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Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by babyleon, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. babyleon

    babyleon New Member


    Anyone has any experience using Preseed? Care to share its effectiveness? Thank you.

  2. snow_baby

    snow_baby New Member

    just bot the first box.. used 3 times liao ..
    love it..
    but not sure if it helps me to get pregt...

    Nishino pharmacy- basement of isetan scotts is having 15% off for pre-seed. Abt $30 now..
    grab it fast before its gone!

  3. matsu

    matsu Active Member

    Hi ladies, I have half a box of preseed for sale & some O & preggie test strips to give away with the purchase of the preseed.

    Pls email me at JJmom2008@yahoo.com.sg if interested. Thanks.
  4. babyleon

    babyleon New Member


    I have 1 1/2 box of preseed for sale. I dun nit them at the moment coz' I am preggie now.

    Pls pm me if interested.

  5. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    hi, i also have about 3 boxes of pre-seed if you are interested, can PM me.

    It works! cos i just got pregnant (so won't be needing it soon)..have been using it for about 6-months now.
  6. hydrashadow

    hydrashadow New Member


    I've got 2 boxes of pre-seed for sale.

    Pls PM me if you're interested.
  7. jamie_c78

    jamie_c78 Member

    Dear all

    I have 2 boxes of preseed. Selling at $30 per box or $55 for 2 boxes.

    Meet up at AMK MRT/ raffles place MRT. Other MRT stations can be arranged depending on convenience

    Interested, pls PM or email me twohasbecome1@yahoo.com.sg
  8. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    did it help conceive?
  9. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    how to use it..? apply inside the vaginal area?
  10. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    I have 2 tubes sealed if youo like selling at $10, it helps lubricate very well. And safe to use.
  11. I have one box of preseed, totally new and unopened, for Sale. Interested, pls email to jaslaine@yahoo.com.
  12. I have one box of preseed, totally new and unopened, for Sale. Selling cheap at only $20. Interested, pls email to jaslaine@yahoo.com
  13. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member


    i've balance of 6pcs applicators (3pcs in 1 sealed packging) & lubricant tube 3/4 balance, expiry date : 03/2013 .

    PM if keen.
  14. zossamuel

    zossamuel Member


    I have 2 boxes of pre seed,sellin at $30 each.expiry date 04/13.pls pm me and thanks
  15. mimgoh

    mimgoh Member

    Dear all,

    My bal of pre seed sold.

    I wld appreciate it curious newbies kindly dun PM me askg me silly questions such as:
    Wat's the chances of gg preggie ?
    Is d item so GOOD n EFFECTIVE ?

    Pardon me, I'm just a consumer NOT spokes person loh!

    If got no confidence w the product then buy loose quantities fm others!
  16. kaakee

    kaakee New Member

    hi, if anyone has any to let go, pls do let me know, thanks!!
  17. Hi, I have a box of pressed to let go at $35. Brand new and bought from Guardian. Pls pm me if you would like to have it.

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