceeded the max "length" of the bassinet, so meaning we can only put him on our lap thruout the journey...
  27. mashybrainz

    mashybrainz New Member


    it's tiring coz the flight is at an unearthly hr. Gotta wake up at 3am to catch the flight in the early morning. Sometimes the flight isn't full and the air stewardess can arrange for an empty seat next to u. Then bb can have seat.
  28. lhy

    lhy Member

    ooh! thnks so much!
  29. nee

    nee New Member

    hy, the air ticket has increased to $800 include taxes, i paid $720 for 1 back then.
  30. pearlie

    pearlie New Member

    anyone tried bringing 2 kids along to tokyo? My girls are 6mths & almost 2.5yrs. really worried i can't handle.. (DH not helping much these days cos I've maid & grandparents are around during weekends). [​IMG]
  31. babyleon

    babyleon New Member


    I am planning to bring my DD to Tokyo next may, and by then she will be 1 year old.

    I know Tokyo very well and have brought my son there when he is 2.5 yo and 3.5yo.

    However, it wil be my first time bringing a 1 yo overseas. Somehow, I started to wori.

    I am not sure how she will cope with the changes and the flight.

    Also I am most wori about food. I wun wan to cook during the trip coz' we are staying in hotels without cooking facilities. Moreover, with both of them ard, I dun think I will have the time to go supermkt and then prepare the ingredients and cook.

    I have tried giving her rice cereal but she does not like it plain. She prefer it with some veg and meat. I have tried bottled veg and she hates it. can a 1 year old eat steamed rice and our adult food by then?

    Pls advise.
  32. reiner

    reiner Active Member

    <font face="tahoma"> Hi sirotan, 1st time to tokyo when my #1 was 23M. and nov, we bot #1 - 3.5yo &amp; #2-8M to tokyo. me bot home made fruits puree for his breakfast, puree w cereal. then lunch &amp; dinner wld be the instant porridge pack, we bot there. and me gave bit rice w soup to let him try too... keke!!! hmmmmm.... kids will be able to eat anything when they are hungry mah... no worry yah...</font>
  33. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    hello, I've been in Tokyo many times. If anybody needs help or tips can contact me [​IMG] Will be glad to help!

    Ai @ http://www.sakuraharuka.com
  34. happy3

    happy3 New Member


    any mummies bring their baby to Tokyo recently? Is Tokyo affected by radiation?

    i'm travelling to Tokyo ard mid-May for a business trip and i'm thinking of bringing my baby along as i'm fuly breastfeeding her. she'll be 5 months plus. is it advisable to bring her to tokyo for a week?

    anything i need to take note?
  35. ccjt

    ccjt Member

    Just for information
    Check out the following:

    "Couple of weeks ago though, I was in Tokyo and when I was in Tokyo, I took some samples.

    Now, I did not look for the highest radiation spot. I just went around with five plastic bags and when I found an area, I just scooped up some dirt and put it in a bag.

    One of those samples was from a crack in the sidewalk. Another one of those samples was from a children’s playground that had been previously decontaminated. Another sample had come from some moss on the side of the road. Another sample came from the roof of an office building that I was at. And the last sample was right across the street from the main judicial center in downtown Tokyo.

    I brought those samples back, declared them through Customs, and sent them to the lab. And the lab determined that ALL of them would be qualified as radioactive waste here in the United States and would have to be shipped to Texas to be disposed of."

    Video: http://vimeo.com/38995781

    Think this is this hype/hysteria?

    Think about this:

    Japan's Tepco shuts its last nuclear facility http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia-pacific...4636901821.html

    Japan has no fossil fuel resources... so shutting it's nuclear plants have enormous ramifications for its economy - particularly when the price of oil is approaching all-time highs... they already have one of the worst debt to GDP ratios (230%)....

    So for the country to shut down it's entire nuclear power generation infrastructure surely there is more to Fukushima than meets the eye?

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