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Looking for a part time maid

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by heavenzstz, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. plim1487

    plim1487 New Member

    Looking for part time helper. Once every fortnight on weekends. 3-4hrs. Location at bedok south
    Basic cleaning
    Toilets washing
    Ironing if any.
    $15-18 per hr.
    Pls share if any recommendations

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. borra

    borra New Member

    Hi mum,
    Looking for weekly Part time helper, area: boon Keng. Any recommendations? Thank you
  3. wenkai_82

    wenkai_82 New Member


    Please contact my Mum @ 98222063 (Mdn Leong) if u need any part-time helper TIA~<3
  4. peanutberry

    peanutberry New Member

    hi all. i am looking for a part-time helper who can help to clean a newly renovated unfurnished 4room BTO for about 3-4 hours for maybe 2-3 weekends. subsequently, i also hope to engage this helper for future part-time cleaning of my place once or twice every month for long term after i move in.

    for the initial cleaning(pre-move in)
    -wipe all built-in cabinets/wardrobes(interior and exterior)
    -wipe all walls
    -clean the toilets
    -clean all windows
    -sweep and mop the floor
    -wipe all doors

    anyone has part-time helper who is willing to do the above?

    thank you so much.
  5. Dhesy

    Dhesy New Member

    I'm interested miss
    Contact me by e-mail ,i will forward my detial
  6. xiuyun_87

    xiuyun_87 New Member

    able to provide me her contact no?
  7. YhengKang

    YhengKang New Member


    Am looking for a part time maid - $60 for 4 hours work. To come on weekends.

    Household chores include

    1. sweep and mop the floor for living and all rooms.
    2. iron clothes
    3. 2 toilets.
    4. wiping of furnitures
    5. cleaning and wiping of kitchen basin and stove.
    6. ad hoc duties like cleaning of fans.. cleaning windows (if required), wash the floor mats

    I stay in Serangoon North.
  8. Ziana

    Ziana New Member

    @ 87484351

  9. mayfoo666

    mayfoo666 New Member

    hi all mommies

    just to share. we recently engaged a chinese part time helper via recommendation fr here. cleaning wise her work is alright i.e meet average standard, . my toilet tiles looks the same as if it was never cleaned.

    however im not sure hw their pay is being calculated. just wanna get some feedback fr you all. she came 30 mins late on e 2nd cleaning session, toilet windows were not cleaned thoroughly. on 2nd, 3rd and 4th cleaning session, she didnt fulfilled the full 4 hrs of cleaning, she completed slightly earlier than 3.5 hrs. but i still paid her $80 (4 hrs at $20 per hr). if we do our maths, you will know that we could have saved $10 on every session for the 30 mins which she didnt fulfilled. on e 4th session, i feedback to her that she finished way earlier hence i should only be paying her $70. but she insisted that i must pay her $80. she said if she’s fast and complete in 3 hrs or 4 hrs, i should still pay her $80 and no negotiation. so meaning if she finishes in 3 hrs - i.e >$20 per hr. she continued to rant and nag. i remained composed and sent her to the door.
  10. Singapore-Mom

    Singapore-Mom New Member

    Looking for part time maid on a daily basis for 1-2 hours in Punggol area ..
    Timing can be flexible..
    Any suggestions is welcome
  11. trl

    trl New Member

    Hi looking for a reliable part time helper to come in on weekends for 4hrs
    General cleaning
    Ironing experience is a MUST
    I’m located opposite Katong shopping centre.
    Willing to pay up $15/hr max
    Do PM me
  12. Carrie Wong

    Carrie Wong New Member

    Hi all Mommies,

    You can check out these cleaning companies if your budget allows for it. It will cost about $20 - $30 per hour for a good one.
  13. Octopusink

    Octopusink New Member

    I would like to urge mommies here to be watchful over this lady that claimed to be “trustworthy”.
    I engaged her for a few months before finding my money start missing. At first it is a $50 from a stack of notes in my drawer. Later, it became a few US$ notes from another wallet in another drawer. Since we started suspecting her, we counted before she came and reconfirmed after she left.

    She is fair skinned, very friendly and chatty. She will drop hints that owners leave their keys with her and even showing you a bunch of owner’s keys she has. That some owners leave money here and there openly, but she did not take. She will also share her family misfortune with you. I fell into believing she is really trust worthy, a grave mistake I made.
    Yes, she will do extra like offering to hang your washed clothings from washing machine, fold your hanged dried clothes without prompting.

    The reason I am writing this is to warn mommies here if you do engage her (caused she told me there is a lot of enquiries since the above posting) to be vigilant and keep watch of your money. For others, please Do NOT ENGAGE her. You may contact me at this email if you need any help. My email is: octopusinkng@gmail.com

    I agree there is also mistake from my part for being over trusting and will learn from this episode. In fact, I was saddened as we treated her well. Surely human mind and heart are cunning. Do exercise your wisdom and discernment in all things.
  14. lovely00

    lovely00 Member

    Hi, may I know if your mum still keen to work?
    A must to iron clothes and wash toilets
  15. Slee05

    Slee05 New Member

    Thank you...I was about to contact and see if she is available. Meanwhile, I am looking for a PT helper as I no longer trust my current one. However, my challenge is that I need to be able to leave the keys with the helper as no one is home on weekdays. If there is any recommended and trustworthy helper, that would be great. Thank you!
  16. Sonia D

    Sonia D New Member

    I am looking for part time helper to come on either Saturday or Sundays to help with these chores for 3 hours. I stay very near to pasir ris mrt station and can pay $12 per hour.
    1) wash toilets
    2) vacuum
    3) mop
    4) iron

    If you are keen pls WhatsApp me at 91598767.
    No calls pls.
  17. Yiin

    Yiin New Member

    Hi! Any recommendations for part time maid who is willing to mop floor the traditional way? ie no mop/mop bucket
    Thanks babes
  18. Ms AC

    Ms AC New Member

    To all the mummies out there, this fellow miami90 cannot be trusted. I’ve arranged cleaning services with her one week in advance. On the day before she come I text and called her a few times she totally never reply. Went mia. Don’t even have the courtesy to reply my text or call. So if u guys don’t want anyone to mess up your busy schedule please do not engage her service.

    Hi all mummies,
    The above happened to me too recently. She always cannot make it the day when she has promised and just ignore to inform you. She really cannot be trusted when i engaged her one time, she stole my jewellery and after that went MIA even i text her several times. PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE HER SERVICE. She is really a big liar telling me different place each time where she stay.
  19. JKHP

    JKHP New Member

    Gosh, it’s a blessing that she didn’t turn up at my place. Ms AC u should report her to the police for stealing your jewellery.
  20. Scent88

    Scent88 New Member

    Hi I'm using the service of Madam Tan whom I have found decent and reliable for the last 2 years. She does not for me vacuum, mopping, ironing rather meticulously.

    Anybody who needs help at West area want to give her a try at 98392713 :) I call her madam Tan.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  21. Demixl

    Demixl New Member

    I stay in covan,need 2 times weekly
  22. Cath19

    Cath19 New Member

    Looking for part time helper. Once every fortnight on weekends only. 3-4hrs. Location at Yishun, 3 bus stops away from interchange
    Basic cleaning (vacuum, mop, dusting, window wiping)
    2xToilets washing
    Changing of bedsheets (1 king, 1 single)
    Ad hoc duties
    Ironing not required
    $15-18 per hr.
    Pls share if any recommendations

    Thanks in advance!

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