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Oct 2019 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by PearlynPear, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Stamatina

    Stamatina New Member

    Hi, I just pm my number to you. Thank you

  2. mamajojo

    mamajojo New Member

    Hello! I’m due in Oct too! Had my 1st scan 5 days ago at kkh, seeing a little heartbeat :p

    Any WhatsApp Grp to join?
  3. yumi87

    yumi87 New Member


    This is my first time posting. I tested positive on Day 1 CNY and I'm 8+ weeks now. I have been experiencing continuous spotting and bleeding since week 6 until now and was prescribed 2 weeks of bed rest. Currently I'm on Duphaston 3x a day and I had 3 jabs in between when the bleeding is fresh red. This is my first baby so I'm really nervous when I first saw the bleeding.

    In and out of clinics for so many times but luckily all the US shows good signs of baby growth and strong heartbeat. My edd is 15 Oct 2019. Fingers crossed. I'm back in my hometown Ipoh now and will prob deliver here too so my pregnancy journey might be different from you ladies. But anyway, all the best to all the moms-to-be in Oct

    My current situation:
    No nausea
    Tender breast
    Occasional cramp
    Difficult to poo poo
    My appetite became smaller
    Yellowish discharge (a lot more than not pregnant time)
  4. racheltanxy

    racheltanxy New Member

    subsidized under Singaporean is 174.
    private is 370+ if i did not remember wrongly.
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  5. mamajojo

    mamajojo New Member

    I went as private patient. And was charged abt $230+ for the first visit. Consultation, U/S, Obstetric routine test & a medication.
  6. Bbhope80

    Bbhope80 New Member

    Any fb group to join? If no - anyone interested? - will create one if many are keen. :)
  7. Vincybear

    Vincybear New Member

    Hi everyone. Glad to see many Oct mummies here. I'm a first time mummy too :)
    Can add me to group chat? Thank you....
  8. xuangoh

    xuangoh Member

    Hi, All mummy congratulations

    if you need the CL, you can try my prevoius CL- Aunt Xin Hua

    1. She is friendly, caring,patient person and have a great experience in doing confinement for mummies.

    2. Cooks really delicious and variety confinement food and soup ( black beans, etc) to increase my milk supply. She prepares meals for my hubby too. She will also prepare herbal soup.

    3. Cooks red dates drink daily and also boils herbal water for showering.

    4. Most importantly, she is very patient with my baby. My baby is very difficult to take care But she has been very patient all this while.

    5. Supportive of bf and encourages me to let baby latch on more often
    to create more breast milk.

    I am grateful to have her to help me take care of bb and me. She was
    experienced to take care twin babies as well. I did recommended to my colleagues and friends.

    Most importantly, she will take good care of you and the baby which is her main duty and responsibility.

    Her contact no is +65 9069 9570 (Sg) or +6012 643 8655 (mal). You can contact her to know more details and the rate.

    Price is reasonable too. Hurry mommy, book her before she is booked
    by others.

    Cheers !!
  9. wanderlust24

    wanderlust24 New Member

    Hi there :) am aso another Oct mum
  10. wanderlust24

    wanderlust24 New Member

    Oscar is around $300 plus under KKH private Harmony is ard $800
  11. wanderlust24

    wanderlust24 New Member

    Hihi, am currently at KKH can try Dr Han How Chuan :)
  12. wanderlust24

    wanderlust24 New Member

    Can i join the whatapp grp too mine is 98306230 thanks :)
  13. wanderlust24

    wanderlust24 New Member

    Can add me at 98306230 if there is a whatapp grp chat :) thanks
  14. nurrj

    nurrj New Member

    hi you can pm me your number with ultrasound with date or name for verification purposes. alternatively, you can send your dr's bill :)
  15. nurrj

    nurrj New Member

    Hello everyone! For those who wants to join the group, you can PM your name, number and verification proof. Either your ultrasound with name and EDD or dr's bill. Thank you.
  16. Pb Ng

    Pb Ng Member

    Hi everyone! What kind of medicine that you guys taking now? My current gynae only prescribed folic acid, multivitamins and duphaston. I remember for my first pregnancy, my gynae prescribed me calcium as well. I asked the staff in the clinic, she said no need calcium? Is you guys taking calcium now?
  17. Happiwinphy

    Happiwinphy New Member

    Hi Mummies!! Finally went to the gynae earlier on and did a scan and saw the baby heartbeat! So happy! Who should I pm to add into the what’s app group?
  18. Jennnnn

    Jennnnn Member

    I only take folic acid and duphaston(for 6-8weeks). I Guess should be fine. Just drink more milk maybe?
  19. LittlePOLO

    LittlePOLO New Member

    Hi Mummies....My EDD is mid of Oct... Possible to add me in what's app group?
  20. LittlePOLO

    LittlePOLO New Member

    Right now I still taking folic acid and duphaston...My doctor was recommend me fish oil which will taking after the blood test...
  21. Pb Ng

    Pb Ng Member

    Thanks for your reply. I not used to drink milk, but drinking organic soy milk now. :)
  22. Pb Ng

    Pb Ng Member

    I see. What kind of blood test? Harmony test? I thought fish oil start to take from week 16 based on my last pregnancy. :p
  23. Ger12

    Ger12 New Member

    Hello everyone! I am about 8 weeks now and my scan shows 2 sacs but 1 is still empty. Any information to share with me? It is worrying me if it will affect the healthy baby in sac1.
  24. Nety

    Nety New Member

    Hi all, Im a 1st time mummy to be Due date 22 Oct 2019. I would love to join the grp chat for advise & sharing thoughts. Looking forward to meet all the ct Mummies to be
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  25. LittlePOLO

    LittlePOLO New Member

    I going to do panorama test,think result will be out around 2 weeks time...Once result out will start take fish oil...

