Hoping to adopt our second baby/ Open adoption


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We are a happily married couple who have adopted our first child and we love our child more than we have ever imagined.
The joyful parenting experience has made us very convinced that
-we want to adopt more children and provide them with lots of love
-our love for children is regardless of genetics, race or skin color. Our first child is of different race from us, and we have never felt a biological child would be better than our adopted child. In fact, we felt grateful and blessed that we did not have a biological child, otherwise we would never have the chance to meet our adopted child and we would be deeply regretful instead.

We have researched extensively on the emotions of adoptee children. As they grow up and understand the concept of adoption, it is a complex emotion for them. Having siblings who are similarly adopted will help them support each other as they navigate the complexity.
We are pro open-adoption and enjoy having regular interactions with the biological mother and for her to have a relationship with the baby. We will, of course, follow the biological mother's wishes as to how open she wants the future interactions to be.

Our parenting style: we are a hands-on couple in taking care of our child and do not outsource upbringing of child to domestic helpers. We shower, cook, feed, read to our child on our own. We encourage our child to be brave and focus on learning through playing. We love outdoors and often bring our child out for hikes, swims etc to enjoy nature and sports activities.

If you are considering to place your baby for adoption, pls contact me if you like to chat more about us and our adoption experience
[email protected]