Stretch mark cream during pregnancy......


Hi all....

I am 15 weeks pregnant.I want to know which stretch mark cream is safe and effective during pregnancy.There are so many brands in market ,so got confused. Many recommended Bio Oil and Palmer'S Coco butter Massage lotion.But I checked online and found dt Bio oil contains retinol which is not safe for baby. Palmer's contain Salicylate which is also not safe.

So m quite confused. Please suggest what to do.My dr advised for olive oil.Can anyone suggest safe stretch mark cream.Also please recommend Olive oil brand which I can use.

Any reviews for Elancyl stretch mark cream???



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As there are many skincare products available in the market that may be beneficial for pregnancy stretch marks. But the most trusted and valuable are the products of The Spoiled Mama. They made 100% organic and non-toxic products for pregnant women.
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