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Looking for pre/post natal massage

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Julizah, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Julizah

    Julizah New Member

    Hi mummies, I am currently 26 weeks now. I am getting more tired and looking for prenatal massage. Any recommendation?
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  2. livy

    livy Member

    hi you can contact Samantha 97127988
    you can whatsapp her to book. very good massage !
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  3. Janelmummy

    Janelmummy New Member

    look for Auntie Lynn or Auntie Annie 9060 5065. tried both. they are sisters.
  4. kellykelc85

    kellykelc85 New Member

    Hi, i saw someone else recommend auntie lynn in another thread too. can share with me ur experience?
    I hope to choose a good massage carefully :)
  5. RLX

    RLX New Member

    are they chinese or malay?
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  6. Janelmummy

    Janelmummy New Member

  7. the_spinsterella

    the_spinsterella Well-Known Member

    Can try kak Rozilah Bani. You can check her fb.
  8. ThinkPam

    ThinkPam New Member

    Hi are these both come to your house for massage kind? Roughly how much for a session?
  9. livy

    livy Member

    Wanna share my pre & post natal experience ☺ in case if any mummies/mummies to be need more info

    Thru out my pregnancy from 25 weeks been having her pre natal massage at home. Followed by my post natal massages too. Honestly I've tried like 3 other aunties which are quite experience too, but still find her Touch,knowledge,passion very different(thumbs up strength & massage skill)from the others. She is very caring and patience! She try her best to adjust to my timing as i knock off quite late at night knowing i have my backache and sore feet issues and She even bring long disposals bedsheet&panties to prevent oil stain. Which is a plus point for me. The best part is her pricing is reasonable! So far I've been recommending her to my frens and ppl around me and all positive feedbacks.

    If any mummies/mummies to be keen this is her contact details.
    Samantha 97127988
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  10. Janelmummy

    Janelmummy New Member

    Yup. They come to customer house. Understand tt auntie lynn is $180
    Auntie annie is $140 if not wrong.
    Normally postnatal need package. U can msg and check with auntie lynn.
  11. ThinkPam

    ThinkPam New Member

    Hi Livy how much are you paying for the pre-natal massage? Need to book one and try soon. my body is crumblingggg.. Haha
  12. Relaxurmind

    Relaxurmind Active Member

    Can try diana@94793566.. shes gd and likes to advice:D.. comfortable with her... need to book her early as her slots is alwys fully booked
  13. ulerande

    ulerande New Member

    I went to Babies Bellies for prenatal massage which is at Golden Landmark (near Bugis) and think they are quite good. Charges are also very reasonable. $60 for 1 hour, soyou prob still have budget for taxi to and fro.
  14. ThinkPam

    ThinkPam New Member

    Hi, how much will it be? And does she come to your house or?
  15. Relaxurmind

    Relaxurmind Active Member

    Hi dear... yes its a home svc... u cn whatsapp her n ask for any avail slots...
  16. Julizah

    Julizah New Member

    Hi mummies,

    Thanks for all your valuable information. I just tried my prenatal massage last week with Luana Therapy and didn't expect they provide the massage with their portable massage bed. I just signed up their packages and comfortable with their services. You can try too. Call Liza @ 66319786.
  17. Seirra Rahman

    Seirra Rahman New Member

    Hi Im Seirra frm Ijamu. I also do pre/postnatal massage. Can go to my website and check or text me at hp 91090584
  18. Mimah

    Mimah New Member

    Hi, i would like to recommend my massage lady mdm nur +65 9679 7055. U can request for hard or gentle, She very experience, certified by mustika ratu with 10 years of experience.. post natal $70 per session 7days $450 (1hr session) . She will help to clear the breast to increase milk supply, wrap tummy with hot jamu to clear the blood n slim down,
    Last day of the 7 days packages she will give free binder worth $40. Very friendly, honest n humble lady, she is a good advisor, very patient lady highly recommend her..
    she can do pre natal, $60 per hour..
  19. Faye Goh

    Faye Goh New Member

    I used the same massage lady, Nur, for both my 1st and 2nd Daughters. Very good and experienced massage lady. Very recommended.
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  20. mamavee

    mamavee Member

    Hi do your mind sharing your experience with her? I am keen to book her for post natal massage.
  21. Chufang

    Chufang Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'll like to recommend my massage lady Daphne 8133 7028

    She just finished post natal massage sessions with me, and I slimmed down a lot. Am very amazed with the results.

