Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease Talk, for all MOTHERS


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Hi Everyone

I enjoyed reading the information the mothers wrote in this forum.

Didn't post anything yet, becoz i am not a mother yet, but reading these information really give me a insight that about being a mother.

Last friday, i received a flyer at my doorstep. I find it useful for all mothers, hence i scanned it. However, it is too big to post it up.

Have to type it all out here:

FREE TALK - Children Health Talk

Topic: Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease (in ENGLISH)

Ever wonder why the recurrence possibility of HFM disease is relative high among children nowadays?

90% of the mums who attended this talk successfully prevented her kids from HFM Disease.

Let the Nutritionist explains and shares with all mothers the important health tips.

Do you know the Cause?
What are the Symptoms?
What are the Complications?
How to Prevent from it?
Tips on Taking care of the infected kids.

Date: 24 April 2008, Thursday

Time: 7pm -9pm

Location: Old Thong Chai Building
Near Apollo Centre, Nearest MRT Station is Clarke Quay, Exit B

Make a seat Reservation with us NOW!

(Limited seats - Strictly by appointment only.)

Call Jasmine at 9741 6869 to secure a seat with us.

Maybe some of the mothers can go to the talk together.



Advices needed!!!

My boy's school had found 11 cases from 20/04 till today, my hubby and parents have asked me to keep him at home.

Had called up the school, the principal told me so far cases only found in K1 and K2... they will monitor very closely.

So shall i keep him at home?? He is attending Nursery and goes to school by sch bus hence will mix around with other students from all diff classes, plus duno the school bus got disinfect not.

Thank you


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I wouldn't put my girl in school even with a case.

It is a suffering for a child to get HFMD.


My mum was saying keep him at home till June school reopen.. tat is almost 2 mths!!

From 20/04 - 23/04 is 5 cases and from 24/04 - 30/04 is 6 cases..haizzz


Look at this,
I think help is coming soon with the new BActeria Eliminator lauches in Singapore and going aggressively around our neighbouring countries.And especially in our humid regions where bacteria growth is the most active.

This is unlike all other bacteria control, as it kills bacteria everywhere - airborne or on surfaces,walls, ceilings or exposed surfaces.
This system produces millions of Hydroxyl clusters that are sent into the room which attracts to the bacteria and disrupts its metabolism and deprives Hydrogen and killing it instantly.

This product is getting the attention of the healthcare sectors in Singapore (operating rooms, clinics, CDC etc etc...) and the AVA where food processing and packaging. Hopefully the authorities can look into this and study it and maybe advise the nuseries to install this as most small children are venerable to slightest viruses.



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joleen, i would think u talk to ur child's PD and the school before bringing ur boy to school.

HFMD is spreading fast and all parents are worried sick so to play safe, let ur kid stay at home till ur boy's nursery gives the green light that its safe.
i think they should do the necessary precautions and hygiene.


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Hi mothers!


Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD), unheard of many years ago, is so rampant today. Discover why this disease is flooding the news headlines in a two-hour seminar.

Interested to find out more about the seminar details, please email me at [email protected]


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To all Mummies & Daddies out here,
I am a Supervisor working in a local childcare.
My two cents worth of opinion here.
Actually, HFMD has been around all these years, it's just that the situation sometimes is serious, due to the various types of virus availiable. Unfortunately, this time round, it's the stronger EV71 again.
I guess other than preschools, parents and caregivers should also play a part.
Children should be kept at home if unwell, especially fever cases. its actually for the child's benefit as well, as when a child is unwell, he/she will be at higher risk of contacting other diseases (I'm not a doc, so i think a doc will give better advice based on this.
As I am working in a childcare centre, it is sometimes worrying and frustrating as well if parents keep sending unwell children back to the ctr. I understand that sometimes parents do not have other alternative, but they really need to think twice, especially in crucial situation like now.
Also, do not let your children mix with other children or play at public places like playgrounds, swimming pools, as u won't know some children who have HFMD is still out there, "spreading" the virus.
Do inform and update yr child's other caregivers, like grandparents and maids as well, so that they can stay vigilant too.
Let's hope Singapore will be cleared of HFMD soon, but i doubt so, as even the Primary schools have HFMD cases now.... it's just that the Govt didnt announce in the press, as yet.
Good Luck to us!


