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Looking for Homebased Job

Discussion in 'Year 2015 Mums' started by Shermin Jang, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. livy

    livy Member

    Hi Blueme I'm keen. Pls pm. Thanks!

  2. giraffe_violin

    giraffe_violin New Member

    Hi! Please pm me the details. I am keen too !
  3. notti_hamham

    notti_hamham Member

    Hi pls send Me the details too thanks.
  4. Kitgal

    Kitgal Member

    Hi, can PM me the details too? Thanks!
  5. Janice Lee

    Janice Lee Member

  6. blueme

    blueme Member

    Hi all, apology for the late response , I was on a long break. I have now response and sent PM to those who requested. Once again thank you for your patience and your interest in home business opportunity, a platform for self and family to do own business and have better family life balance.
  7. whitepearlpearl

    whitepearlpearl New Member

    Hi Blueme, im interested too. Appreciate if you could PM me. thanks
  8. blueme

    blueme Member

    Hi whitepearlpearl, I have pm you too. Thank you >.<
  9. NANA24

    NANA24 New Member


    can pm me too? Thanks! :)
  10. blueme

    blueme Member

    I have pm-ed you Nana.. You may check your inbox. Happy weekend
  11. Ferrose

    Ferrose New Member

    Hi, i am interested to know more. Sory ,i am not sure how to PM you though. Its been a while that I stalk the forums. Let me know :)
  12. E Txe

    E Txe New Member

    Dear all,

    Congrats to all of you on the babies!

    Im a mother to a pair of 4months old twins, so I know how it is like to be searching for work and still wanting to look after the babies.

    Im looking for a home-based freelance seamstress with their own sewing machines. If you are keen to take up this job, or if you know of anyone else who is keen, kindly contact me at esther.xe@hotmail.com or 92200260.

    Thank you.
  13. E Txe

    E Txe New Member

    Could you kindly contact me at esther.xe@hotmail.com or 92200260 for writing? I used to write for a financial publication. Thanks!
  14. a mum and her bump

    a mum and her bump New Member

    Hello all, I am looking for interested parties to partner with on maternity apparels.
    It will be based on distributorship model, so you will have greater control towards the commitment on quantity and you will manage your own time and customers.
    It will be suitable for mothers who have a passion in fashion and especially that of maternity, and have time to commit yet want to work flexibly at your convenience.
    Do PM me to discuss more.
    Cheers! ;)
  15. Chameleony

    Chameleony New Member

    Hi HappiBerries,

    I'm interested. Pls PM me. Thank you.
  16. mykloven

    mykloven Member

    Hi, Can u please pm me with more details. Thank you.
  17. Dino's Mummy

    Dino's Mummy Member

    Me too

    Please PM me
  18. Kitgal

    Kitgal Member

    Hi! I am interested too. Can PM me? Thanks!
  19. ivyquek_84

    ivyquek_84 Active Member

    I am interested about it. Please PM me details
  20. entremum

    entremum New Member


    I quitted my job to start own business so that I have more time with my kids. Am looking for a partner now.

    Depending on your goals and how you want to run it, can start without capital. If you are seriously looking for flexible work arrangements or considering to make some supplemental income, do keep an open mind to this. My team can share more with you, takes about an hour only and absolutely no obligations. Email me entremum@gmail.com if you like to hear more.
  21. snowy03

    snowy03 Active Member

    hi mommies,

    My company's app is launching to the public soon and we are now looking for pioneers to join our launch project.

    If you are open to the idea of having an additional source of income, can send your profile (Name, Age, Occupation & Nationality) to 88684283 so that we can arrange a free information session with you.

    Cheers! ;)
  22. sysy2016

    sysy2016 Member

    Hi I m interested to know more..
  23. sysy2016

    sysy2016 Member

    Hi I m interested to know more..
  24. snowy03

    snowy03 Active Member

    Hi, can PM me your profile?
  25. sysy2016

    sysy2016 Member

    I dun think I can pm u
  26. sysy2016

    sysy2016 Member

    Oops..can already
  27. mommy_chia

    mommy_chia New Member

    Hi, I'm interested too :)
  28. snowy03

    snowy03 Active Member

    Do you use Facebook daily? Would you like to generate income while being on FB?
    I'm looking for 5 dynamic, coachable, motivated individuals who want a part-time business to make some extra money from home.
    Free training provided for selected candidates. Applicable for Singaporeans 30 and above. Interested, pm or inbox me direct.

  29. e_mumme

    e_mumme Member

    hi can pm me too? thks
  30. snowy03

    snowy03 Active Member

    Hi e_mumme,

    Have PM you.
  31. snowy03

    snowy03 Active Member

    Hi e_mumme,

    Have PM you.
  32. joannejlk

    joannejlk New Member

    Hi I'm interested. Can pm me pls. Thanks!
  33. joannejlk

    joannejlk New Member

    Hi blueme, I'm interested can pm me pls. Thanks
  34. joannejlk

    joannejlk New Member

    Hi blueme, I'm interested can pm me pls. Thanks
  35. xyun08

    xyun08 Member

    Still aVail? I am interested too pls pm me
  36. Mmay

    Mmay New Member

    Hi blueme,

    Can u PM me for home biz opportunity please. Thanks
  37. blueme

    blueme Member

    Hi Mmay,
    Just pm-ed you.
  38. Sharoncyc

    Sharoncyc New Member

    Still available? I'm interested too. PM
  39. ponyinthebump

    ponyinthebump New Member

    Hi. Interested in home based job. Please PM if any! Thank you
  40. beaupeau

    beaupeau Active Member

    Hi Mummies

    Currently looking for someone to work from home at your own time own target.

    Kindly contact me for more details.

    Wechat : ling8383ling
    Email : b_peau@hotmail.com
  41. Nitecloudz

    Nitecloudz New Member

    Hi @blueme im interested too, pls pm me thanks!
  42. traceryuki

    traceryuki New Member

    Pm please
  43. Aksram

    Aksram Member

    Cud u pm more details
  44. Aksram

    Aksram Member

    Can u pm more details
  45. miss ng

    miss ng New Member

    Hi, I am interested. Still available ?
  46. beautycma

    beautycma New Member

  47. beautycma

    beautycma New Member

    Interested, can u give more details?
  48. beautycma

    beautycma New Member

  49. beautycma

    beautycma New Member


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