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Looking for nanny at Tao Payoh/ Braddell area

Discussion in 'Confinement Lady and Nanny' started by Yee Chin, May 16, 2018.

  1. Yee Chin

    Yee Chin New Member

    Hi mummies, I’m looking for experience nanny to take care my 4 months old son. Any recommend nanny at Tao Payoh area? Appreciated for the reply. Thank you.

  2. t4lilac

    t4lilac Member

    Opposite Sembawang mrt?
  3. celicar

    celicar New Member

    Hi t4lilac, I am looking for a nanny @ AMK.
  4. Christine toh

    Christine toh New Member

    Let me introduce myself

    I am Christine 21 this year .
    I am looking for kid to take care at my side
    Hougang street 91 Blk 909
    I am a enrolled nurse work under Thomason under the infant care before for four years and experience in taking care of kid too .
    I am a single mom wanna to be at 9 June 2018Just done two job of babysitters recently as is a temp one .
    Don worry , I able to take care of ur child well .
    As I have four year experience in nursing and also with lic
    My maid will only help in cooking wise
    I will be the one taking care of ur kid ,my mom and my Sister are helping out . She is experience ten year in home nanny .
    I have a dog . But he don bite and sterilised with licensing yearly .
    If you mind I will tie him at the back of the kitchen when ur child is here for the day.
    Give me a chance to trust me cus I have confident to give the best care to your kid
    I able to start immediately
    Pleases feel free to contact me at 97276441 . thanks
  5. celicar

    celicar New Member

    Thanks for introducing yourself Christine. Do you mean you are 21yo this year? When you say Thomson, do you mean Thomson as in TMC where they deliver babies? If you have 4 years experience means you started with TMC at 17yo? I don't understand what you mean by "...wanna to be at 9 June2018..."

    What breed is your dog?
  6. Christine toh

    Christine toh New Member

    Yes I work under TMC for infant care I going to give birth at June 9 but not to worry , while I go for delivery , my mom will be helping me to take care for two day .
    After that I will take care for you .
    As for my baby will be under the care for my mom and maid

    My dog is Maltese plus poodle . Mix breed
  7. Yee Chin

    Yee Chin New Member

    t4lilac not opposite Sembawang. Is at Tao Payoh

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