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Piano Lesson

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by coyotefr00, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. coyotefr00

    coyotefr00 New Member

    Anyone send their child for Piano lesson?
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  2. joeykoh

    joeykoh New Member

    I am teaching piano at home :p
    I will start teaching my baby when she is about 2 years old
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  3. avery

    avery New Member

    Hi Joey,
    I'm thinking of sending my girl for Piano lesson. My girl is 34 mths. How much are you charging? Where do you stay?
  4. elmomo

    elmomo New Member

    Hi Joey,

    You do not accept PM. can email me at j_yeong@yahoo.com. I am looking for piano teacher to teach at home for my 3.5 YO girl. Thanks.
  5. pumpkin

    pumpkin Member

    please PM me as well. My boy is now 4+. Thanks
  6. coffeetime

    coffeetime New Member

    i send my kids for piano and violin lessons as well at a school in Marine Parade area. It's good to start them young and expose them a little more i thought. [​IMG]
  7. fairyprincess

    fairyprincess New Member

    I started my gal at 4.5 years old at Ossia, they have branches across S'pore.

    She really enjoys her invidual lessons now, and I also script popular kid songs to her, and she can recognize the notes and letters and can play the pieces.

    I think its impt for parents to continue to nurture the interest in the child...sending for lessons is only the start, its the daily practice and interest that the parents have to instil in the child...hard work, I say...
  8. einstein

    einstein Member

    Hi Fairyprincess,

    Ossia has a branch in CCK. Which branch does your daughter attend? Can PM me on who is her teacher and branch details? Tks.
  9. yen2110

    yen2110 Member

    Hi einstein,

    Can PM me the address and contact on the branch at CCK?

    Thanks a lot as my hb is keen to send my gal for piano lesson.
  10. tunapuff77

    tunapuff77 Active Member

  11. mynwin

    mynwin Active Member

    hi, coffeetime.

    my gal is currently attending piano lessons.
    she juz started early tis yr.
    tot of signing her up for violin too.
    however, would it be confusing for the kids to pick up 2 instruments concurrently?
  12. mummyto2

    mummyto2 Member

    I started my gal in the C.C. Yahama keyboard class this year. I thought it would be good for her to train finger coordination and develop a ear for music [​IMG]
  13. kssg777

    kssg777 New Member

    Hi Ling Lee,
    Coffee time & Fairyprincess are right !!
    Its good to start them young before they enter primary school. My son plays both violin & piano from age of 3 plus.Lots of hard work for the parents. Daily practice is a must. At least 15 mins per instrument for a start.You can increase to either half hour or more gradually.It is also very important to let them play , exercise or run freely in between the pracitse session. Hope my info helps.
  14. mynwin

    mynwin Active Member

    hi, kssg.

    thanks for the info.

    well, my gal said that she wants to learn both instruments too.

    so, guess will start her on violin once she settles down in p1 nxt yr...
  15. rae_cheong

    rae_cheong Member

    Hi kssg,

    How did u get yr son to practise at hm when he was 3+?
    I've a problem getting my 3 yr old daughter to practise.
  16. zeemimi

    zeemimi Member

    just curious, are their fingers strong enough for the violin and piano at 3 years old?
  17. daisyt

    daisyt New Member

    Hi ZMM, I think should be strong enough but when practise for too long, their fingers would ache. In fact its good to start musical instrucment at young age because their fingers would grow along as they are learning and long fingers are added advantage to piano and violin.

    Hi rae_cheong, 3 years old is very young. My experience was, I need to sit down beside her to practise and play along. Make the practise interesting and not too long or else they would get bored.
  18. bishanmum

    bishanmum Member


    Your girl is also learning piano? How old did she start and where is she learning now?

    My boy has just completed Gr 3 and he is learning at Cristofori.
  19. daisyt

    daisyt New Member

    Hi bishanmum, yes she is now grade 6 practical and grade 5 theory. Intend to let her take both exams next year. This year PSLE year, very busy.

