**No Agent Fee** CARTERS/OSHKOSH/SKIPHOP spree (close on 7 Apr 10pm)


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Osh kosh Website: www.carters.com

Current Promotion: based on what stated in website

Please wait for my confirmation on amount.

If you cannot post your items here, please email me at [email protected]

Exchange Rate: USD 1 = from SGD 1.48
(may subject to adjustment, depending on my credit card bill)

There are two payments:
1) Cost of the items
2) Shipping charges:
- International shipping charges via Vpost and shared based on weight/bulkiness of order

Payment mode:
Please transfer the payment to the below bank account as stated:
POSB saving account: 109-49409-7 or pm me for paynow

Kindly email me at [email protected] with the order format (see below) after payment transfer. (Please use your NICK when transferring, indicate which bank account you transferred to, transaction no. and the amount.)

Collection Mode:
1. Normal Postage (I will not be responsible for normal postage if parcel is lost in transit. Registered mail is highly recommended)
2. Registered Mail
3. Courier using SpeedPost: S$10.50
4. Meetup at bukit panjang mrt 615pm on weekdays or newton mrt at 550pm on weekday

Order Format:
Nick :
Mobile Number : *(It's important to give me yr mobile no. if u don't check thread regularly)
Email address :
Collection mode :

Indicate: Carter/Oshkosh
Item No: #01
Name of the Item:
Web link (URL):
Price: USD$
Alternative if item is OOS:

[Note: always refer to the last page for the updated calculation format]

20% Carters/Oshkosh Items (excluding clearance items ending with USD xx.99 and doorbusters) = USD [AAA] x 0.80 x 1.44 = SGD

30% off Carters/Oshkosh clearance items ending with USD xx.99 = USD [AAA] x 0.7 x 1.44 = SGD

Carters/Oshkosh doorbusters= USD [AAA] x 1.44 = SGD

1. I reserve the right to call off the spree if the response is low.
2. I will not responsible for any missing, defects or wrong shipment sends out from the merchant.
3. No payment = No orders
4. Wait time for the loots is approximately 4 weeks.
5. No cancellation of order after I have placed the order.
6. Please ensure that your orders are correct upon posting or through emails. I will not be responsible for any wrongs orders/qty/URL Web links that is made.
7. If you are comfortable with my terms & conditions, join me in this spree