Toxic marriage

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and I’m stuck in a toxic marriage. I often have suicidal thoughts. I have 2 other beautiful children and they are the only ones who are keeping me from taking my own life. I feel miserable.
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What I can said is, no point suicide over such people, even if he is supposed to be someone so close to you.
Be strong and pull yourself through the whole pregnancy, don't get into depression.
You are doing the right way by finding your best friend to keep you accompany.

Everyone got own problem, maybe you can try to communicate with him... but if he is really didn't pay attention to kids that kind of father, I will suggest... 3 kids really enough for both of you.

If financially can afford, get a maid to help out, so that you are not that suffering after 3rd baby born.

Love yourself more before you loves others, including your husband and children.

Happy mum, happy children, happy life! Jiayou Jiayou!!! =)