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June 2018 Mummies and Babies!

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by Mummyelly, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. cen

    cen Active Member

    Hi all..anyone developed rashes in 2nd trImester? I’m in my 13 week now...bad bad rashes on legs and spent $200 seeing dermatologist.

    And I alrdy gained 4 kg since week 5..anyone else with such rapid weight gain? Jialat...

  2. Purplepink

    Purplepink New Member

    Oh my.. haha we have exactly the same cases here!! I had the rashes too and spent about 280 on dermatologist, and gained 4kg so far!!
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  3. Gchling

    Gchling New Member

    Hi my edd is 22 june. Can I be added to the Whatsapp group please?
  4. Kaya butter toast

    Kaya butter toast New Member

    Hi everyone :) nervous first time mummy here.. EDD 12 June 2018. May I be added in the whatsapp group too? Many thanks!
  5. Kaya butter toast

    Kaya butter toast New Member

    Me too, gained 5kilo as I need to constantly eat so I feel less nausea. Super depressed I cried a lot as I’m strained over the lack of energy, constant nausea and feeling fat (I quite vain la) . Now morning sickness getting better I will try to watch my diet, perhaps try not to overeat etc. To anyone out there who got as depressed and sad like me, stay strong!!!
  6. babybear33

    babybear33 Member

    Hello! Checking in! Nice to know everyone!
    I am a june 2018 mummy too! this is my 3rd child! EDD 12 june!

    Can add me in the WA and FB group?
  7. Speedydozer

    Speedydozer New Member

    Hello just joined the group. my wife and i are expecting our first baby. EDD 24 June

    I intended to get insurance for my wife and baby any recommendation?

    can ass me in the whatsapp and FB group?
  8. Outtaworld

    Outtaworld New Member

    Hi, how's everyone doing? First time mummy here so abit nervous and new to the whole thing about being pregnant.. can add me into WA and FB group? Thanks :D
  9. Gingerbread919

    Gingerbread919 New Member

    Congrats!! My first is underway and i can't imagine you are having your 3rd already :) Happy for you!
  10. Klyne

    Klyne New Member

    Hi fellow mummies (to-be)!

    I'm interested in joining the WA group, who can I PM? :)

  11. mummy_summer

    mummy_summer New Member

    Hi! I PM you my number already. Can add me to Whatsapp group too? Thanks!
  12. Fenfenmama

    Fenfenmama Member

    Hi mummies! Think everyone here is getting into second trimester already if you are due June next year! I have been waiting for this to come for so long. Keep asking my husband when will I stop puking. And seems like for me it ended at week 15. Yeah! 3 days never like puke Liao. Hope this continues. Hope all of you are doing fine too.

    Enjoy the Xmas! Merry Christmas! Next year we will have a 5 /6 month old baby to celebrate Xmas with. Haha
  13. micusmarco89

    micusmarco89 New Member

  14. Gingerbread919

    Gingerbread919 New Member

    Yayyyy! you are so positive :) thank u for rubbing it onto us mummies, as well! Anyone of us using fetal Dopplers to listen to ur bb’s heartbeat at home?

    I’m thinking of buying one but not sure if I shd.. some of my friends who have bought it said it’s really assuring and described it a “magical feeling”
  15. Fenfenmama

    Fenfenmama Member

    Haha no problem. I’m using one! Mine is Angelsounds fetal Doppler. Bought it from carousell. The person sold me new set at $35 if I remember correctly . Quite cheap because it doesn’t shows the heartbeat rate on the screen and have to listen through the ear phones.

    I managed to hear the heartbeat from week 11. But it took me a while to find it and it’s nerve wrecking sometimes when I cannot find it. But so far so good. I can find it getting easier as baby is getting bigger.

    I also bought aloe Vera gel from Watsons to hear the sounds more clearly. Shun bian act as my moisturizer.
  16. lamghh

    lamghh New Member

    Hi mummies! Has anyone done the amion fluid test ? Thanks.
  17. bliss_elixir

    bliss_elixir New Member

    I am a june 2018 mummy too! EDD 24 june!
    Can add me in the Watsapp and FB group?
  18. yvonneebon

    yvonneebon New Member

    can add me ?
  19. maines

    maines New Member

    Hi All! Am about 17 weeks pregnant now and EDD is on 24 June..would love to share and listen to all your pregnancy journey here! My morning sickness started on wk 8 and i’m just starting to get better now though i’ve lost about 3kg so far
  20. PlanStork

    PlanStork Member

    I feel comforted from your sharing :p
    My edd is 26 june. MS started ard week 7, massive nausea and headache Everyday (no vomiting), coupled with heartburn. Lost 5kg so far. Just started to get better though still nauseous n headache Everyday but mild, like 6/10 and able to fall to e background.
  21. PlanStork

    PlanStork Member

  22. Jessa Cheng

    Jessa Cheng New Member

    Hello! I also experienced rashes when I was 12 weeks pregnant with my 1st child. My dermatologist, Dr Cheong told me it was PUPPP, or Pruritic Urticarial Papules and plaques of pregnancy. She said it is one of the side effects of pregnancy. She also told me that it does not affect the growth of the baby, which is relieving. She then prescribed me anti-itch creams :) I recommend this doctor of mine, she took care of me really well. I was about to put in her contact number but I think I lost it, but this is her website www.llcheongskin.com
  23. starlyte

    starlyte Member

    Can anyone add me to June mummies Facebook group?
  24. Aisyahmanab

    Aisyahmanab New Member

    Hi mummies can anyone add me to the June mummies Facebook group or WhatsApp? My EDD is 13 June! Very excited for my little boy to have a sibling
  25. tracy_lazy

    tracy_lazy Member

    Hi all mummies,

    I am a June 2018 mummy too! Currently about 20 weeks & EDD is 12 June. This is my 2nd pregnancy.
    My elder girl is already 10 years old :p.

