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Post Natal Massage:Mona/Maya/House of Traditional Javanese Massage

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by 2xmum, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. 2xmum

    2xmum Member

    Hi, has anyone tried post natal massage from Mona (90260085)/Maya (91690543)/ House of Traditional Javanese Massage? I am only keen in Javanese massage whereby they used Jamu warp and Bengkong instead of corset.
    Any review on their massage and binding skills?

  2. banque_suez

    banque_suez Member

    i tried house of traditional javanese massage at their devonshire and their thomson branch. also checked out another javanese massage place at 6th Avenue, upper bukit timah. the first place was cheaper as the package was $200 for 6 sessions. the second place was quite expensive & the massage ladies (i didnt have one i used but different ones as i didnt mind) were all quite hard in their strokes. though i did mention to em to "soften a bit" they still exerted a lot of strength. it is was ok as i can tahan and i suppose water retention also reduced somewat but then i could not doze off whilst being massage like some other places bec felt like being marinated like tat. binding skills is okay lah. binder could last 24 hours [​IMG] oh just a note, to avoid peak timing bec the massage lady will chop off 5-10 mins sometimes. i didnt mind that much but in case if this is impt to u then at least u know [​IMG] hope tis helps!
  3. banque_suez

    banque_suez Member

    oh, just to clarify. $200 for 6 sessions was a while alrdy. they may have up their prices as i understd now under new management
  4. 2xmum

    2xmum Member

    $200 for 6 sessions is cheap.
    The Silap and katong branch is quoting me at $200/3 days, $400/5 days and $400/7 days.
    They came to your place? DO you think there is any difference between them and the those 'freelance' Malay aunties?
  5. scg2907

    scg2907 Member

    I used Mona for both my post natal massage. I'm satisfied with what she did for me.
  6. missysz

    missysz New Member

    hello, i have booked mona for my post natal massage. just to check, does mona provide all the necessary equipment such as cloth, etc? do we have to purchase anything? please comment her service and attitude if any too. TIA! [​IMG]
  7. yngmum

    yngmum Member

    hi scg2907

    How's Mona's charges?
  8. 2xmum

    2xmum Member

    Her massage skill is limited to applying the oil on your skin and her binding skill is not tight and does not last. In addition, the jamu that she is using on her abdomen is limited top a 'small square' below your belly. Worst is she talked and sms when she is doing the massage. It does not help that she is rude and self-opinionated. So, use her at your own risk!
  9. cynyeo

    cynyeo New Member

    any intro for post natal massage ? Do I need to pre-book?
  10. pinkydy

    pinkydy New Member

    It is always advisable to pre-book esp if its a free-lance lady.

    I used Mona as well. I agree tat initially she wasn't very polite. Had some miscom with her. Then after everything was resolved. She was not too bad. At least i lost quite a bit of my water retention for 5 days of massage (wanted more but she was fully booked). She charges only $32 per session, you pay after the 5 days. Provides everything, u juz need a towel to spread on ur bed, she does the rest. Maybe coz i have nv had a post-natal massage before, I dont noe if the jamu should be more or less. So its for ur own consideration. If you r on a budget, mona is cheap, but u have to book way way in advance.
  11. helloblur

    helloblur New Member

    Anyone is using Rose @ thomson branch.
    Would like to have her contact no., heard she quit last mth.

  12. suee

    suee New Member


    You could try malay heritage jamu massage as i have just finished my sessions with them and they are very punctual and lots of advice even they teach baby massage sequence and if i have extra budget, i will top-up few more sessions as they are having promotions till end july.You may visit their website at

  13. cynyeo

    cynyeo New Member

    HI Sue,

    Hows the massage with the malay hertiage and how long each session ? And also do they change their therapists every time?
  14. suee

    suee New Member

    Hi Cynthia.

