Lousy service - Jarrons & Co


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Dear mummies, I just wanna share a very bad experience with Jarrons & co. I ordered baby cot during the 5th July mummies fair. During the purchase, they mentioned shipment will take 2 to 3 weeks. As of that time, there is sufficient time to setup the nursery as my EDD is in late August. I contacted them on 24 July to follow up on delivery date. They said shipment arriving during national day week. Therefore delivery of cot has been arranged on 13 Aug. On 6 Aug, they called to inform shipment delay and they can only deliver on 21 Aug. As my EDD is on 23 Aug, the time is already very tight to prep the nursery. And I am also worried what if I am in labour earlier. I told them my concerns and they said they will try their best. As if 21 Aug is not late enough, yesterday I contacted them again. You know what? They told me yet again delay in shipment and they can only deliver on 29 Aug!!! I am wondering how many times are they going to do this? It's adding unnecessary stress to a first time mum. My hubby called them yesterday asking for a solution and request them to call us back but up till now still no call from them. This is totally unacceptable and they simply just dont care at all. Since they always participate in major mummies fair, please be careful if you intend to purchase any items from them.


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Hi gerry52, you’re not the only one facing shitty experience from them. I suffered the same fate as you. Did they deliver the cot to you eventually?