    My husband was very impressed as well, he said that my belly was still very big last week. I am 15 days post partum today.
  22. corinne22

    corinne22 New Member

    Hi, may I know your experience with Luana Therapy? Isn't it bulky to bring their massage bed? Do you switch on the aircon at home when you massage? Do you need to prepare anything on your own?
  23. Ivy2014

    Ivy2014 New Member

    I purposely registered to share my experience with Mdm nur after my 10 sessions with her because I really really like her service
    She is punctual and sincere but not very chatty. Her massage is relaxing. My mum n mil said the lemongrass smell of her massage oil is stronger than my last massage lady. The jamu cream she apply before bengkung is hot but bearable. Best part is my tummy really slim down a lot after only few sessions.
  24. HSTan

    HSTan New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'll like to recommend my massage lady Mdm Zee 8125 8794. I just finished my 5 sessions of post natal message with her. Very experience and punctual. Check out her facebook Z's spa traditional massage.

    Before the massage, I have pain at my lower abdominal and it is due to blood clot. She helped me to clear my blood clot. Can feel the blood flowing out when she press on those acu point. She also helped to clear block duct in the breast to increase milk supply and she will finished by wrapping my tummy with ginger cream.
  25. Virus

    Virus New Member

    Hi wat r d charges like? Any package price? Tks
  26. Virus

    Virus New Member

    Hi wat r d charges like? Any package price? Tks
  27. HSTan

    HSTan New Member


    You can check out the price at her facebook page.
    5 session, S$450. 7 Session, S$595. 10 Session, S$800/-
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  28. Virus

    Virus New Member

    Ok tks for d info
  29. petiteG

    petiteG New Member

    How soon do we need ahead do we need to book for the post natal massage? Do we hv to pay a deposit or something in advance?
  30. NurulShafiqahA

    NurulShafiqahA New Member

    Hi i would like to recommend my massage lady Mdm Shera contact number, 97573956
    Very friendly, honest & humble lady, she is a good advisor, very patient lady and i highly recommend her.
    Her sessions are of reasonable prices too.
    for eg, per session is $70.
    a week of session would be $450.
    She lives somewhere in Sengkang and prefer to pick customers who lives somewhere around the area.
  31. kelly07

    kelly07 Member

    I would like to recommend my post natal massage lady Mdm Noor 94287756. Her charges is $75 for 75mins. She will apply whole body massage with jamu oil. Massage and apply slimming cream on tummy, push up uterus n tummy wrap. Breast massage as well.
  32. sharkles

    sharkles Active Member

    I am looking for pre natal massage at punggol area.
  33. xqxhx_

    xqxhx_ New Member

    Hi, i am currently trying to conceive and working as a preschool teacher(so tiring and can take a toll on u at times. *stilllovemyjob though :))

    hence been going for a massage hoping to get better and have a baby soon :)

    I read some of your threads and thought i should share it with u all here, hope it benefit.I went for a massage with this lady, Nur. She does home visits or u can drop by her house @ punggol for a massage. Very good and relaxing. cause i felt so so much better after the massage.either hard/gentle can request. I heard she does pre & post natal massage too.

