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TCM for fertility issue

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by June.Torres, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. sherah

    sherah New Member

    For many years nothing has happen and I thought something is wrong with me but I didn't really care as I haven't really thought of having kids untill recently it became a concern n worry. The thing is, my menses is regular, I have never missed before, but my body is super heaty. It's very warm most of the time. Breakout easily. So About a year back I went to a famous Female TCM at Lavender spend few hundereds on those bottles powder mixture nothing happen. I then start taking folic acid upon knowing that it is beneficial to our womb and I change to another TCM. He is famous for making women conceive. He told me his medicine is pure syrup not those powdered ones that are harder to absorb. He also gave me some capsules pills. I conceive after a few visit.

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  2. Hippology

    Hippology New Member

    Hi can share more of what he do n how long need to wait. Wat do I need to provide him?
  3. Wildlily

    Wildlily New Member

    Acupunture on my tummy area and sometimes on my butt, she gave me powder medicine also.. Dont really have to wait cos I go in the afternoon.. I just told her my menses is very regular and my gynae said I dont ovulate, I didnt bring any report to her
  4. choumianbao

    choumianbao New Member

    Hi.. I'm new to the forum.. reading the previous posts kind of gave me hope again.. My hub and I have been ttc since Apr 2015 yet it has always been "seeing red" all this while :( been thinking if we should go for TCM or straight for IVF..
  5. catinthesky

    catinthesky Active Member

    Have you and hubby gone for fertility tests? It's best to go through all the tests first then proceed to TCM, this was what a TCM advised me.
  6. nikkojune

    nikkojune New Member

    Ever since i started taking Blackmores conceive well gold a few months ago, i had been clocking a 27-day cycle; previously it ranged from 25 - 30 days with majority between 26 to 28 days. Last month, just before af was due in 2 days' time (based on the 27-day cycle), i went back to the TCM for a check (after 2 months of medication). He said that fertilization had occurred and there was a chance that i would get pregnant that cycle. However, af came but was 3 days late (all hopes dashed!). I went back to the TCM and he said that while fertilization took place, the embryo did not form properly. He said that he is confident that I could and would get pregnant - but why am I still not? Am not sure who to doubt now, myself, DH or TCM? :( This is so confusing.
  7. JTH

    JTH Member

    Hi. Anyone experienced delay in AF after taking Chinese medicine? I failed SO-IUI in sep, see TCM in oct and have been taking Chinese medicine for a mth. My Cycle is between 28-32 days. I am now into 39 days. I took a test and it's bfn. Wonder what happened :(
  8. Esther Jack

    Esther Jack New Member

    My cycle also between 28 to 32 but till now already 32day still no feeling like period coming . Same with you start to see tcm and take chinese medicine in Oct. I was thinking if is the side effect of acupuncture or Chinese medicine
  9. JTH

    JTH Member

    My AF report on the CD42! Haiz.... Going back for review and will highlight this to the TCM. Maybe our body just can't take too much Chinese medicine at one go or maybe because our body need time to get used to the Chinese medicine.
  10. Esther Jack

    Esther Jack New Member

    What is AF report?
  11. JTH

    JTH Member

    AF = Aunty Flow (menses) you might see this term used in some other thread in this forum :)
  12. kittywoo

    kittywoo New Member

    i failed in ivf in mac. so depressed. :( i was advised to take tcm before go for another attempt. my friend recommend it to me. we both take for one course and got improvement. just hope can prepare my body good before the next try.:D
  13. Lilin04

    Lilin04 New Member

    Can TCM able to know if we do ovulate, or also the quality of sperms?
  14. bear202

    bear202 New Member

    i have been tried for tcm and its works on me. got pregnant finally. but it may take longer time
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  15. Lilin04

    Lilin04 New Member

    Good for u bear202! But may I know if you have went for any checkups to know the issues before going to TCM?
  16. bear202

    bear202 New Member

    ya,i went for check up and found that fsh and prolactin level is high. so i tried to take tcm to lower the hormone level. that tcm also good for womb and ovary. so maybe it also helps in strengthen my womb and improve ovulation as well. ;)
  17. Debunu

