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Maid abuse: false allegation

Discussion in 'How To Improve SingaporeMotherhood.com?' started by mom_1234, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. mom_1234

    mom_1234 New Member

    Hi Anybody having any idea if maids from myanmar having any other loan than what we pay to singapore agency at the time of hiring.

    As my maid has ran away and accused me.I was sending her to find employer and was going to cancel her pass due to failing in finding new employer. I feel she did this to stay in sg. anybody can suggest anything that can help.


  2. hannahbear

    hannahbear New Member

    hi @mom_1234 if ever you got her from the agency, call them... in this case, you can defend yourself and report what she did...
  3. NurtureMa

    NurtureMa Member

    Always rmbr, once u employ a maid, we're responsible fore them till repatriation. So, when we cancel WP, must always hv airtic & escort her )or get agents to escort) to airport & make sure they stamp out & pass immigration point. Don't let them 'float' on their own in Spore. Tho their ppt hv 30 days, if they're still in Spore, if accident or caught in Geylang, u're traced as last eyer & effectively still responsible coz u did not ensure she left Spore.

    All the best! Take care!

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