    Anybody taking Blackmore pregnancy supplement now? Is that good? Cos thinking to take this instead of fish oil
  26. Happiwinphy

    Happiwinphy New Member

    Hi mummy! You received my PM? Thanks
  27. live.laugh.love

    live.laugh.love New Member

    Hi mummy, may I ask at which week of pregnancy did u go for the blood test? I'm interested to go for panorama test too but my gynae told me not to do it so early
  28. My Dream

    My Dream Member

    Hi mummy! I m 10+weeks pregnant now and a first time mom. Would like to join the whatapps group chat. Please add me and my number is 91199827. Thanks!
  29. Jennnnn

    Jennnnn Member

    Maybe it’s a twins. But

    My Gynae told me 2weeks later which is 12weeks to do the test. ☺️ I’m Gona do IGene test which is (NIPT). So by the time you get result is like 13-14weeks.
  30. live.laugh.love

    live.laugh.love New Member

    Hi Mummy, thanks. I read online that panorama can be done as early as week9 so was hoping to do it before my overseas trip. My gynae recommends doing it on week11+ instead so just want to know if anyone is doing it earlier. Thanks for sharing :)
  31. Elise364

    Elise364 New Member

    Hi Mummies. Who should I pm to join WhatsApp group chat? Thank you.
  32. lx05

    lx05 New Member

    Hi, I’m a first time mummy here . EDD end 28/29 October 2019, please add me to the whatsapp group at 96234906. Thank you
  33. Kindaichijy

    Kindaichijy New Member

    My gynae is Dr Han too. Just visited him last week and was 7 weeks pregnant. EDD after 20 Oct onwards. Would love to join the chat grp for Oct mummies.
  34. LittlePOLO

    LittlePOLO New Member

    I visited my gynea on week10, but cannot do the panorama yet as still too early.So end up arranged on week12.

    Understand panaroma can do it as ealy as week 9, but ideal timing still between week11 to week13.

    Suggest you to discuss with your gynea on details for it.
  35. xliqinx

    xliqinx New Member

    i did panorama at week 10 (2 days to week 11) at raffles hospital thou
  36. live.laugh.love

    live.laugh.love New Member

    my gyane already 'rejected' me when I mentioned I wanted to do it on w9+, hence doing it on 12w3d or 11w5d. My gynae measured from my 1st & 2nd u/s hence the two different dates >.<
  37. LittlePOLO

    LittlePOLO New Member

    How long the result come out?
  38. Jerilah

    Jerilah New Member

    I also did my panorama at week 10 day 3. Gynae was the one who told me to do it haha. Now waiting for results fingers crossed!
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  39. Hakunama

    Hakunama New Member

    Hi! Can I check if you got my PM? Not sure if I sent over correctly
  40. LittlePOLO

    LittlePOLO New Member

    Hi hi... Possible to add me in chat group?? Thanks
  41. xliqinx

    xliqinx New Member

    after 2 weeks you will know the results, and gender!
  42. Mom2B23

    Mom2B23 New Member

    Hi can add me in WA group? 84642962. Will send you verification thru WA
  43. Lemongrass09

    Lemongrass09 Member

    Hello MTB, is it safe to eat wolfberry and ginger in the early stage of pregnancy?
  44. Jennnnn

    Jennnnn Member

    My Mother say eat too much ginger later baby will be yellow haha . I just eat when I really need it to stop myself from Super bad MS.
  45. Lemongrass09

    Lemongrass09 Member

    Oh thanks. How about goji berries?
  46. Jennnnn

    Jennnnn Member

    Both Goji Berries and Golden Berries are considered superfoods because of their dense nutritional profile. They are great food for pregnancy specifically because of their beta-carotene and Vitamin A content. Pregnant women are advised to increase Vitamin A intake by up to 40%.

    Above is from what I research from google. Maybe it’ll be good to ask your doctor or tcm .
  47. jas514

    jas514 New Member

    Hi hi
    Please add me too at 90021595.. I'm Oct mummy.. My edd is 22 Oct. :)
    Thanks .
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019
  48. Jennnnn

    Jennnnn Member

    Does anyone still have MS even up till 11weeks going 12weeks? It’s just keep going on and off everyday, vomit after I eat ‍♀️. I’ll know when I feel so bloated and my mouth filled with saliva = I’ll vomit. Straight away I’ll be hungry... cause my food not even digested finish. I eat small portion and more meals Everyday.
  49. Arial

    Arial New Member

    Hey Jenn,

    My MS ( Nausea, headache etc) still goes on till end of week 12. Should last till end of week 13 ( First Trimester). Hope you need better :)

  50. Elise364

    Elise364 New Member

    Hi mummies, any recommendation on daily meal plans? If you do not mind, could you please share with me (breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner, supper)? Thank you.

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