Highly Recommended Nanny


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I have given birth last Nov 2020. appoint Aunty Sally as my confinement lady. She was also recommended here and just nice she is in singapore. So i choose her. Lucky we are able to get her. She is really good, and take care of baby very well. she knows what can be done and what cannot be done. You can see her treating babies like her own and make sure baby is well. Do not shake the baby, you will get scolded by her. She will also scold you if you do anything wrong, but she is very nice to show you and teach you and tell you why. I can be very rest assured to leave my baby to her to handle and even at night.

Besides that, she also cook very nice meals, its healthy and delicious, if there is anything you would like to eat, you will cook it for you if she knows how. she knows how to cook a lot of food. She is also not calculative, very nice lady, she will help even when she is very tired and if you needed her.
After she left, i really miss her. I hope to find a long term nanny like her but with 1/3 of the price. haha.. Pls look for her as she is in singapore and looking for month of May onwards. Her Contact no: +60 16-767 2851