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Infertility Support Group

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by cottonbunbun, May 31, 2016.

  1. Nor-mandy

    Nor-mandy Member

    I do agree we shouldn't choose the gender, however, it is important for family plannig too

  2. cherubean

    cherubean New Member

    I'm happy to see that there's a support group for TTC gals. It's an arduous painful journey. I have been TTC for 5years, married for 7 years. After trying on our own for 1st 2 years, nothing happened. My husband and I went to do a check up. There was nothing serious with us. Everything is fine. No blockages, no PCOS, hormones are normal. My menses is very regular, except that it can drag on to 9 days. So I decided to try TCM. I've been on TCM since 2014, changed a few doctors. I've been very dutiful in all my medication and acupuncture and still not pregnant. I was afraid of going for something invasive as I heard many stories of how hormone treatments have very bad after effects in the later part of life. Nevertheless, I went for 1 IUI and sadly, it didn't work out.

    I stuck myself in the same job, just so that I don't stress myself out with the change. But I couldn't take it anymore as there was no growth in what I was doing and there was cost cutting in the company. In addition, my good friends have left the company. Finally last year, I left my job of 9 years. I did freelancing, thinking that with less stress, it could help me, but I still did not get the result (pregnancy) I want. I will be going back to work next month, so that I could have enough savings to embark on IVF.

    Although my husband is supportive but he can't understand the pain I'm going through. At times, he doesn't cooperate. There were days when I was ovulating and he just refuse to try because he's tired. As years passed, his sperm quality went down, it took me a long time to convince him to see a TCM doctor. He would take medicine the 1st 2 months but stopped because he wonders if it's worth it. It took me a lot of effort to get him to go back again.

    I feel so alone at times.

    Right now, I'm thinking of changing a TCM doctor again, to someone who's more supportive. I have went to the following doctors:
    1) Dr Zou (at AMK) - she's ok but her clinic queue system its horrible. I waited 1-2hours each time I was there. I realised that it doesn't make a difference whether you make an appointment or not. Each month, I have to visit the clinic at least 6 times (Acupuncture, follow-up consultation). It was taking too much time.
    2) EYS standard physician- I saw a normal physician near my office. It was convenient as I could do acupuncture during lunch time. It saved alot of time. Though my health was better but my menses was still 9days long.
    3) Dr Tan Kian Seng - the queue system is good, though I may wait up to 1hour at times, but they will anticipate your coming and hold the place for you. Health didn't improve much and menses still 9days long.
    4) Dr Tan Siew Bouy - the queue system here is good too. Yes, the wait can be 1hour long, but again, they anticipate your coming and hold your place. There was one time I was 30min late but they still honor that I was a 3pm appointment and put me before the 4pm person. Unfortunately, due to the long Q, Dr Tan don't chat much and neither does she update you on your health condition. The consultation is very chopchop. My health improved and so did my menses. Finally It's 7days! She only sees the patient once a month, compared to all the above Drs and there's no acupuncture.

    I hope to find a good TCM doc who's supportive too. If you gals have anyone to recommend, please let me know.
  3. deppressedwife

    deppressedwife New Member

    Just want to say...I am with you :)

    We r still ttc..now on tcm. We went to kl to see this tcm dr. U can check it out. www.verdure-fertility.com

    We r so far following her advices to modify our lifestyle and diet. She is very caring and most importantly she does regular follow-ups with her patients via email/wechat. Unlike other usual tcm dr, who just ask you to take the Chinese med and avoid cold water.

    We have taken her chinese med for about 3 months. My Husb sperm count has improved a lot recently :) however, my condition is not as good. According to her, my hormone fluctuates (could be due to stress and lacks of sleep) that might cause failure of implantation.

    We r still ttc. Hope my little angel coming soon *pray hard*
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  4. Mirac

    Mirac New Member

    Hi ladies

    I was inactive at smh for a while.

    I am in my 10th year of marriage. Miscarriage once. Tried 10rounds of ivf.

    Still no good news .

