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Recurrent miscarriage

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by Vivia, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Vivia

    Vivia New Member

    hi, ladies
    I’ve had two miscarriage this year- one missed MC at 10 weeks (heartbeat stopped) in Feb and one blighted ovum in September.
    I got all the blood /hormone tests including karyotyping and all came out normal.

    I’m worried since it’s my first ttc and now 34. Is there any way to increase my chance of successful pregnancy naturally? I’m taking the prescribed supplements like folic and vit d ..

    Thank you for reading:)

  2. Daze1

    Daze1 New Member

    Dear Vivia,

    My heart goes up to you.
    I also experienced two miscarriage this year as well. One in Apr and one currently. The first one happened too quickly and not sure what happened. The current one is due to blighted ovum.
    I have yet to go for blood test but was thinking to explore TCM as well. My friends have some recommendations and I will wait till after the test then head for TCM.
    Let me know if you are keen to try TCM and I shall share with you the recommendation that my friend told me.

    Meanwhile, don't stress ya! I believe we will eventually see through a healthy pregnancy!
  3. Vivia

    Vivia New Member

    Hi Daze1,
    Thanks for your heartfelt message.
    I wish you the same and believe in the best:)

    Has your doctor also recommended the same tests? Like tsh, ana, genetic etc ?

    I would love to try the TCM ~ do let me know:)
    Take care and all the best to you!
  4. Daze1

    Daze1 New Member

    Hi Vivia,

    I have yet to see the gynae. Still resting at home and probably will see him this thur or Fri thus have not done any test. Do you remember how soon did u go for those blood test?

    I have friend who recommend the TCM but it's at marina parade. Is it very far for u? She told me he's retiring already so better see him asap. But another 2 more recommendation where one is at Chinatown and another at Cambridge road. Which is better for you? Let me know ya..
  5. Vivia

    Vivia New Member

    Hi Again, Daze

    Hope you’re recovering well. My tests were taken after the miscarriage bleeding stopped and it took about 2 weeks for the results to come. It’s been 4 weeks since the bleeding stopped and periods haven’t arrived yet :-(

    I stay near orchard and work near raffles so I think Chinatown should be good.. but distance doesn’t matter .. so I just look for tcm in those areas yeah?

    Take care, wish you speedy recovery!
  6. Sweet mummy

    Sweet mummy New Member

    Hi dear all,

    I'd like to ask if anyone know how to get a referral letter to nuh subsidy rate high risk pregnancy ? What is the condition to entitled to be in nuh subsidy rate high risk pregnancy? I'd miscarriage before and would like to look for high risk pregnancy doctor in nuh e.g Dr. Biswa for consultation for my current pregnancy. Hope for some advice. Thank you!
  7. Nutty_hazel

    Nutty_hazel Member

    Hi ladies, is there WA grp that i can join for recurrent miscarriage?

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