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Prenatal Yoga

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by wanwan150609, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. wanwan150609

    wanwan150609 Guest


    Anyone interested in prenatal yoga?
    or any good prenatal yoga to recommend?
    i stay at sembawang..hope to join a nearby class...

  2. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    Hi wanwan,

    do you know me? May I know if you are pregnant and how many weeks that can start at prenatal yoga?

    I am interested too.
  3. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    Wan, I stay yishun. city has yoga. I check up first. wana go together?
  4. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    Hi happyface,

    ya im pregnat 5th month le...hehe...how bout u?
    i think prenatal yoga is good for 4th month onwards.
    i checked city yoga too...but think quite far wor..
    hehe...and i called sembawang cc...they are not offering ler...
    how bout u?
    u pregnant how many month le?
  5. toh

    toh Guest

    Hi ladies,

    I am just into my second trimester only at 13 weeks. I am also keen to take up pre natal yoga..

    maybe u can check www.colleensimmonds.com.

    I am stl trying to convince my hubby to let me go cos he feels tt its extra expenditure and its not relly neccessary.
  6. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    same same here...my hubby also think that its quite ex...

    but we did book a course at TMC...
  7. toh

    toh Guest

    how much is the one at TMC? and how many session?
  8. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

  9. toh

    toh Guest

    Oh so ur hubby going with u?
  10. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    ya...this one he's very excited to join me...hehe...
  11. happyface1

    happyface1 Member


    I am only 6 weeks leh. KKH has aqua swim for 2nd trimet in 2 may. I may sign up but need to check with my doctor 1st.

    I heard early pregnancy can do prenatal yoga or exercise and is good for baby. That's why, i wanted to keep my self fit than fat.
  12. toh

    toh Guest

    Dun thk hubby can make it for that
    cos he knocks off at 7pm. =(
  13. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member


    oh the kkh aqua swim sounds great ler...hehe...
    can consider...how much is that?
  14. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member


    oh..u can attend the saturday's class if u want...
    they also got de...
  15. toh

    toh Guest

    Stl cant convince Hubby leh.. so bored at home. It's like I'm hving this mornin sickness which doesnt seem to go away. Thot of doing some exercises..and keep myself occupied but hubby dun wan.

    There was once when i almost fainted at JP. Vision totally became white blurry n couldnt breathe.. I thk i relli need to exercise.
  16. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    wa! u must take care ler...must be careful ya...
    actually everyday i try to use stair instead of lift to my office which is at 4th floor...
    this is the only exercise i have at the moment...
    have u decided which hospital for your delivery?
  17. babybloom

    babybloom New Member

    Hi Ladies

    I am interested in prenatal yoga too and I understand you can start as early as 12 weeks. I am only 11 weeks now but starting to do my research on where is good to go for this prenatal yoga. Where is City Yoga? Anyone know anything about the como shambhala yogas too?
  18. miorei

    miorei Member

    mother & child at tanglin mall. [​IMG]
  19. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    True yoga also have...
  20. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    Hi wan, the price should be aroun $70 to $150. Not quite sure, across my mined $78.90 or $ 89.90..

    The programme start 2 may for one month and the next one is in June 09.
    Can call and check. I have reserved a place as long my gynae say go along. I will sign up in Jun 09. see u.

    By the way, how weeks you are in now?
  21. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    6th month lu...
  22. scobido

    scobido Member

    hello there

    i am interested too...

    may i know where to get the info for city yoga? is there an online link? can't seem to find it also...
  23. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

  24. strawbearbi

    strawbearbi Member

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm attending the prenatal yoga at como shambhala. The saturday class is at 12.30pm to abt 1.45pm.

    I just went for my first lesson last week at 16 weeks. I have to say the teacher was quite good. She shared a lot of useful tips for moms to be.

    I used to attend the classes there so just continued there. Just to share abt trueyoga, I went for the trial class b4 (not prenatal) but they seem to be more like a factory, with people going in and out batch by batch. No doubt it's big but I personally don't really like the way I was being treated. Not as personal as como shambhala.
  25. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    how much is the class?
  26. strawbearbi

    strawbearbi Member

  27. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    thanks strawbearbi..
    anyway u using any belly support band?
  28. strawbearbi

    strawbearbi Member

    Hi Wanwan,

    No leh, my tummy not very big so didn't use any support.
  29. wanwan15062009

    wanwan15062009 New Member

    i've borrowed few Prenatal FitMama workout dvd from library...
    yesterday my hb and i try to follow the workout...
    quite fun...and cheap too...hehe...
  30. yogaguruu

    yogaguruu New Member

  31. valalatan

    valalatan New Member

    hello! I just tried the prenatal yoga at COMO Shambala..not too bad. $40 for single session and u can sign for package if you wan..10 sessions at $315. HTH

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