    Yes sometimes feel so lonely in this journey. Tried tcm and all sorts of methods.. sometimes feel like giving up.
    I guess it part and parcel of my life if i had to go through it.

    Hope to hear from some of you girls and may we all be blessed really soon..
  5. deppressedwife

    deppressedwife New Member

    Hi Mirac

    I don't know what is your age now but just wanna give you some encouragement ~ don't give up!

    We are so far quite comfortable with Verdure. Dr Fang (We call her "fang bo shi" in mandarin) is very knowledgeable. She applies western and Chinese tcm treatment to all her patients and she had successfully treated many rare cases in her 20+years of experience in fertility field.

    I am still trying too, in my 8th year of marriage :)
  6. Mirac

    Mirac New Member

    How often you go kl? U doing ivf there?
  7. deppressedwife

    deppressedwife New Member

    Once every 3 months.

    We r not doing ivf at the moment, as advised by dr Fang :)
  8. Mirac

    Mirac New Member

    You travel to kl once every 3mths? You've done ivf in sg before?
    Sorry .may i also ask how was your initial consultation with Dr Fong? You just need to show her medical reports?
  9. Mirac

    Mirac New Member

    Hi do you still face this thin lining issues?
  10. deppressedwife

    deppressedwife New Member

    Yes. We r going kl once every 3 moths. I hv yet to do ivf in Sg. I was advised by dr fang to ttc natural first.

    U may just make appointment thru email. I was asked to bring all my medical reports along. First consultation with her was quite lengthy i.e. Detailed medical history, family and etc.
  11. cherubean

    cherubean New Member

    Wow, you go all the way to KL. I admire your perseverance!
  12. Zcshop

    Zcshop Member

    Hi mirac

    I have tried for close to 20 months already, still no good news. Just when I started trying, I got EP and had to go for ops urgently. It was a nightmare.

    I took a few months to recover and then try again. Doc said since I had EP before, the probability of getting another EP is higher. But no choice, despite the fear, still need to try. At the most, need to go under the knife one more time. I have been there done that. I know what to expect already.

    Also tried a lot of method (am still trying). TCM, eat supplement/drink chicken essence, monitor ovulation, measure body temp everyday, go temple pray etc. But still no news. It is a lonely journey, I agree.

    The moment my AF comes, I turn from anticipation to disappointment and then ask myself what have i done wrong this month. What more must I do to succeed. There were definitely heartbreaks n tears, n even anger. I just try myself if i try, i may fail. But if i nv try, i definitely will fail.

    Jia you!!
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  13. Xinder

    Xinder New Member

    Hi eggcitedangel,
    May I know which TCM you went to? I have a blocked and swollen left fallopian tube, and a narrow right. Polyps keep coming back too.
  14. ching1504

    ching1504 New Member

    Hi Baby Shine,

    You have any idea what the jab injection name is? For stopping the menses. Bcos i failed my first IVF FET although its 70% success rate. And doctor said it might be due to the cyst i had which implantation not successful. He gave me 2 choices which is to do key hole surgery to remove cyst and endometriosis then 2 weeks later to go for FET which greatly increase the success rate. 2nd is to do injection to stop menses for 2 months then go for FET again. But i can't seem to goggle the correct key word for this injection. You mind to advice me what the injection is call? Thanks alot.
  15. I am facing thin lining issues. Anyway to resolve?
  16. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Take more red bean soup? Or tcm to help thicken the lining? Or see doc n ask for advise?
  17. grumpet

    grumpet Active Member

  18. Mirac

    Mirac New Member

    Hi i have thin lining due to d&c for 1.5years alrdy for me tried all medications that is supposed to help with the growth but have not had any positive help in tbe growth. I am still in dilemna
  19. Billie Ng

    Billie Ng New Member

    Hello all. I am looking for an online support group and came across this thread. I am 32 this year and have been trying for almost 2 years now. My periods were never regular and can go up to 70 days cycle. I recently started seeing a proper fertility doctor who told me that I may have not ovulated hence the long cycle, She started me on 50mg Clomid Day 2-6. But before I can take it, I have to wait for AF to come first. That didn't happen after and yet I get a BFN. So I had to take another pill to induce period. That came as a blow to me. Not only can I not ovulate, I can't even get my period to come on its own.

