Meet ups with Mummies for breakfast or coffee/tea


HI to all Mothers in this forum

I am a stay at home mom with a child aged 10 years old. A local chinese in my 40s, I love to discuss and share the joys and challenges of bringing up a child by myself without help from helper or families. The only reason is because I don’t need a helper and my mom is staying in the West area which is opposite of where I stay.

Meet ups for breakfast or coffee/tea are good time for destress. Morning timing works well for me and tea timing like 3pm is good too.

I totally understand that it is not easy to handle and manage your children alone. I have helped many of my friends to give them advice and or just by sharing. I strongly feel that mutual support as such is vital. Meet up with new people can perhaps help you to destress .... as it did for me. I feel I am not alone!

It will be nice to meet other mothers even single mothers here to give each other emotional support and perhaps even forge a new friendship....

You can PM me anytime.. looking forward to meet you...