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May 2019 Mums

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by capricorn18, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. capricorn18

    capricorn18 New Member

    Hello just got my first BFP at 11 dpo and currently newly 4-weeks preggy! first time mum to be and feeling anxious/scared/excited. anyone else due in May 2019?
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  2. MkJy

    MkJy Member

    Did you have any symptoms prior to testing or just test for fun and got a bfp? Just checking
  3. capricorn18

    capricorn18 New Member

    hello! i had a yeast infection at about 8-9 dpo. i read somewhere it might be a sign of early pregnancy as your body produces more estrogen/progesterone which favours bacterial growth so I went to get a HPT :)
  4. MkJy

    MkJy Member

    Ahh okay. Thanks :)
  5. capricorn18

    capricorn18 New Member

  6. MkJy

    MkJy Member

    Hi, you are lucky that u get a bfp at such a early stage at 11dpo. Most people get the bfp after a missed period or maybe one week after missed period. Are you feeling any pregnancy symptoms already?
  7. 1st-Leen

    1st-Leen New Member

    hi, i should be around this time too. first timer here too.

    tested with the clearblue digital and it says i'm pregnant and 1 to 2 weeks along. expensive test kit but worthwhile for me because i cant understand the line thing to save my life. so just wanted something to tell me yes or no.
    subsequently next day decided to go to a gp to do a blood hcg test for more accuracy and it is positive too and that i am about 2weeks.
    but i am feeling crampy a little.. saw a gynae at tmc as my gp was worried. the gynae didnt comment much because cant see anything at all. no sac no fetal pole nothing basically! she just told me: you see the white color thing? maybe that is it.

    and all i was thinking was: huh? i am paying so much money for a maybe...?

    so i was abit disappointed although i kind of expected it because it is really too early.

    according to the gynae, as per my 1st day of last period, i am about 4 weeks. so she gave me an appointment abt 2 weeks later and said by then i should be able to see something..

    by far, the longest wait of my entire life.... i am scared and worried also. the gynae gave me meds to help stabilize but i am still feeling on and off cramps (not painful jus discomfort) and told me to monitor and if any bleeding or brown discharge to see her asap.
  8. capricorn18

    capricorn18 New Member

    hello! yes my gynae appointment is 6 weeks too. any earlier than that, gynae say cannot see much. so far i also have had pressure on my pelvic area, on-and-off cramps (similar to menses cramps).

    7 more days to the scan.. and the wait is killing me!!!
  9. Celebrian

    Celebrian Member

    Hello ladies, just tested postive :) nice to meet u all. Like to ask if there is any WA grp chat?
  10. 1st-Leen

    1st-Leen New Member

    im keen on the whatsapp grp chat. pls pm me if keen

    i cant wait for the scan too. am really hoping to see someting significant
  11. njxl17

    njxl17 New Member

    Hello mummies!

    I just tested positive. Based on google calculator, EDD shld be in end April / early May 2019. Would love to join EDD group chat if there is :)
  12. 1st-Leen

    1st-Leen New Member

    pls kindly pm me with your numbers and i will add u in the May EDD whatsapp grp :)
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  13. Fdzul

    Fdzul New Member

    Just had my BFP yesterday ( I was a day late) clearblue Digital showed 2-3weeks. Can I ask how do you go about securing an appointment with a gynae? Do you need a referral from the GP? Sorry, this is my 1st pregnancy hehe.
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  14. capricorn18

    capricorn18 New Member

    u can go polyclinic and get a referral to a gov hosp (cheaper) or if u have a private gynae in mind, give the clinic a call to make an appt :)
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  15. Fdzul

    Fdzul New Member

    Thanks! I really hate going to Poly, GP should be able to get me that referral too right?
  16. HWC2018

    HWC2018 New Member

    You can go straight to hospital also just call n make appointment. But should go around 5-6 weeks pregnant than they can scan.
  17. 1st-Leen