    Anyways, the period came eventually after taking the pills and that's when I started Clomid first round. I took a blood test on Day 24 to check on my Progesterone level. It was 65 and Doc says it looks promising, yet i still get a BFN.

    I started on cycle 2 of Clomid Day 6-10. This cycle started late because my doc went on leave and I only got to see on Day 6. I took the Clomid and used OPK to track. We BD'ed on all the days that we should and I started symptom spotting 8dpo - tender BB, cramp, bloat and gas - all of which I thought was implantation related.

    Today is 13 dpo and I have light spotting. My heart sank. I tested and it was BFN.

    I still have 1 more cycle of Clomid to try before moving on to other methods. But my heart is so broken today. This thing is always on my mind and when it isn't, I have people constantly asking when I am going to have a baby or if I am pregnant coz I put on weight. It's hard to tell people that I have issues while keeping a straight face. And some are really insensitive even though you have bare it all to them. I have a friend who started to recount a story of her friend who got pregnant with her 4th kid even though her husband wore protection. I asked her if she meant for me to feel better listening to that story right after I told her about my fertility issues.

    The fact is, it's not easy at all and I feel like crumbling. So here I am, looking for any kind of support from people who understands just how heart breaking it is to see BFN every month. I reckon if the next round of Clomid doesn't work, I will go to IUI. Would love to hear anyone share their story and dietary tips.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017

  20. Hi dear, we are all in the same boat...I am also 32yrs...and still trying... Careful about Clomid... Clomid thin my lining till my period lasted for 2 days...But not everyone would be...I am almost going through depression too...I have my LEEP which result in shorter cervix and I have a period that lasted for 2 days only... I am trying accupture and TCM so probably you can try too...We are all in this together...
  21. hihi, how do you know your lining improved? Which acupuncture and TCM did you go to ?
  22. Lilin04

    Lilin04 New Member

    Hi Billie, I am 32 this year too. Previously my cycle was irregular, can range from 30-42days. I went to TCM at AMK by Dr Zou previously to tiao about 3-4months and now my cycle is every 28days, ovulation is at cd14 or 15. So I believed TCM did helped to regulate and strengthen my body. The thing is have to be persistent, always go for acupuncture weekly (sometimes twice a week)and eat powder medicine and also long waiting hours. I am still currently trying..for almost 1.5yrs. Recently, I also started to take multivitamins and Coq10. Let's jiayou!
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  23. How freq did u see Dr Zou?
  24. Lilin04

    Lilin04 New Member

    Dr Zou asked me to go for acupuncture for twice a week previously, but if u cant make it, once a week is fine too. I always go once in wkday, once in wkend. But I only see her for about 3-4mths, then now stopped already as I feel im better now and can be quite expensive. :)
  25. 3 to 4 months for twice a week works ? Alright.. I will try increase frequency
  26. Babylovin

    Babylovin New Member

    Hi all, there are so many 32 year olds here, I am one too! Big hugs.
    I'm back to this TTC forum and just posted about my surgery to remove endometriosis which happened on Monday.
    I've been married for 6 years, intentionally trying for 3 years, 5 rounds of clomid (I hate it). I did go to EYS for TCM for about 6 months last year but it was getting too expensive and not much improvement so I stopped.
    My struggle then was with unexplained infertility, since all the tests we did came out fine. Since Sep this year after we met our Specialist, I think I can finally say endometriosis is the cause of my infertility.
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  27. Wish upon a STAR

    Wish upon a STAR New Member

    Hello all,

    I'm 33 this year and have been trying for the past 2 years. I went through laparoscopy to unblock one of my fapalloin tube and managed to get pregnant just one month later... however it ended up with miscarriage after 6 weeks... been about 11 months since the miscarriage and still have not been able to get pregnant....
    sometimes just wonder why do i need to go through all these... my friend just annuounced her pregnancy today and she hit the jackpot upon first try.... so envy... I'm happy for her and yet felt so sad for myself... all my friends already have 1 or 2 babies now and I'm still struggling... can't help but felt so left out at times when conversations linger around babies topics... Haiz...