    The sessions take about 1hr 15 to 20 minutes and so far, only one therapist serve for my 10 days sessions and they give lots of tips and advice i got from the staff.
  15. ck80

    ck80 New Member

    Dear all,
    My massage lady is very friendly and easy going. She did my post-natal for me and I still get her to massage for me even till now(at least once a month). Her service includes aroma oil, sliming cream, bind(optional), a session of body scrub, head to toe massage for post natal. She does pre-natal massage as well. She can also do ear-candle cleaning(er zhu), normal massage and foot reflex at additional charge. Can ask her to ur place or u can go to her place. Her charges is $50/1.5hr. Pls take note that she dun massage for MALE. Int, pls pm me.
  16. april29

    april29 New Member

    Dear chanechane,

    Can you send me the contact details of your massage lady? My email is susanart@singnet.com.sg
  17. jovial99

    jovial99 Member

    Dear all:
    I used Maya... she a very nice n soft spoken lady, always punctual. Aft the 1st session of binding i can c my waist alry! tummy also flattening quite alot. the massage is really painful... but bearable 4 mi..i'll strongly recommand her to all MTB here.
  18. jovial99

    jovial99 Member

    Dear all:
    I used Maya... she a very nice n soft spoken lady, always punctual. Aft the 1st session of binding i can c my waist alry! tummy also flattening quite alot. the massage is really painful... but bearable 4 mi..i'll strongly recommand her to all MTB here.
    her website www.mayamummymassage.com
  19. jessiechow

    jessiechow New Member

    Hi Jovial,

    When is the best time to start post natal massage?
  20. jovial99

    jovial99 Member

    Hi Jessie:
    for myself i started 1 week aft delivery, natural birth. c-sect should be later around 2-3wks depends on ur recovery ba...
  21. hl_lee

    hl_lee Member

    Hey chanechane,

    Would u please send me the contact of your massage lady. Desperate to lose the spare tyre around my waist... thanks! my email address is leehuilin2000@yahoo.com
  22. young_mummy10

    young_mummy10 Member

    Hi mummies,

    I would like to recommand my massage lady who is currently massaging for me (post natal). Have good skills in massaging, gives alot of advise on food to be taken, slimming methods etc...also a very friendly lady!

    Name: Auntie Katijah
    HP: 98001394

    Package: 7 sessions - $400 / $450 depends on location (she's staying in Hougang)
    Additional: 2 days baby massages
    Duration: 1 hour
    Includes: Tummy wrap + free girdle + jamu herbal drink + lemon grass oil
  23. sywong

    sywong New Member

    Dear chanechane,

    Can you send me the contact details of your massage lady? My email is sweeyean05@yahoo.com.sg
  24. babystash

    babystash Member


    i have a vr good aunthetic javanese indo massage lady to recommend, pm me if ur interested

    $500 for 10 session, each session is 1.5 hrs
    inclusive of

    -full body massage with special blend massage oil
    -tummy jamu wrap with free BN binder
    -free one time whole body scrub
  25. whitecalla

    whitecalla New Member

    hi chanechane, could you email your massage lady's contact to me at whitecalla@lycos.com ? as is interested on her massage when saw that her rate is $50/ 1.5hrs
  26. happyfatlady

    happyfatlady Member

    hi mommies,
    I'm also researching on postnatal care, 2nd baby due next month [​IMG]
    just to share that for my first baby, I went to Heritage of Javanese Massage at Thomson, now renamed Java Java at 215 Thomson Road Tel: 65544800. You can PM me if you want the name of the masseuse. I find them very experienced and effective. I had a C-section and my waistline was 40 inch even after 1 month delivery and weight was 65kg. Waistline went down quite a lot after delivery- masseuse will dilligently measure the reduction after each treatment, about 1-2 inch each time. after the postnatal, I continued to visit the spa when I can.
    I think I would go back this time if I can spare the time now I will have two: a toddler and baby to handle.
    Because of this worry that I cannot spare time unlike the first pregnancy, I'm now researching whether I can do some DIY postnatal care in the first month.
    Can I check with anyone tried the Amway Malaysia's Tropical herbs postnatal care set? Please share with me whether it's effective and the best way to buy this set - do not want to deal with superpushy MLM marketers ;)
    I came across these 2 website about this DIY set:

