Home based Autism Intervention Program and Academic Coaching Services

Mokzha Therapy

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Are you looking for home based therapy services or need Mainstream academic coaching services? We are a duo of certified Autism therapists wh provide a tailor made program for each of our clients.

Our therapy sessions are based on the latest TEACCH methods, ABA, Play and Expressive Art Therapies. A fully validated research based award winning program from the US, catered specially for children with Autism!! Some of the areas we work on are Functional Academics, Functional Communication, Social Skills, Daily Living Skills, Self Management, Behavioral Management and more!

Our Academic Coaching sessions offer a unique blend of educational and developmental psychology practices together with TEACCH methodology and expressive arts therapies, ensures that our students are enjoys a learning environment that stimulates both their cognitive and sensorial learning needs.
Our Academic Coaching touches on 3 main areas: - Executive Functions - Social Emotional Awareness - Literacy and Numeracy Skills

With more than 5 years of experience in the field of special needs and a masters background in developmental psychology, we have worked with a clientele ranging from primary to secondary school students from both local and international schools.
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Call us @ 82095507 to find out more! visit our website: www.mokzhatherapy.com