    Debunu Member

    I went for tcm at clementi with my husband yesterday night. I hope I will be preggy soon. Biological clock ticking so fast
  18. Dreamscometrue

    Dreamscometrue Well-Known Member

    What's his charges like?
  19. Lilin04

    Lilin04 New Member

    bear202 & Debunu, what is the tcm clinic u went to? How's the charges and treatment like?
  20. Debunu

    Debunu Member

    I went to clementi block 433 avenue 3 Dr tan kian sing. This cycle we spent sgd339 in all n saw him twice. First round I saw him is already day 10 of menses cycle then second round is after ovulation
  21. bear202

    bear202 New Member

    the tcm clinic is in malaysia. Dr Terrenz Hng. you can go to seek for her advise and recuperate your body or just consume her tcm products. you can get more info through this website verdure-fertility.com

    hope its work on you:)
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016
  22. yenni26

    yenni26 Active Member

    Before i start my ivf my friend recommend me this TCM at Ang Mo Kio to Tiao my body. I went for 3 month even took satches of medicine n acupunture too.. But i find out it does not help much and i failed my 1st IVF.. Sigh.. I thought it will help me but it disappointed me. Not sure to continue TCM. She quite famous of dealing with pregnancy n a lot couple when her for help. Maybe luck is not on my side, need try harder n fight this battle again..
  23. Lilin04

    Lilin04 New Member

    Are u referring to dr zou yu min? I still tinking if I should go..I heard the waiting time is very long like 2hours even with appt..
    Maybe 3months not enough to see the result? Since I always heard ppl say TCM need to try for about 6months onwards..
    Jiayou jiayou! Xmas coming..relax abit...
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  24. lizzycat

    lizzycat New Member

    Hi bear, do u continue with acupuncture after getting your bfp?
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  25. yenni26

    yenni26 Active Member

    Yes yes... Is Dr Zou...my longest waiting time is 1hr... no choice 1 patient need around 50min-1hr ..consultation plus acupunture.. while waiting for your turn u can go nearby coffee shop to drink or eat some food. Ya i know seeing TCM need more then 6 months.. I know is all depend on Luck too... Thank you i will Jiayou Jiayou n fight this battle again after CNY...

    Are you doing IVF or natural conceive?
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  26. bear202

    bear202 New Member

    hi,lizzycat. i didnt do acupunture as i just consume tcm to balance my hormone and strengthen my womb as well. the consultant Dr Terrenz is quite famous in fertility field in malaysia. :)
  27. Lilin04

    Lilin04 New Member

    Im trying to conceive naturally...:)
  28. yenni26

    yenni26 Active Member


    Good luck to you... Jiayou! Jiayou! ;);)
  29. Lilin04

    Lilin04 New Member

    thank u! u too!
    btw do u know how long in advance do I need to book appt with Dr Zou?
  30. yenni26

    yenni26 Active Member

    Hi Lilin

    Dr Zou start at 3.30pm on weekday and weekend 10am-2pm..If you first timer just call few days before to make your appointment after that you can make your appointment at the shop either with her daughter as her assistant or Dr Zou husband at the shop. If your timing and date is fixed, you can make 2 week above appointment with them to save trouble....
  31. kittywoo

    kittywoo New Member

    how long time you take her tcm? i consume dr terrenz products too. ;) going to try for my next ivf attempt on mac or apr.
  32. Eeyor Goh

    Eeyor Goh New Member

    Hi.. did anyone has thoughts on Dr Seah Ai Wei from Thomson Chinese medicine?
  33. bear202

    bear202 New Member

    i took for 2 course,around 6 months. my fsh and prolactin level is high and decided to take tcm. thankfully the index has declined.
    your first time ivf? whats the products you consume?
  34. BabyBunnies

    BabyBunnies New Member

    Did anyone try TCM physician, Mark Chern (http://somaclinic.sg/) before? Any review about him? Thanks

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