    TTC journey is really a sad, long and emotional journey for me. sometimes I wonder what I have done wrong and thus made to suffer all these....
  28. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Maybe is ur lining thin? Sometimes iflining thin cant hold the thing.
  29. Lerraine

    Lerraine New Member

    Hi! I'm also 33 this year. Been trying for past 2 years also. Had 2 failed ivf cycles previously both early miscarriages. I totally understand how u feel. Sometimes also feel kinda unfair, why has it to be me to have to go through all these just to conceive. But let's not give up. Jiayou!
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  30. Babylovin

    Babylovin New Member

    I came across this quote that goes something like this:
    When it gets really dark, that's when you can see the stars.

    Those who have not gone through the same would not be able to understand what goes through our minds everyday, glad that we can all talk here to encourage each other. Hang in there, our time will come!
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  31. eggcitedangel

    eggcitedangel Member

    Hi Xinder, sorry i have been busy and didnt get into forum. i went to Dr Tan Kian Sing at TCM Clementi. I have normal food intake. So when i conceive, I remember for both occasions, a week before ovulation, i ate a lot of salmon sashimi. If you goggle, salmon helps to balance the reproductive system and it is fertility all-star. I also sleep and rest more to relax my body. Usual stuff like not to drink cold water, not to eat 'cooling' food.
  32. eggcitedangel

    eggcitedangel Member

    Hi Wish Upon A Star, i was in the same situation. My 2 sides fallopian tube were blocked. Long short story, after surgery to remove 9cm fibroid near uterus wall, i manage to conceive 6 months later. But at 10weeks, i lost the fetus. I think it happen because my womb wasn't strong enough to contain fetus. So i started to eat food to 'warm up' the womb to make it conducive for pregnant, eg drink 'pakchan' after menses, continue to take folic, pre-conceive vitamins, TCM for acupuncture, medicine. I do not have any scientific proof but i happen to eat a lot of salmon one week to ovulation for the 2 pregnancies. A year after miscarriage, i got preggy. I had a smooth pregnancy and my little darling is 8mths now. Do perservere, for you will see the fruit of labour.
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  33. Wish upon a STAR

    Wish upon a STAR New Member

    My gyne did not mention anyth
    After my miscarriage, my gyne did a scan and mentioned my lining has recovered. I read drinking raspberry leaf tea can help to strengthen the lining. Anyone tried it?
  34. Wish upon a STAR

    Wish upon a STAR New Member

    Hi hi

    Thanks for sharing your story! It has certainly give me hope! Hope to catch your baby dust soon... after my miscarriage, I also followed up with Tcm acupuncture. However, the doctor felt I'm alright and don't need to continue the treatment...
    Will try eating lots of salmon! Finishing my menses soon and pray this is the month for me!!
  35. Wish upon a STAR

    Wish upon a STAR New Member

    Hi hi
    Yes, let's jia you together and continue to cheer for one another ....
  36. eggcitedangel

    eggcitedangel Member

    Baby dust to all....do continue to take folic and vitamins to strengthen your body. Baby dance often during the golden week! :)
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  37. eggcitedangel

    eggcitedangel Member

    Hi Billie, i know the feeling of having difficulty in conceiving. I tried 4 years and my biological clock ticking at 45 yrs old makes me more desperate. Have you consider trying TCM and IUI hand in hand? I came across articles that TCM helps to boost the success rate of IUI/IVF. I couldn't afford IVF. So I make do with TCM and acupuncture. My problem was fibroid and 2 blocked fallopian tubes. I had surgery to remove fibroid. Gynae said no way i can preggy with 2 blocked tubes, which is true. But miracles do happen and i m blessed with LO.
    Jia you!
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