    1st-Leen New Member

    i think if you want to be subsidized then you need to go to a polyclinic to get referral to kkh.
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  18. dipsy

    dipsy New Member

    Hi! I've just tested positive too. EDD will be end April or Early May. Is there any WhatsApp group chat? :)
  19. Celebrian

    Celebrian Member

    Pm :)
  20. Beezelbulb

    Beezelbulb New Member

    Hi there,

    I just got tested positive too, but I’m a single mom... so I’m not sure whether to keep the baby or not as I received a few comments made by my close friends.. is there any whatsapp group I can join?
  21. 1st-Leen

    1st-Leen New Member

    pls kindly pm me with your name and number :)
  22. jenicool

    jenicool New Member

    Halo I just tested positive too, am currently 5weeks;)) Feeling glad to have so many mommies to be to share some info;)
  23. jenicool

    jenicool New Member

    Hi I would like to join the May EDD group chat
    Will DM my HP
  24. jingyiC

    jingyiC New Member

    Hi, I’m also interested to join the WhatsApp chat group! I’m currently 5 weeks + pregnant. Went to Thomson medical clinic at Serangoon to see my gynae Claudine Tan. She’s assuring and patient in my opinion if anyone interested!
  25. e_mumme

    e_mumme Member

  26. 1st-Leen

    1st-Leen New Member

    pls pm me of your name and numbers. do not post them here for privacy sake. thanks
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  27. lovingu84

    lovingu84 New Member

    Hi, I just tested positive and went to polyclinic to get a referral to KKH. My appointment date is 19Sep. Actually I only tested with the cheap Watson preggy stick, but the 2 line is very distinct. Should I be testing with Clearblue? I am also interested to join the WhatsApp group chat.
  28. shinymint

    shinymint New Member

    Hello Mummies to be, rejoined back into this forum after so long! This is my 3rd pregnancy, due in early May. Eldest now is already primary 1 this year. Guess I have to restart my engine again
  29. Summergemz

    Summergemz New Member

    Hi all, i have also just tested positive on 15 Sep with 3 different test kit just to be sure. this is my 2nd pregnancy, but my 1st child is already 14 yo, so really need to go thru the whole stage again and hope to learn more new things from here.. anyone is gg for kkh for check ups?
  30. Fdzul

    Fdzul New Member

    Hi guys,
    Im now 5+6weeks. I’m pretty paranoid right now after wiping and found brown discharge. I have no cramps whatsoever. It only appears if I wipe. Should I see a doc/gp? My first gynae’s appointment isn’t till 25th Sept.
  31. Fdzul

    Fdzul New Member

    I got a referral from Poly for KKH gynae checkup on 25th sept.
  32. Stelle76

    Stelle76 New Member

    Its a blessing you can have your own kids. I cannot perform such basic role as a woman. Dun kill the little life .. maybe giving up for adoption to ppl like me would be a better choice. Stay positive so that your baby will be healthy and pretty.
  33. Summergemz

    Summergemz New Member

    Hi Fdzul, i gg for my 1st scanning at kkh on 25th sept too..
    Do you all feel bloatedness like tummy got wind feel? i feel bloated 2weeks before my suppose menses till now. i feel on n off mild cramps also. is tat even normal?
  34. sagittaurius

    sagittaurius Active Member

    Hi future mummies and past mummies out there,

    I hope anyone can advise me when should I test again.
    Recently I done pregnancy test twice on 29 August doctor say cannot confirm and also self test on 6 sep it shown negative.Today is cycle 60 I very confuse now . My menses use to regular recent years but was not in my 20s. I in my 30s now.I am very scare of pregnant again. Anyone know now beside test kit can also do blood test confirm pregnancy? Or can use ultrasound to confirm pregnancy? Sorry for asking as my last pregnancy was 9 years ago I wanted to know the technology now how to 100% confirm is pregnancy.
  35. Coco_11