    She started at the age of 4 with Yamaha in JMC (those Junior group where parent has to sit in together). Learnt for about 1/2 yearr, she was progressing fast and hence decided for 1 to 1. But at that Yamaha did not have 1 to 1 till age 6 (if I rem well), hence transferred her to Cristofori. The teacher was horrible. Very fierce and my daughter lost interest. Luckily, from the cold storage board, I found a teacher that came to our house to teach and she is still teaching my girl now.

    How's your boy progressing ?

    Oh yes, I need to upgrade her piano next year. Thinking of 2nd hand Yamaha U3 or similar other brands or a brand new (very exp)!! ...
  20. rae_cheong

    rae_cheong Member

    daisy: u r right. my girl cant attend lessons at hm. she starts to throw tantrums after 15 to 30 mins. But the home teacher insisted on 45 mins. Sigh* Think I will stop after this mth. My little girl performs better in music sch. Maybe, it's not her territory so she doesnt dare to throw tantrums.
  21. bishanmum

    bishanmum Member

    Hi daisy,

    My boy is progressing well but quite lazy to practise sometimes. How much is a Yamaha U3? I also need to upgrade because he is now using the lowest range one which may not be suitable when he goes Gr 5 next year. I think I can only afford a Yamaha U1.
  22. daisyt

    daisyt New Member

    Hi bishanmum, I think a new U3 is abt $10K. I feel that if need to upgrade, go for the best that suits their needs so that no need to upgrade again. I am also considering Kawai.
  23. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    where is your girl's piano teacher residing? How much she charge?

    My girl is waiting for G4 practical result end of this month. Her piano teacher is on maternity leave and since she is M'sia, she won't be teaching anymore.

    Anybody has good piano teacher to recommend?
  24. airex

    airex Member

    Hi ZMM,

    I teach violin. A 3yr old kid's fingers are definitely agile and strong to learn violin. In fact, it is good for children to start young...

    Hi caroline3sg,
    May i know where u stay? I can recommend my friend who is a full time piano teacher
  25. mynwin

    mynwin Active Member

    Hi, Caitlin.

    Any recommendation for violin and piano teachers for a K2 gal in the east?

    I'm staying in Pasir Ris.
  26. rae_cheong

    rae_cheong Member

    Hi Caitlin,

    I have emailed u before. My girl is 3 yrs 2 mths nw. Is it too early for her to start on 2nd instrument?
  27. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    I stay at CCK. Where your friend stay?
  28. daisyt

    daisyt New Member

    Hi Caroline, my daughter's piano teacher stay in Woodlands. I would PM you her contact.
  29. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Thank you
  30. airex

    airex Member

    Hi Ling Lee,
    Which part of Pasir Ris? As for piano teacher, she stays at Bedok Resevoir. Would it be convenient to bring your child to her place?

    Hi Wei Lin,
    It's ok to have 2 instruments. It depends on your kid. Does she/he enjoy learning? We try to ensure that learning music is a relaxing and enjoyable one so that their interest will sustain.

    Hi Caroline3sg,
    I do have a piano teacher friend who stays at Dover Road.

    Anyway, feel free to email me at caitlinleeyq@gmail as i do not check the thread regularly.
  31. jas3angels

    jas3angels New Member

    hi caroline,

    my gal new piano teacher stay in CCK too. pm me if u like to know more.
  32. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Hi Mummies,
    My daughter's piano teacher is leaving. As such I need to find a good one for my daughter. The teacher must be willing to come to my place (farrer park mrt station) and with reasonable rates. Thanks.
  33. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Just to check. I came across a piano teacher thru' an agent. She told me that she gives 11 lessons for every 3 months. And she's charging $140 per mth for beginner. Is this the common practice and is the rate reasonable? Pls advise. Thanks.
  34. zeemimi

    zeemimi Member

    Normally piano teachers charge per month.
    $140 for beginner is on the high end. Sure there are teachers charging that, but these teachers are mostly well qualified, i.e. have a music degree, strings of diplomas, etc.
    If not the norm will be around $80-$110 for beginners.
  35. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Charges depends on teachers qualifications, the market rate now is about 120-140 for 4 lessons for 45min each for beginners.

    Caroline, you haven get a new teacher for your girl? How did she do for her recent exams?

