Recommended Confinement Nanny - Auntie Sally Liaw


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We had a baby boy in Jul 2023 but started our search for confinement nannies late. We were lucky to find our confinement nanny - Auntie Sally Liaw.

Auntie is dedicated and always willing to share useful methods and tips for handling babies. She is also friendly and integrated immediately with us almost immediately. I remember the first day we came home from the hospital, and being first time parents, were clueless on what with our crying baby. She jumped into action immediately upon reaching and took over to help pacify the baby.

She is very patient with the baby and even when our baby keeps her awake at night, she doesn't mind but just accompanies and pacifies him. Her experience and handling of our boy never ceases to amaze us, and she can guess what our boy wants most of the time.

She also goes the extra mile for us, even remembering things we mentioned that we like to eat, and whipping it up for us. She has a strong interest in cooking and also told us that as long as we gave her the correct ingredients, she could whip up anything we wanted. We didn't manage to try taking up her challenge though as we were too well fed throughout the time she was here. :)

She is also very pro-active in giving suggestions and will remind us to do things that we might have forgotten (e.g. groceries, food, baby stuffs). From what i observe, she even when she has many yeaes of experience under her belt, she is still constantly reading and finding articles on babies to update her knowledge.

Would highly recommend auntie Sally Liaw and she can be contacted at +60167672851.