  27. xiaog3r

    xiaog3r New Member

  28. ashxj

    ashxj New Member

    i like to share my exp for my post natal massage. As a new mum, many things i learnt in pre natal class were just visual, when i actually have to hands on ,its a different story,,,Just like what to do during engorgement, of how to handle my bb ( as she has colic). The malay therapist from origins jamu really helps me a lot. After massage with the jamu, I do see my tummy getting flatter after each session but of cos it still has flab. for 2months , i do bindering with slimming cream (with ginger to get rid of wind) everyday and my stomach is more toned and i can wear back most of my clothes. The hot stone compress she use to help me stimulate my milk flow and to put on different parts of my body during massage was good. My bb had colic and she taught me the bb massage steps and use a bb binder & oil which really helps to reduce the cries. Overall, it was a pleasant exp for a 1st time mum like me.
  29. meyerbee

    meyerbee New Member


    I would like to share my bad experience so others can avoid being victimised. I bought a massage package at Java Java Bukit Timah last year. However this outlet closed down in December. I contacted the Java Java at Upper Thomson (same owner) which promised to send me a cheque refund, which I never received. I have been calling them almost every week since January to get my refund; they kept assuring they will send the cheque soon but never did. I think I will contact CASE to complain.

    Hence, I would advise others to avoid Java Java. Given the current recession, I won't be surprised some of these massage centres will go out of business, so if you are unlucky (like me) to have paid in advance a massage package, you are unlikely to get your money back.
  30. banque_suez

    banque_suez Member

    the owner is the same lady called Helen who owns Spa De Java http://spadejava.com/contact-us-see-support-to-edit.html perhaps u can liaise directly to get your money back? they have 2 receptionists there, both Malay. One more senior called Ida and another one I cant recall e name of. G'luck!
  31. meyerbee

    meyerbee New Member

    Banque suez,

    Thanks for the info. I spoke to Helen. She is a nice lady but she is not the owner of Java Java. She said a number of her customers have made similar complaints to her as they have not been able to their package refunded after Java Java Bukit Timah closed down.

    Java Java's owner is someone called Damien who has not returned any of my calls. I heard they opened another outlet in Siglap. If that outlet does not do well, I guess he will close it again and assume that he can get away without making any refunds.

    I hope others who are still trying to get their money refunded will contact me, so we can make a collective complaint to CASE.
  32. qpclaire

    qpclaire New Member

    I have booked 7 sessions of post natal massage with a free-lance Malay massage lady but have to stop after 3 sessions as i develop rashes during my confinement. After one month, my rashes are gone and i tried to book my remaining 4 sessions with her but only manage to do 1 session after one month! She just say she is not free every time i arrange with her and sometimes after we set the timing already and i sms her to confirm the appointment in the morning, she will reply that she cant make it.

    It's already 2 months since i give birth and my tummy still quite big so im quite desperate to get another massage lady to do another 3/4 sessions of massage for me as soon as possible.

    Any recommendations on which massage lady will be willing to do just 3/4 sessions? My budget is about $50 per session.
  33. patle

    patle New Member

    hi icecream lover.. who is your massage lady, care to share ? she seems so irresponsible...
  34. qpclaire

    qpclaire New Member


    Her name is Rose... she was actually ok on the first 3 sessions before i develop rashes and have to stop. Then it becomes very difficult to rebooked her timing. Sign...
  35. patle

    patle New Member

    did you pay the total amount for the package>? if that the case, she must complete the package for you... never heard of her. is she recommend from your friend?

    one of my cousin very unlucky. paid the masseuse full on the 1st session, she didnt turn up thereafter.
  36. qpclaire

    qpclaire New Member

    I paid her a deposit which is for 4 sessions (Total is 7 sessions). So i terminate her services after 4 sessions because at this rate, i dont know when she will finish the massage for me and i dont think it's effective if you just do 1 session and had a few weeks break before the next.

