Paying Levy For A Maid

Debbie Wong

New Member
Dear Parents,

I am seeking for your advice or support towards the reply to MOM to request for an early levy reduction of maid arrival before baby due. Instead of $265 requesting for $60 which is the actual amount to pay to MOM ONLY after baby is born.
My intention is to request for a 2 months earlier for the maid levy to mother who are expecting so that the maid will be able to come in to the home to settle well before the arrival of the newborn. It is not possible and very tiring for anyone to manage/teach the maid only after the baby is born.

My EDD is between 1st and 2nd week of October 2015.

My husband and myself are very independent persons and do not require any domestic helper but we are expecting twins and that is not possible for me to handle alone and therefore we think hard before engaging a helper. When i realised that the levy is $265 per month, on top of their $600 salary, i realised it is very expensive for us.

Dear Mummys/Daddies, if anyone can offer any advice to this scenario please tell me and i will need to learn from all of you.

In gratitude,