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Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by Ginger Mummy, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Ginger Mummy

    Ginger Mummy New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I am 2 weeks postpartum and am breastfeeding my daughter. I direct latch and bottle feed her as well. How much milk is normally pumped out as this time (2 weeks aft labour)? I can only pump out 40ml (sometimes 60ml if there is supply) per session. It takes about 20ish minutes to do so. Is this normal? Or am I supposed to be pumping out more at this time?

    Would appreciate your kind thoughts and comments!

  2. gammahedging

    gammahedging Well-Known Member

    Hi hi, how long after latching do u pump? If it's immediately after then it's understaenable.
    U can wait like 1.5hr after latching to let your boobs refill . Then u can pump more. U can also try to change the pump setting back to stimulagion mode to try and get another let down
  3. Grace Pan

    Grace Pan New Member

    Hi, I think the milk supply depends on individual..for me I get 50ml-60ml per session, but some of my mummy friends can get 60ml-80ml, so I think your supply is normal, no worries.

    If you want to increase more milk, let your baby latch or pump out milk every 2-3 hours to stimulate your breast to produce more milk. Soups such as papaya soup, fish soup, and chicken essence with vaccaria seed can also help you boost milk supply. Jia you, mummy!!
  4. makino88

    makino88 Member

    I'm a second time mom. had blocked ducts so underwent surgery for my left breast after my 1st born. i just delivered a baby girl 8 days ago. this time round i only produced max 40ml on my right breast & 5 to 10ml on my left. Thanks to Medela breast pump for it makes expressing so much easier though its quite depressing that I'm producing so little despite all the soup & herbs for stimulating milk
  5. Fenfenmama

    Fenfenmama Member

    Hi I’m also a new mom. Baby is now 3 weeks. I’m exclusively pumping for now as my baby is premature. I took other people advice to pump every 3 hours. Drinking lots of soup. But I’m
    Only getting 60ml -70ml per session.30 mins double pumping.
    Kind of depressed. My husband tells me if not enough then give baby formula lo. But I still feel sad that My milk supply is low.
    Is there any lactating tea that anyone can recommend for me to buy and drink to boost my milk supply?
  6. ckis17

    ckis17 New Member

    Hihi fenfenmama

    I was pumping exclusively and started with very low production. Now 3 months pp I am over supplied. Its usually the case with mothers who are exclusively pumping. Be patient as your milk is still being regulated. What worked for me was sweet potato, I came across a website of this mummy who came up with this concoction and it has worked well for me.

    I've attached the image with the ingredients. You can do without the banana and ice, can substitute with warm water for those on confinement or warm milk. I also added moringa powder which boost supply. Hope it helps

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