    U can try and drop her a text if u want. share ur experience here if u went with her for pre/post natal massage. i would like to know too lol cause no baby as of now yet.
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  34. xqxhx_

    xqxhx_ New Member

    have you found yours? can try Nur,96797055. i wrote my review just after yours! Hope this helps!
  35. pyng

    pyng Active Member

    may I
    what her fb contact?
  36. xqxhx_

    xqxhx_ New Member

    not sure about that. can try and sms/whatsapp her thou at that number :)
  37. pyng

    pyng Active Member

    Yes I did and she replied and tks!
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  38. xqxhx_

    xqxhx_ New Member

    no worries!! good things must share. u doing pre or post massage? share okay here. :)
  39. pyng

    pyng Active Member

    Actually I have postnatal contact before she is my previous masseuse, however her schedule is quite packed though she still manage to see me...so need a standby first in case she cant make it. I will try her prenatal see if I like if so may take up her post natal.
  40. Pek Yin

    Pek Yin New Member

    Hi.. I have used this massage lady for 7 days session. She's very friendly and gave me lots of useful advise. Her hands are smooth and massage was very satisfying. Best of all, my stomach really slims down after the 7 session!. Well recommended!
  41. Floyd tom

    Floyd tom New Member

    We provide the best services ranging from masage services,to maid transfer or hire...you wont regret ever trying us out...talk to us via email with elizabethtiti1987@gmail .com...we promise to give you the best service..thanks
  42. Wendy87

    Wendy87 New Member

    Hi.. I created this account to say thanks and as token of appreciation for Mdm Shera.. I got her contact from here and took her 7 days package.. She is humble, soft spoken and good advisor.. This is my 2nd pregnancy.. My 1st pregnancy I took 7 days package from different messeuse.. My 1st pregnancy took me 4 months to get back to shape. My tummy was still a little bloated after the 7 sessions for my 1st pregnancy.. But with Mdm Shera, it just took me that 7 days to get back to my original shape and was very much satisfying.. I believe its the effect of the hot cream she used and maybe her magical hands.. Her package was cheaper too compared to the 1st messeuse which I took.. She also gave me free binder after the 7 session.. Thanks!
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  43. veniceair

    veniceair New Member

    Hi have you tried Nur for pre natal massage
  44. Alicia 1026

    Alicia 1026 New Member

    Hi mummies,
    I just did my post natal massage with Mdm Shasha, and super happy with the results! 7 inches off after 5 sessions! She provide own massage bed and is super professional and understanding to new mummies! Do contact her @ 8383 3432 if you are keen for good post natal massage services and result!
  45. Virus

    Virus New Member

    How much does she charge?
  46. Alicia 1026

    Alicia 1026 New Member

    5 session-$850. She is quite expensive as compare to d maket px but I personally feel worth every penny.
  47. Virus

    Virus New Member

    Ok tks for d info
  48. Eilingtan

    Eilingtan New Member

    i would like to rec my therapist Mdm Layla. i have a long story but i will cut it short. i engaged her for my breast massage as i have problems feeding my newborn in the hosp. i got her number from my korean friend. mdm layla is so nice to come down to the hosp at 11pm just to assist me.bcoz i have inverted nipple. she gave me alot of tips in breastfeeding and i am successfully bf till now. i also took up her postnatal package.
    i enjoyed her sessions thruout. she brought along her massage bed thankfully coz my husband is very particular about staining my bed.and respected me that i cant switch on the aircon. such a cool lady with alot of knowledge in the body system. she can even tell if i am having constipation! i let out gas many times during the session and she doesnt mind at all. aiyo so paisey!
    but anyways my tummy did went down 7 inches and i remembered her telling me about water weight. she did some drainage in my body, i cant remember whats the massage technique but it was very feather light only at some specific area. i felt so pampered and taken care of. esp at this postnatal period. everything is so new and blur for me:(

    i also rec her to my friend. she charging prenatal for $70. i shld have known her earlier so i could pamper myself during prenatal. coz many place i went does the prenatal so soft didnt even sooth my lower back n pelvic problem.

    its nice being a mum now. i enjoyed it. hopefully you ladies will enjoy her massage.

    mdm layla
  49. sharkles

    sharkles Active Member

    Do you all know how much she charges and any reviews for pre/post natal massage?
  50. NurulShafiqahA

    NurulShafiqahA New Member

    Hi, i would like to recommend a massuse who does massage at home.. just finished a session with her..feel energize and sooooo relaxing..she charge $50/hr session and her room is very cosy with spa atmosphere..she can be contacted at 96797055 mdm nur

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