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June 2018 Mummies and Babies!

Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by Mummyelly, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. nicnat123

    nicnat123 New Member

    Hi I just tested positive last month! I'm a first time mom here. I hope this group has some experienced moms. I'd love to join the WhatsApp group.
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  2. WYbb

    WYbb New Member

    Hi all, I just done my scan today (6w5d). So touched to hear my baby heart beat. But doctor said the heart beat is slightly slow at 115, ideal should be 140. This caught me worry. Have anyone done it’s first scan? Can share here?
  3. The heart beat generally increases as the pregnancy progresses. I would think above 100 is still okay in early pregnancy. I was also concerned but my gynae said it’s okay.
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  4. LolaLola

    LolaLola New Member

    Hi I jus tested is positive ! Have not yet to see Gynaecology but planning to do So next week! Any recommendation? And I have pmed ! Pls add me in what's app :)
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  5. MommyAgain

    MommyAgain New Member

    Hello. I’ve tested positive too. Appt with dr Lawrence this Friday. Can add me into WhatsApp group if you have?
  6. MommyAgain

    MommyAgain New Member

    Hello. I’ve tested positive too. Appt with dr Lawrence this Friday. Can add me into WhatsApp group if you have?
    which gynae u appointed?
  7. quackerooz

    quackerooz New Member

    Hello! I just had my first scan today, 7wks! Edd 7 jun
  8. pristique

    pristique New Member

    hi, can give me to the whatsapp group?
  9. kaponeh

    kaponeh New Member

    Hi , new joinee to this group, kindly add me on whatsapp on +65 97828492
  10. Else

    Else New Member

    Hello! This is my first pregnancy too. Thought of going KK private but heard from others the price is about the same as those famous private doctors outside. For ease of mind, would prefer going for those recommended doctors :)
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  11. hopemiracle30

    hopemiracle30 Active Member

    Hi everyone! Just tested positive yesterday and my edd should be 22 June. My #3 and it came as a surprise cos my #2 just turned 1 in sept. Hope I could contribute and share a little in this group :)
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  12. myFavblue

    myFavblue New Member

    Hihi, I would like to be added in the chatgroup please. Tested on last friday (2-3 weeks)
  13. Sparkle_

    Sparkle_ New Member

    Same! Would like to be added as well.
  14. eshon

    eshon New Member

    Hi All Mummies-to-Be!

    I am a first-time mum, and just did my first pre-natal check with Dr Paul Tseng at TLC Gynea @tmc. All is great but very quick session, blood test etc scheduled for 3rd week of Nov (longgg wait!)

    Oh and let's keep the group support, motivation, tips and good lobang coming!
  15. noelleoo

    noelleoo New Member

    Hi All,

    I am a first time mummy at age 34. I have PCOS and have not been able to conceive for a long time. This is an unexpected surprise for us actually. I am seeing Dr Pamela Tan from Thomson Medical center. Can you add me to the whatsapp group? My number is +65 93824195. I should be due around end June or July I think cos I just found out that I am about 4-5 weeks pregnant.

    Hope we can give support to one another!
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  16. rac14

    rac14 Member

    Hi, I just pm u with my number.
  17. MommyAgain

    MommyAgain New Member

    How do u find dr Pamela Tan? She’s experience? Does her clinic always gonna wait very long even with appt? And how about her charges?
  18. noelleoo

    noelleoo New Member

    I saw her at Crawfurd Medical at Suntec for the 1st time. She sits at Suntec on Mondays and it's nearer to my office than Thomson. I haven't been to Thomson Medical yet. I went to see her for my cyst problem and she detected that I might be pregnant and did urine test to confirm it. She's very gentle, soft spoken and professional compared to the other gyane whom I have seen previously. I feel confident with her answers to my queries. I don't know about her charges yet since I saw under my company insurance panel specialist and have not really "consulted" her for pregnancy for my first visit.
  19. Sosrjn

    Sosrjn New Member

    Hi all!! I also just tested positive last week..took 3 tests to confirm! Got my first gynae appointment end of the month but thinking about 3-4 weeks so far! First time mom so would appreciate an add to the WhatsApp groups please! Thanks!!!
  20. Eliwong83

    Eliwong83 New Member

    Tested positive last week. Yet to know when is my EDD as my appointment with SGH is on 3rd Nov 2017. I conceived via IUI
  21. Stickybeany

    Stickybeany New Member

    May I be added to any group chat too?

