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Swimming classes

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by mavis08, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. mavis08

    mavis08 New Member


    any swimming classes to recommend for 18mths toddler? preferably at east area. thanks.

  2. rabbitlover

    rabbitlover New Member

  3. mavis08

    mavis08 New Member

    hi lyn.

    have you try them b4?
  4. babytan76

    babytan76 Active Member

    hi mavis
    my sis is the manager for aquaducks, and my 3 yr old boy is also currently taking their class at suntec....they have trial lessons if you are keen...no obligations....
  5. poet

    poet New Member

    hi cindy,

    wats the youngest age group for aquaducks?
    how much is the trial?
    wheres the location?
  6. babytan76

    babytan76 Active Member

    hi poet

    just PM you... [​IMG]
  7. mumloveme

    mumloveme New Member

    hi cindy,

    wats the youngest age group for aquaducks?
    how much is the trial?
    wheres the location? Do they do it at our own condo or something?
    How much is actual lesson?
  8. crosby

    crosby New Member

    Hi Cindy
    I am keen in the trial.
    Can you PM me more details?
  9. babytan76

    babytan76 Active Member

    hi BBLoveMe and Alice,

    have PM you.. [​IMG]
  10. lexuan_mummy

    lexuan_mummy New Member

  11. babytan76

    babytan76 Active Member


    you've got mail!
  12. jjb

    jjb New Member

    Hi Cindy, would like to find out more details for 6 yrs and 2.5 yrs, pls email me at boy001@singnet.com.sg thanks.
  13. lemzjo

    lemzjo New Member


    Any mummy who tried before aquaducks and can tell roughly how long it takes for their kids to be able to swim without float? My girl has gone for lessons with instructor teaching a group of kids for many months but still using float. Thanks.
  14. lemzjo

    lemzjo New Member

    Hi, can anyone help me with my question? Guess this thread has been inactive..
  15. ruffy_happy

    ruffy_happy New Member

    didnt try with aquaducks..but roughly after 2-3mths after we tried out with another co.. my son then 8mths can swim short distance underwater without floats. However you still need to monitor him closely.

    Anyone have recommendation for private swimming lesson for 2yr old - not looking for water confidence but learning proper swim strokes as my son is now ready to take lessons without using any floats..can hold his breathe underwater and swim, enter/exit pool by himself and knows how to float by himself.
  16. chiart

    chiart New Member

    hi ruffybear
    which co. you tried for your son?

    please let me know

  17. ruffy_happy

    ruffy_happy New Member

    He was with Swimfast for 2mth before I stop and teach him myself coz all basically repetative stuff in their water confidence classes.
  18. alina_mummy

    alina_mummy New Member

    Hi please send me more details.

    How many to a group?
  19. marmin_marmin

    marmin_marmin New Member

    Hi, can PM the contact for the swimfast too? How much do they charge and where is the class conducted?
  20. ruffy_happy

    ruffy_happy New Member

  21. luckybelle

    luckybelle New Member


    I have found a fun swim instructor for my toddler of 22mths. However, to start a class, I have to get min 3 toddlers but I have only 2. Thus I am trying to find more SAHMs with their toddlers <2.5yrs old, preferably staying in the east, to engage the instructor. It is at 1100am every tuesday, a weekly, half-hourly session and charges $100 for every 4 lessons. Pool maybe in Haig Court or at any SAHMs' place, preferably residing at upper east coast. Interested parties, pls pm me. Thanks.
  22. rains

    rains Member

    Hi mummies,

    I just want to share with you my good experience with this swimming instructor at Yishun swimming complex. His name is Peter.

    After only 5 lessons with him, my 6-yr-old kid is able to swim independently for a width of 1/3 of the adult pool. I'm very impressed with him for several reasons: 1) He always stretches the swimming lesson to 1.5 hours although he told me it's 1 hour each time. I think it's becos he enjoys teaching kids to swim. 2) He practises different instructions with every kid. There are kids who are fearful of water, confident of swimming, older kids ... but he handles them very well. Although the class is quite big (7 to 12 children each time), I don't worry that he'll shortchange us at all. What really matters is my kid gets to learn swimming. 3) His fee is cheap. $40 for 4 lessons. And my husband overheard him telling a parent not to give him the full amount as the child had missed 2 lessons. I'm very impressed. He didn't need to do that. I'm not sure about other swimming classes, but usually consumers don't get a 'discount' if they miss a lesson for most courses.

