Nanny at Compassvale Walk


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First, an introduction! I’m Chinese Singaporean, 27, with a 8.5 month old baby girl. Both my mom and I stay home to take care of her. My mom is a retired nurse/vegan chef, and I used to work in finance/supply chain.

Two adults to one baby is a really high ratio - so I’m thinking of offering baby care services - only one slot available, and we will need to meet and discuss comparability before anything can be promised. I would prefer gentler babies as my girl is quite soft-spoken and sensitive

Alternatively, I can do pickup/drop offs for your kids - as I stay right next to Sengkang Primary School.

It will be an either/or situation, if I do pickups/drop offs, I can’t do infant care, since I won’t be comfortable leaving my mom with two babies in the house alone.

Please email me at [email protected] if you would like to see if we would be compatible!