    Can add me in the Watsapp group? My contact is 93675884. Thanks
  26. xiaozhu28

    xiaozhu28 New Member

    Hi! Can add me in the whatsapp group chat? My contact is 97645349.
    EDD is 15 June.
  27. Jpin2

    Jpin2 New Member

    Hi, can someone add me to the what’s app group too ? I am due in June
  28. yuanz

    yuanz New Member

    Can add me ? Edd end June 18
  29. Bimbo Tan

    Bimbo Tan New Member

    does this look like a girl or boy? because apparently it doesn't look like in between two legs but just one leg is shown.

    Attached Files:

  30. thelazymama

    thelazymama New Member

    if mummies are open to essential oil, can try to apply lavender oil :) it's natural product and safe for pregnant mummies
  31. winterxc

    winterxc New Member

    My EDD is 6 June and very excited to be FTM! Is anyone here getting a confinement nanny? I was recommended one but she cancelled afterwards (better early than late I suppose). Seems like confinement agencies are charging about $2,700 this year, anyone getting through them?
  32. Sok Ling

    Sok Ling New Member

    Hello! Can add me in the watsapp group chat?
  33. Sok Ling

    Sok Ling New Member

    Please add me. My name is Juliana, Hp number 96958483.thanks
  34. Macys

    Macys New Member

    Hello Mummies to be,

    I have a BNIB Philips Avent 3-in-1 Steriliser which I would like to let go as I would like to buy UV Steriliser instead. Bought the item in Oct during baby fair. Am letting go at $90 for quick deal, even Qoo10 or pupsik are selling $109+. Please PM me if you are interested! Thanks!
  35. ~sanyu~

    ~sanyu~ New Member

    Hi, any whatsapp group to join? My Edd 11june :)
  36. Excitedpenguinjas

    Excitedpenguinjas New Member

    Hi. First time mummy here.. Edd 18 June.. can add me to the watsapp and fb group too...
  37. Excitedpenguinjas

    Excitedpenguinjas New Member

    Hi first time mummy here... can add me to the watsapp and fb group..
  38. Excitedpenguinjas

    Excitedpenguinjas New Member

    Hi first time mummy here... can add me to the watsapp and fb group..
  39. Excitedpenguinjas

    Excitedpenguinjas New Member

    Hi can add me to the watsapp group... first time mummy here.. edd 18 June..
  40. lilbeginnings

    lilbeginnings Member

    Hello, can add me to the WA group please? My number is 91154565.
  41. Mei Qi

    Mei Qi New Member

    Hi I'm having first baby here.. EDD 5th June.. Can I be added to WA group also? My no. Is 91086904.. Thank you!!
  42. Eury Wee

    Eury Wee Member

    Dear Mummies,

    I have a few very experienced confinement nanny/lady to introduce. They're all Malaysian Chinese, also have Indian Confinement Nanny.

    One of them is my own mother. She has more than 20 years of experience in taking care of newborn and my own babies too. She is currently booked for April - May & July. Other months are available.

    Other aunties are my friends, i knew them for years. Have been helping them to get jobs in Singapore too. Need to check their schedule once you've provide your EDD to me.

    They've many years of working experience in Singapore too! They able to cook very tasty confinement food. Take care of the newborn very well (cuz my mother & these aunties are really the expert!) Helping on simple household chores upon request.

    Please whatsapp me 98160846 if you need more details. I can provide their photos and info.
  43. Stanse1709

    Stanse1709 New Member

    Hi , May i know if you are still seeing her?May i have her reviews, i hardly can find any reviews for her in the website .
  44. AT2017

    AT2017 New Member

    Any local confinement lady and also female Guyanese at kkh private to recomend?
  45. Lvhmi

    Lvhmi New Member

    Can you please add me into the wa group my hp 81007937 thanks a lot !!
  46. lady_kei

    lady_kei New Member

    im interested to join the group!
  47. Jehvy

    Jehvy Member

    I am due in June, can I join the June whatsapp grp. Thanks.
  48. wendees

    wendees Member

    Can anyone add me to June mummies Facebook group?
  49. icyger86

    icyger86 Member

    Hi anyone can add me into the June wat app group too although my Edd is early July but might pop in june
  50. Piglet14

    Piglet14 New Member

    Hi, my edd is 21 june.. im interested in the whats app grp.. can anyone add me into the what' apps group too? Any northeast mummies also? Thanks!

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