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Jaslyn Ang

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Hi Parents,

Are you looking for a good and comfortable environment/ place for your child after school, which can provide care and assistance to your child's daily school works? Yes, you can count on me!

I am a full time Babysitter for 4 years cum Home Care Nanny for 2 years.

School children age ranges from 7 years to 11 years will come to my place after school.

We function like a Student Care, providing the basic necessities to the child. Most importantly, daily school homework, plus English and Chinese spelling must be completed and learn at our end.

Not only that, we provide healthy home cooked food to the children. No deep frying food etc.

Do give us a call to know more in details if you are interested.

We will provide more information to you.

Thank you!

Jaslyn Ang
HP 98802427