    Wow... your cousin is so unlucky... [​IMG]
  37. patle

    patle New Member

    ya no effective if its just one session a few weeks apart .. but since u pay at least let her complete or if u cant wait, ask her for refund cos she is the one who is busy .

    ya man my cousin really so angry and depress cos she have to scramble and find one last min one.. cant sue her also cos freelance no company no receipt ...and dun pick up her call also.. it cheap la but not worth it esp get play out last min.
  38. winniehong

    winniehong New Member

    i'm thinking of trying out the tummy trim massage at Java Java at Thomson. Anyone has any experience doing this type of massage at Java Java?
  39. excited_new_mom

    excited_new_mom New Member

    I first tried Aisha & was very disappointed. She was about 30-45 mins late always & would never complete the 1 hour (I started keeping a watch in the room from Day 3 to ensure she massaged for the complete time). Moreover she talked the whole time & I could just not relax. To top it, her bandung would come off within an hour of her tying it which totally defeated the purpose.
    Then I tried Maya after reading some reviews on this portal & am EXTREMELY happy. Very punctual, soft spoken & diligent & her wrap would stay till I took it off. Would definitely recommend Maya to all MTB
  40. twins_mama

    twins_mama New Member

    Hi, have anybody tried "Origins Jamu Massage"? And how is their svc? The price is a little bit higher than Maya, but kinda interested cos it provide extra 2 BB massage and also hotstone therapy (wch i understand that this will help the milk flow). I'm in my 37th weeks now, EDD is 16/Feb (CNY 3rd day). :|

    Their website is http://originsjamumassage.com/
  41. banque_suez

    banque_suez Member

    origins Jamu massage originally did have a bix thread here but now not anymore. i tink most mommies said they were ok but massage therapists werent v trained & quite fresh not v skilled. maybe u can do a trial fisst with their prenatal then decide?
  42. twins_mama

    twins_mama New Member

    I think now too close to my EDD for a prenatal massage... The therapists are important, if they not v skilled then I'll rather take Maya, since so many mommies recommended. :)
  43. clodie

    clodie New Member

    Hey chanechane,

    Would u please send me the contact of your massage lady! my email address is austchic@hotmail.com.

  44. princessd

    princessd New Member

    Hi chanechane,

    i would like to have the contact of your massage lady! [​IMG]

    do email to me at subaru_von@hotmail.com

  45. clodie

    clodie New Member

  46. estina

    estina New Member

  47. babyqueen

    babyqueen New Member

    Hi! I'm new here. Just wander anyone tried the service from Babies Bellies (Javanese Massage & Spa), for Pre & Post Natal Massage?
    I've got their information from Baby Fair at Sing Expo in March 2010. Any feedback about them?
  48. sinnyy

    sinnyy Active Member

    I am also keen on the post natal massage anyone tried Origins jamu massage or Maya? Need one who is strong and skille in massage and binding wrap.
  49. gracehspnc

    gracehspnc New Member

    Hi,I am a mother of one and I have more than 10 years of experience in Pre/post natal massage. I am a qualified pre/post practitioner since 2006 and have completed the postgraduate training in workforce development agency, Singapore. I also completed the Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Thailand 2007. Recently in May 2009, I completed my “Well Mother”course organized by http://www.wellmother.org/ in UK. I score disctinction in the course.

    Please vist my blog for the Pre and Post Natal Massage for more detail http://hspnc.blogspot.com/
  50. striviagurl

    striviagurl New Member

    Hi chanechane

    Can u send me the contact details of ur massage lady? My email is find_sv@yahoo.com.
    Thanks a lot

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