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Lose weight or inches??

Discussion in 'Year 2016 Mums' started by julie_c, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. julie_c

    julie_c Member

    I've personally tried and tested and a believer of this Secret Correa Lotion.. Not easy for someone like me who has stubborn fats and loves to eat good food
    Anyway i would like to share with all mummies out there who have same problem like me.. No pills or diet required which is superb for me.. Losing weight safely via lipolysis, e most effective way to burn fats and flush out toxins..

    What is Secret Correa Lotion:

    ✅The only COOLING SLIMMING LOTION in ASIA. Secret Correa breaks down the fat right from the insides. Unlike other slimming lotions, Not only are they hot, they burn fat from the outside only. This lotion helps to detoxify your body and eliminates all stubborn fats as early as 3rd day of usage.

    ✅The only cooling slimming lotion with collagen to beautify the skin. It can also relieve skin inflammation and scarring.

    ✅The only cooling slimming lotion with NO AGE LIMIT. Anyone can use it - from INFANTS to the ELDERLY because it is safe to use and it has cooling properties. Other slimming lotions are hot and sting the skin which may hurt those with sensitive skin.

    ✅The only cooling slimming lotion on par with the lotions used at slimming centers. -- Please refer to our proven customer testimonials.

    ✅The only cooling slimming lotion that is MULTI-PURPOSE --- remove strechmarks, rashes, sprains, scars, headaches, muscle pain, irregular menstruation, menstruation cramps, difficulty to conceive, sharpen ur chubby cheeks, flatten ur tummy, losing stubborn fats, defined waist line, toned underarms and much more.

    ✅Secret Correa is like normal body lotion. Easily absorbed. No sticky residue. Pleasant smell. Cooling sensation.

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  2. jennycsk

    jennycsk Member

    Hi, May I know hw much it cost for a tube.
  3. julie_c

    julie_c Member

    Hi.. its $47 only.. price on packaging.. let me know if ur keen or pm me ur number..
  4. jennycsk

    jennycsk Member

    Hi julie_c, confirm it work... just apply on the stomach that all no need to do anyting on it.

    btw can we apply on our bottom n etc, need to apply hw long it will lose weight...
  5. julie_c

    julie_c Member

    Yup guaranteed it works.. u can msg me at my number 82725586.. It can be applied to parts of body dat has fats to burn.. such as arms, tummy, thighs, butt...




    ✔ Lotion with added collagen.

    ✔ Beautifies, repair and refines the skin.

    ✔ Gets rid of your kilos, inches, stretch marks, cellulite & scars.

    ✔ Firms the skin

    ✔ It is also COOLING and NO GREASY, thus it's comfortable to use.






    1) Acts as antioxidants to regenerate new skin cells

    2) Helps skin retain its moisture

    3) Helps building and repairing tissues and production of hormones and enzymes

    4) Is a natural and healthy way of maintaining a great skin, thanks to its calming and emollient (moisturizing) properties and is found to be effective against ACNE, ECZEMA, inflammation, general redness and irritation of the skin

    It also consist of these 3 Magic Ingredients:

    ☆ Seed Oil ☆

    ☆ Guarano ☆

    ☆ Hedera Helix ☆

    ** Results varies among people dues to different metabolic rates.

    Some feel the results in days and some in a month.
  6. julie_c

    julie_c Member

    Can feel within 3 days, and see a difference in 7 days.. just apply n drink plain water abt 3 ltr per day.. lotion burn fats via lipolysis system where water will flush out toxins once fats are burn
  7. jennycsk

    jennycsk Member

    Hw many does you need to apply n u apply on day time or bf slp..
  8. julie_c

    julie_c Member

    Twice a day aft shower in e morning and before slp.. there's guidelines and charts given when u receive e tubes
  9. Michael Riggins

    Michael Riggins New Member

    Hi Julie_c thanks for this :)
  10. NicoleSweety

    NicoleSweety New Member

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