Sleep test


Hi, my 3 yr old LO recently has diagnosed with Tonsillitis and was given Nesonex spray to her nose everyday.
If spray doesn't works on her, the last resort will be surgery which we tried to avoid as she is still young.

Just last Sat, her nose & sleep did improved after the spray but her Tonsil & Adenoid were still there. ENT doc was happy that she's improved with the spray but it does not completely reduce the size of the Tonsil & Adenoid. We just have to monitor for the time being. Now, ENT doc suggest that we went for a sleep test to see how much oxygen was she breathing, flowing, etc in her brain. I wouldn't mind going for the sleep test but has anyone brought LO for the test? How much would it cost?

ENT doc said the test will be at Gleneagle and would like to know how much would it be and can this test claim thru insurance? Thanks in advance.


My gal nose was blocked and can't breath since young. I bring her to ENT and it improved and now she is fully recovered.

My sister daughter also has the same problem as my gal, but she went to a very famous doctor and told her to go for operation. I told her to try my ENT doctor and now her daughter has improved and need not go for operation.

I believe not every famous ENT will be doing a good job, so i suggested you to go for another doctor examination before deciding to do such test.

Hope it helps you after hearing my story.

It's best that you try another ENT doctor to check on your child. My little brother has a throat issue, and he was checked by Dr. Lau of ENT CC Lau. After a few consultations and medication, he's feeling a lot better now. Maybe he can help treat your son's tonsillitis. If you want to know more about our ENT doctor, you can send me a message.
im so not comfortable with the prolonged usage of nasal spray. ENT specialist recommended removal of tonsils (Is it even necessary plus my kid is still small) And so went to the dental (specialist) and did the surgery for tongue tie..
hi, i agree with the ENT suggestion. its best if you had it checked by a specialist again. i was treated by Dr Lau Chee Chong some years ago too, when i had laryngitis.