Prep before IVF


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Hi ladies may I ask what are some of the items or supplement or exercise you did to prepare before the start of Ivf?

TIA!! :)


I started my fresh IVF in June 2018 & November 2018.

I exercise by jogging once/twice a week.
My diet is normal but I dont drink cold drinks/fruits. Coffee/tea is not my daily beverage.

I started TCM at Seng Kang Thong Chai Medical Institution in August 2018 since 1st fresh ivf failed in June.

After 1+year of faithful TCM, I am finally 9 weeks pregnant, using my 2 frozen embryos from 2nd fresh IVF cycle. I am 38yo.

All the best to you ladies. Persevere despite any downs.


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can I ask what supplement do you ladies take to prep before ivf? is it ok to take vitamin d? I read that too much vit d will reduce the chance of fertility...



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I started my fresh in Sept. Prior to ivf, i stopped consuming cooling food and cold drinks. Took ubiquinol and folic acid daily, occasionally took the zinc tablets that i bought for my husband. Requested my husband to take ubiquinol too.

Dint start on any exercise regime as im too lazy and tired.