  36. starling

    starling New Member


    I am interested to introduce piano to my kid who is 3 yrs old. any recommendation on music school since there are so many schools in sg? I believe mine will be more on group as one on one will be too boring at this juncture.
  37. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    For music appreciation, any school is fine. But if you think you kid can read alphabets and numbers already, do switch to 1-1 as group lessons can slow down one's progress if you kid is learning fast. Or slower children might not be able to catch up.
  38. rae_cheong

    rae_cheong Member

    Starling: I recommend Mandeville. My girl started Music appreciation with them since 2 yrs old. Now, she is progressing to 1-1. I have tried home lessons and paid about $140 for 4 lessons of 30 mins each. Realised my little girl is not suited for home lessons at this age. Very easily distracted at home.
  39. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Agree with rae_cheong, that's why now i teaches from home only. Its a different enviroment(learning enviroment) so that the children doesn't have tv, toys etc to distract them.
  40. cocoon

    cocoon New Member

    Hi mummies

    I just want my daughter to learn piano but not take the exams. Can you share whether you have experience or know of piano teachers who will teach piano but in a systematic and fun way so that we still know there's progress. Any comments on how wise this might be.
  41. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Hi cocoon,

    It is ok to learn without exams. Your daughter can just take an exam when she is ready and do not have to take every grade. Maybe just take one to gauge her standard. Some of my students do that too. However again, it depends on individual as some students will only practise when there is exam but others will be motivated to practise everyday even though they are not aiming for exams.

    Hope this helps [​IMG]
  42. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    Just to share, my son is 6yrs old now and he has been learning piano since Mar 08. Like some of you, I am not sure if he really has interest so I enrol him at one of the CC which is quite cheap, $180 for 3 mths. So far, he is enjoying it. But I agree with some of you that you need to make sure that your child practices it everyday and my son does it everyday without fail. I am surprised with his progress. And you have to be prepared to coach your child the theory part. I don't have any music background but I am learning it with my son everyday esp when he has questions either I go thru his books with him or I ask his teacher and teach him again at home. As a parent, it is important for us to spend time with our children and learn with them & I think they really like the bonding [​IMG]

    Alternatively you can try to explore some softwares which can help your child to speed up the progress. My friend recommended this software that he found in the website. You may want to try it out, it's affordable but only for early stage.
  43. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    Yup, parental support and guidance is very very impt. Do visit my blog at www.pianolessons.multiply.com for some related articles. There are some suggested practise methods and how to help you child to practise [​IMG]
  44. cj_mum

    cj_mum Member


    Thanks for your reply. I just found another piano teacher with BA in Music. Hopefully she's a committed teacher. She's charging 140 per mth for 4 lessons for beginner.
  45. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    Do you have any teacher friends staying at CCK? My girl's piano teacher went back M'sia to give birth. My girl has passed her G4 practical exam (she took every grade every yr for past 4 yrs). Now P5. Next yr P6 PSLE, I won't let her take exams, just learn nice songs, perhaps if possible take G3 or G4 theory in Mar '09.
  46. mama_g

    mama_g New Member

    thinking to let my 3.5 YO gal learn either piano or volin. When i ask her, she say she wanna help both? how to make the decsion wat to let her learn?
  47. pianojazz

    pianojazz Member

    hi caroline3sg, as spoken before in another thread, most of my friends teach in the east. However, i am still keeping a lookout for you for teachers staying around your area. I've asked my friends to help too. Hope to get back to u asap.

    Dear mama_G, it will be good to start with piano first for the first few years. Reason being, piano will give your child a strong foundation and it comes with theory. As other instruments, theory is a seperate matter. I have students who do both instruments after learning piano till grade 1 standard.
  48. caroline3sg

    caroline3sg New Member

    thank you.
  49. cocoon

    cocoon New Member

    Hi pianojazzy,

    do you know of any good piano teacher, not fierce but friendly and efficient, who stays near Serangoon, Kovan area? If so, can you pm me?
  50. wan_wan

    wan_wan New Member

    One of my friend's children are taking piano lessons taught by a teacher at bishan area, said she is good. i just recommended her to another friend. If you are interested can PM you the details.

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