    Coco_11 New Member

    Hello... may I ask if Dr. Claudine Tan provides a package cost? My gfs recommended Dr. Caroline Khi from ACJ clinic and my 1st appt is next week and I was reading reviews, she does not provide a package.
  36. susu0488

    susu0488 New Member

    Hi leen
    Can u please add me in the group? Will pm u my number.
  37. Summergemz

    Summergemz New Member

    Hi leen, I have pm u as well to join bro chat too.. not sure u received it?
  38. WEvan08

    WEvan08 New Member

    Hi fellow mummies and mummies-to-be! I am into 5 weeks and saw a gynae. EDD should be in May. Gynae prescribed some aspirin for me.. anyone had the same situation?
  39. kaily

    kaily New Member

    Hi fellow mummies,

    I just tested positive yesterday using the kit and i should be around 5 wks now based on my LMP. This is my first pregnancy and i'm really lost! I read that the gynae wouldn't be able to scan anything and i should probably wait till 6-7 weeks before i go and see a gynae for the scan? Also, my hubby is on a business trip and I would want him to be with me during the scan.

    What is the first thing you all do after finding out you are pregnant? Which route will you go?
    1. Polyclinic get referral > see a gynae under subsidised? If it is the polyclinic route, typically how long is the wait before you get to see a gynae and does the gynae do any scans on the first visit?
    2. Or call a private gynae clinic to get appointment straight away?
    3. I'm leaning towards delivery at either My Alvernia or TMC. Any OBGYN you will recommend? I'm hoping to visit one gynae and just stick to him/her throughout the whole pregnancy.

    Sorry for all the questions as i'm really clueless! Thanks!!
  40. Excited daddy

    Excited daddy Active Member

    Congrats!! During week 6 scanning you can actually hear your baby having heartbeat even thought the size is less than 1cm... following scan in week 8 onwards then u can see on screen the blinking which is baby heartbeat.

    You will get to see different gynae If u get referral from poly n subsidized
  41. sarangbi

    sarangbi New Member

    Hi fellow mummies,

    I was tested positive using clearblue digital which shows 3 weeks +. Based on LMP should be around 5 weeks +.

    I have fixed my first gynae appt during the 8 weeks period (suggested by the gynae).

    I am also going to polyclinic this monday to get a referral letter. Not sure to go subsidized route or private route yet.

    This is my first pregnancy. Is there any fb or whatapps group i can join?
  42. introvert521

    introvert521 Active Member

    Waiting to see my Gynae tomorrow!!

    Tested positive on Fri & Sun and this next 24 hours is such long wait!!! 5.5 weeks now.
  43. AvocadoMilkTea

    AvocadoMilkTea New Member

    Tested + last week, should be about 6w+ today. My first visit to NUH will be mid Nov. Is it a little too late? :confused:
    I feel a bit worried since I read alot of mummies going for gynae visits at 6-8wks.
  44. introvert521

    introvert521 Active Member

    I suggest you go earlier. Mid Nov which is almost going into 2nd trimester?
  45. AvocadoMilkTea

    AvocadoMilkTea New Member

    Exactly. Called them but they don’t have any earlier slots. I wonder if I can go some other polyclinics or clinic in the meantime just to get blood test or whatever else that needs to be done?
  46. introvert521

    introvert521 Active Member

    If possible, call up a private gynae. They can do scan to check.
  47. AvocadoMilkTea

    AvocadoMilkTea New Member

    Alright! Thanks!
  48. Liyun1990

    Liyun1990 New Member

    Hi all, is there a WhatsApp group chat for May 2019 Mummies?
  49. ScarletHeart

    ScarletHeart New Member

    Hi all i just tested using the clear blue pregnancy test kit and it was a positive result. I feel slight cramps and grinding in my stomach, frequent urination since 2 weeks ago.
    Can I know usually the first visit to private gynae to check is around how much?
  50. ScarletHeart

    ScarletHeart New Member

    Hi can I know how much is Dr Claudine’s first visit charges? Does she have any package?

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