Maternity Wear


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Hi everyone,

Let's talk & share about Maternity wear.

As much as I/we understand, some mummies are lucky financially and some are not due to their personal reason. And some are really shy to ask around on where can we find cheap maternity wear. Why?! Because they are afraid they will be label as 'cheapskate'. Seriously I have that kind of friends with that thoughts, but for me everyone have difference commitment. I do buy cheap clothes too, cause we only wear it during our pregnancy. So why must I buy expensive one. Hehe!!

So please don't add in more of their emotional swings and stress which can affect lil baby inside.

Let's share here where you buy those clothes, price range, whether it's online or store..

I'm sure we will have daddies here who secretly taking down notes and start buying it to surprise their lovely wife :)


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I bought from spring maternity (now revamped as bove in suntec) during #1. Their bamboo range is quite comfortable for me. I bought those with nursing access so can still wear after birth.
Price was affordable, $20+ for top and $30+ for bottom if I remember correctly.


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i find Lalu/Iora range of clothings very forgiving for pregnant ladies.
The dress i brought i normally ranged from 2 for $39 or $29/pc.

My work environment do not require me to wear very formal so i can buy this kind of "more casual" office wear.

I buy from taobao also but its a hit n miss for clothing below $20 so nowadays i just buy from Lalu/iora since can try physical product.

I don't wear dress on wkend so i just stick to wearing my stretchy shorts and t shirts. Sometimes i borrow my hub t shirt to wear.

I can't bear to spend $50 and above for clothings. :p


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H&M orchard has a very small maternity section on Level 4.. don't expect too much but it does have some basic items.