1. Ocdisinfection

    Disinfect your babies environment and keep them safe and healthy with OCD Disinfection

    Once you become a parent, the world seems a filthy, germ-ridden place. You can’t look at a doorknob or a waiting room magazine without worrying about the microscopic enemies squirming invisibly on the surface. Meanwhile, your baby has different ideas. “In the first few years of life, babies put...
  2. T

    Very friendly and reliable.

    Recently moved my house to a BTO unit. Exped Moving Services was actually recommended by my colleague which she just moved her house 2 months ago. Patrick, the sales person came to my house for a site survey. Their price is not the cheapest among all of the quotes I received. But still gave...
  3. V

    Baby Safety Gate

    Selling off Baby Safety Gate. ❌No Drilling required ✅ Difficulties for children to open ✅ Pressure Fit ✅ 2 ways swing back auto close ✅Fully adjustable to Fit opening from 75cm to 267cm (with optional to purchase extension) ✅ Triple locking system (for blue design) ✅ Easy for adults to...
  4. julie_c

    Lose weight or inches??

    I've personally tried and tested and a believer of this Secret Correa Lotion.. Not easy for someone like me who has stubborn fats and loves to eat good food Anyway i would like to share with all mummies out there who have same problem like me.. No pills or diet required which is superb for me...