    I am glad that swimfast and aquaducks didn't bother to reply my enquiries bcos it's definitely a blessing in disguise.
  23. jasmum

    jasmum Member

  24. bayb

    bayb Member

    Hi Rain,

    I'm interested in your son's swimming instructor, Peter. Does he teach kids around 3-4 years old?Can you PM me his contact no.? Thank you so much.
  25. jasmum

    jasmum Member

    if you are keen to see pics of son's swimming lessons leave your email and i'll invite you to view my yahoo album.
    cheers [​IMG]
  26. bayb

    bayb Member

  27. roostermummy

    roostermummy New Member

    Any good swimming instructors to recommend me for my 4 years old son,in the north area.
    Many thanks!
  28. jasmum

    jasmum Member

  29. roostermummy

    roostermummy New Member

    Hi Jasmum
    Thanks for your recommendation. My colleague has contacted your children's coach.
    We are thinking of letting our sons to learn swimming under him next jan. many thanks.
  30. jasmum

    jasmum Member

    hey that's great [​IMG] glad to have helped [​IMG]
    really find forums like this very useful in getting &amp; sharing info.
  31. cheerful747

    cheerful747 Active Member

    Anyone has got good swimming instructor to recomend for a 7 year old gal that stay in the east...hoping to form a group to learn too.thanks
  32. sypt19

    sypt19 New Member

    Hi I am looking for a swimming instructor to teach my girl 4 my house is in Yishun can anyone please recommend me a good and cheap one thanks.
  33. jasmum

    jasmum Member

    hi Sharon,
    have you try calling Nico Yeo as recommended above ? my son &amp; his 2 friends have finished their 10 lessons (they all received a cert too) and they have indeed learnt alot.
    all 3 wants to take-up more lessons again [​IMG] so will plan again by mid Jan, after settling with P1 (2-6yrs &amp; 1-4yrs).
    coach Nico is really pretty good in handling the kids. give him a call and speak to him, it's really worth checking him out.
  34. sypt19

    sypt19 New Member

    Hi Jasmum ... thanks ok will call him and ask thanks
  35. bayb

    bayb Member

    Hi Jasmum,

    My son and my colleague's son just went for their 1st swimming lesson under Nico today. He's really good with the kids. I can see that both of them enjoyed the lesson very much and they were comfortable with Nico.
    Thanks for the recommendation &amp; sharing your valuable experience with us : )
  36. bayb

    bayb Member

    Hi Sharon,

    Nico teach in the north area too. Btw, my son's lesson is in Yishun Swimming Complex. Think it'll be conveninet for you too.
  37. gracemum

    gracemum New Member

    hi,can email me Nico hp pls
  38. bayb

    bayb Member

  39. jasmum

    jasmum Member

    glad to be of help... i know how tough it is to find a good and not so costly coach...
    i will be planning to start lessons for my son again in Feb. [​IMG]
  40. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

    community center has swimming lessons
    cheaper too
    around $65 for 8 lessons
    many children (> 10) in a group though
  41. sunnybeach

    sunnybeach Member

    has any kids learning swimming lesson at nite 7-8pm and can i have any feedback if it is cold at this timing? thank you.
  42. kei_kei

    kei_kei New Member

    hippo2002, din knw tat community ctr has swimming lessons... do u knw which CC?
  43. hippo2002

    hippo2002 New Member

  44. sunnybeach

    sunnybeach Member

    hi hippo2002

    thanks so much so i supposed if until 8pm makes no much different as just half an hour difference right? v scare she be cold hence a bit hesitating...thanks
  45. jasmum

    jasmum Member

    hi folks,
    i have received a few enquires on coach Nico via 'PM', pls note that i do not know him personally, it's just a recommendation as i know it's tough to find a good, child friendly coach who could accommodate our time & venue, etc...

    the boys are no longer using coach Nico, as 2 of them have taken swimming as a cca in school and the then 4yrs old has gone to another school (childcare centre).

    here's an update of coach Nico's rates:

    All fee above are base on :
    Duration Of Lessons : 1 hour per session once a week
    Age for learning : Adult from 16 yrs old and Kids from 4 yrs old onwards
    Private Lesson : Training Venue and Time: Any venue and time
    Group Lesson : Training Venue and Time: http://www.geocities.com/justswim100/nicoyeo_class.html

    Note: You need to form your own group for Semi Private or Small Group classes

    please do contact him personally. his details are all above & check out his site.
  46. lovekidz

    lovekidz Active Member

    Hi all,

    Sorry to interupt. If you are looking for swimming instructor, I might be able to help you. I can try to find an instructor that meets your criteria.
  47. jasmum

    jasmum Member

    hi Joelle,
    it'll be better if you could feedback and recommend the coaches here openly... and let the parents do the contacting.
    mums here, want to hear reviews & feedbacks 1st, then do their own research. [​IMG]

    fyi: do know that the board has a rule about doing businesses to promote and sell their "products". The listing is at $25 per 7-days period or $80 per 28-days period.
    your post sounds like an ad.
    just my humble opinion
  48. lovekidz

    lovekidz Active Member

    Hi jasmum,

    Thanks for your concern. However, I'm not selling any products. [​IMG]
  49. jasmum

    jasmum Member

    hi Joelle,
    yes you are not selling any products... but your post is biz-like promo.
    in fact, your posts in this forum thru' out so far all seems to be related to 'promo' by offering services. e.g tuition, piano teacher, babysitter, swim coach, etc... [​IMG]

    so promo biz must pay CL. [​IMG]
  50. woofwoof

    woofwoof New Member

    notice that most mummies here only bring toddlers to learn to swim.

    how about infants? how old can we start?
    not talking about water confident but swimming (under adult's supervision of course).

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