  22. asumi

    asumi Member

    Hi, I just tested positive 2 days back and went to gynae yesterday due to spotting. This is my second pregnancy. Can someone please add me on whatsapp group? Thanks!
  23. babykie

    babykie New Member

    Hi, can i be added to the watsapp group? I just tested positive.
  24. Hechrisco

    Hechrisco New Member

    Wow! Nice to see so many babies due in June.

    Got tested positive and EDD 17 june... Waiting patiently for the scan Next Week on Wk 8 for heartbeat

    If whatsapp group is available, good to add me at 93273277
  25. Justkeepdancing

    Justkeepdancing New Member

    Hi babe can add me in? Pm u my no
  26. eshon

    eshon New Member

    Hi, I would like to be added to the WhatsApp group. May I know who should I pm?
  27. Justkeepdancing

    Justkeepdancing New Member

    Babe! Same Edd!!! Which hospital are you delivering?
  28. Eliwong83

    Eliwong83 New Member

    You would probably join the grp in FB name " June 2018 EDD SG Mummies". After that you can join in there. They have a whatapp grp chat. :)

  29. Hechrisco

    Hechrisco New Member

    Likely to be Gleneagles
  30. mrsngpk09

    mrsngpk09 New Member

    hello... can anyone add me into the WA group please? my EDD is on 18th June :) thank you
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  31. mrsngpk09

    mrsngpk09 New Member

    can anyone recommend any Gynea in the north?
  32. serenechua

    serenechua New Member

    just created a secret June mummy FB group. because don't want my other friends to know i'm pregnant yet. any mummies interested to join can pm me your email.
  33. Jan3t

    Jan3t New Member

    i am abt 7-8 weeks nw.
  34. jensze80

    jensze80 Member

    Tested positive. Saw that there is a whatsapp group. How Can i join in the fb and the whatsapp group. Edd: June 22.
  35. Wbb

    Wbb New Member

    Hi, can add me in? my edd 15 Jun,
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  36. Jan3t

    Jan3t New Member

    My edd date is on the 15th of jun too! So far, do u get any MS?
  37. Qbonbon

    Qbonbon New Member

    Hi @serenechua , I had pm u. Thx
  38. imkfanatic

    imkfanatic Active Member

    Anyone who wish to join WhatsApp group kindly pm me your name and contact number. Thanks
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  39. Justkeepdancing

    Justkeepdancing New Member

    U pm me I’d give u the link
  40. joyce767

    joyce767 New Member

    Sent u a pm :)
  41. dìngg

    dìngg New Member

    hi are u going to do the test? what are the price and ur gynae
  42. divineparadise

    divineparadise Active Member

    I will be doing at NUH. Price is around 700+ to 800. I haven't decided harmony or igene but igene is slightly cheaper
  43. jwen11

    jwen11 New Member

    PM sent, thanks!
  44. Justkeepdancing

    Justkeepdancing New Member

    babe u pm me I’d add u in
  45. Justkeepdancing

    Justkeepdancing New Member

    U pm k to join
  46. jensze80

    jensze80 Member

    Thanks. I just texted one of the admin
  47. jensze80

    jensze80 Member

    Thanks I just pm one of the admin
  48. Justkeepdancing

    Justkeepdancing New Member

    Hello mommies, we have a June Wadsapp group for mommies due in June to support one another thru our pregnancy journey. If you’d like to join us, pm me and I’d add you in :)
  49. saltydreams

    saltydreams New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm 30 and a first time mummie. i'm currently seeing Dr Poon at Hougang. He is extremely patient and answers our questions patiently. :) During my first ultrasound scan pic says my EDD is 17 June but second scan it states EDD is 20 June. My baby's heartbeat was found on 2nd scan, Dr Poon said congrats. Is this common that the EDD date is different and always changing by a few days? My husband and I are totally inexperienced and unprepared for this and the pregnancy was unplanned. In fact, we both used to do extreme sports and it is really sad that I have to part with what I love to do for this. Was crying almost everyday during the first 2 weeks when I realised. I also knew a few friends who were trying so hard for a baby and I felt like very unworthy and tt I didn't deserve this. With the support of my loved ones, I am now beginning to be more positive and love my darling baby more and more and looking forward to my Gynae appts... Oh ya.. My gag reflex is quite jialat..
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2017
  50. rac14

    rac14 Member

    Hi, it's pretty common for EDD to change at this early stage cos fetus is still very small. In fact one week diff is consider normal.

    Btw, we've a June WhatsApp grp. You can pm me if you wish to join the grp so that we can support each other along this journey.
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