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home job

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by sweetie agnes, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. sweetie agnes

    sweetie agnes Member

    Hi anyone got home based job like doing handcraft,all kinds of item that can be done at home..just want to earn some extra income for my kids hee.
    Thks if have pls msg me at 92247377

  2. maplemummy

    maplemummy Member

    you interested to do online biz?
  3. sweetie agnes

    sweetie agnes Member

  4. maplemummy

    maplemummy Member

    to understand further, let me bring you to our online office, then register you opportunity briefing via online. You listen & see if this business model suit you.
  5. sweetie agnes

    sweetie agnes Member

    O think I'm not suitable haa
  6. Phyllis12

    Phyllis12 New Member


    Can i know more about your online business?
  7. maplemummy

    maplemummy Member

    Sorry for late reply... can you pm me..
  8. rahul

    rahul Member

    Plz PM me or contact me for your online business.

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