Nanny @ Fernvale


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Need a nanny at Fernvale? Nanny services beside Fernvale LRT, conveniently located!

I am a nanny that offer many services at my place. The services range from infants, babies, kids and children.

- I have been taking care and offering services for about 9-10 years. Experienced nanny and provide healthy meals for babies, kids and children — pumpkin porridge, salmon porridge, etc where I do grocery shopping during weekends.

- Clean and smoke-free environment, pet-free, I myself emphasise a lot on creating a hygienic place for children to play and have a safe conducive place to relax.

- Maintain a close relationship with parents and the children, still keep in contact with them even though I may not take care of them. Trusted relationship, 2-way traffic.

Please contact me @ 98190805 or drop me a comment for more details. Thank you.