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Looking for a home for my child - Adoption

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by xmoonchildx, May 27, 2018.

  1. xmoonchildx

    xmoonchildx New Member


    I am planning to give my child up for adoption and looking for a sincere, loving and family to give her a home without an agency involved. I will be due in September 2018, kindly drop a response with your details and I will contact you directly.

  2. Sincere couple

    Sincere couple New Member

    I am keen to adopt, pls contact me at deslee088@gmail.com
  3. Desmondlim

    Desmondlim New Member

    Hi I'm a professional guy financially well off who can give your child a bright future. But I can only adopt baby boys. I love kids very much. Can you email me at: dentalshred@gmail.com
  4. Missy.D

    Missy.D New Member

    Hi, could u contact me at 9779 7414- we are a family with 3 kids (6,5 and 3YO).

    Recently completed a HSR to adopt - so we r prepared financially and legally to take your child.
    We r a Christian family - are You open to meeting us?
  5. cindylee

    cindylee New Member

    Hi, is your baby up for adoption?
  6. Revathi M

    Revathi M New Member

  7. Patrick Woo

    Patrick Woo New Member

    HI xMoonchildx
    My wife and I we are looking to adopt. We are a prudent family of 2 living on a comfortable income. For 4 years we have tried with no success to have a child we can call our own. We are both established in our careers and can give the child a comfortable life.

    We have just submitted a HDR form and expect the process to be completed just about September. We are a Chinese Christian family and we believe we can bring the child amidst good values and principles.

    Please contact my wife Christina at 91770626. You can also send her a text through WhatsApp first, if you are more comfortable with that.
  8. Mickeyy

    Mickeyy New Member

    Hi I'm also looking for a family to adopt my baby due on September. Have u found one? If yes do share with me how did u go about it..
  9. alvinya

    alvinya New Member

    Hi there,

    Is your child still available for adoption?
  10. Baz

    Baz New Member

    Hi Mickey, have you given ur baby for adoption?
  11. elsieho

    elsieho Member

    We have completed our HSR report last month and are sincerely wish to have a child of our own. We are Chinese couples married for 6 years with no kids. Please contact me at 97436892 if you are giving up for adoption
  12. Nadia90

    Nadia90 New Member

    I’m doing this on behalf of my younger Sister who is expecting a baby girl in 3 months. Due to the circumstances we are all in we can’t afford the baby up to put for adoption instead. Do let me know and drop me a msg if you know of any or yourself who would like to adopt a Muslim girl.
  13. Baz

    Baz New Member

    Hi I'm also a Muslim looking to adopt a baby girl. Can you message me please. Thanks
  14. Baz

    Baz New Member

    Hi is your sister still keen on giving baby for adoption?
  15. Hazeltan7777

    Hazeltan7777 New Member

    Hi Mickey
    Hi, we are chinese married couple, me and my wife have been trying for a baby going 7 years, we have no problem at all but we trust God, perhaps that blessed be our faith is to adopt, all the same to us. We are from Christian household. Please do contact us at ask.stylehana@hotmail.com
    Or you may text/whatsapp to my wife at 83288829
    if that will be at your comfort. Hear from you soon.

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