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Hi Tomato39,

May I know where did you read about primary schools having HFMD? So scary.

I do agree that besides CC teachers responsibility that they shld teach the child high levels of hygiene, i think that parents have a part to play as well. The teachers can go on disinfecting and cleaning up the CC thoroughly, but if parents continue bringing their sick child in, then it defeats the purpose. But somehow it is just unavoidable, as once a child is down with HFMD, the symptoms may not appear at all immediately until few days later, so it is hard to tell. By then the child is already contagious and is spreading the virus around. So its still hard to control, unless the whole school shuts down, do a major cleaning and a week later re-opens again. Then again, it is not guaranteed that there will be no more HFMD, but it does decrease the risk.

I know of a parent in my girl's CC that got HFMD and the parents made a big fuss abt it. My girl also was down with HFMD and recovered abt 3 weeks back. But cant blame anyone as it just happens. Just need to be more vigilant and do our part. I also have a friend who's son never been to any CC before, but also got HFMD. Friend suspect that he cld have gotten it at the playground or in the clinic when he went there for minor flu/cough (he was playing at those play area in the clinic).

I do not allow my girl to attend CC when she is down even with mild cough/flu. This is not only because her immune system is down and easily to catch another bug, but it is also to be fair to the other kids who are well attending the centre. Otherwise, she will pass on the virus to them and they will pass to others and so on. It is also for the benefit of the other kids. I always make it a point to call up the supervisor to update her of any situation and how serious my daughter's illness is. At least she is aware. This is being responsibe.

It is really tough on parents if CC shuts down, especially those who do not have any other CC arrangements for their kids. But no choice. I support the idea the gov did by shutting down centres if they have exceeded a certain number of cases. BUt then hor, i've also seen parents using this as a "holiday" period, and bring the child to play ground etc.

Thanks for sharing.



I start letting my boy goes to the kindergarten on Monday.

Most important now is that we need to boost up our kids immune system, healthy diet and brew green soup or barley water for them to drink or can mix both to boil. And the teaching of hygience.

HFMD is all along exist. So the only way is to build strong immune system in our child.


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hi mummies, all of you are right. We need to build up our child's immune system all the time. Just in case any of the other virus come up again, our child's strong immune system is able to fight against these situations.

But for what I know, if you child has gotten HFMD, the most contagious period is during 2-4 weeks after their ulcers/fever are gone. Although the painfulness has gone off, symtoms are not there, but the virus are still active after 2-4 weeks in their body. Hence, these kids are still able to spread the virus to another new kid if their immune system is weak.

But usually children only stay out of school when they got fever and all that, the most they only stay out of school for 10 days. But during the most contagious period, they are back to school again. Thus, even though the children are not allow to go back to school, situation got control, there are still new cases of HFMD. And this is always going on.

Look at china, the worst has happended. Death of child. It's possible in Sgp too leh.. And have you ever thought of once they got this virus, will they suffer the symtoms again? Will there be any other complication coming up? that might even causes death?

Since there's a talk on the HFMD on next sat, mothers out there should go attend it and see how you can better take care of your child and take all the precaution that you can. Because this is not just minor bacteria attacking ur child, it's virus!


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This illness has, essentially, a full recovery rate. However, HEV71 has been recently implicated in several large outbreaks with severe complications and deaths.

Complications are rare, but as with any pruritic rash, a secondary skin infection may occur.
Severe complications may occur when CNS or cardiopulmonary involvement is present. These sequelae include dysphagia, limb weakness, cardiopulmonary failure, and even death.

Although death is very rare, it is most often due to pulmonary hemorrhage or edema.
Enteroviruses as a group are a cause of aseptic meningitis and encephalitis; however, HFM disease is usually not associated with meningitis.


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Hi Samval!

I didnt read it from anywhere, cos i dun think there was any written update as yet from any sources.

How i came to know about it? My cousin is a primary school teacher... she told me about the number of cases in the primary school she's teaching. And, its also unavoidable, cos children in child care centres have siblings in primary schools, so the virus will spread... u know what i meant....

and it's good that u keep yr child at home if she is unwell, it's really for the benefit of your own child, as well as other children too..


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Hi Tan Leng Leng,
HFMD wont kill. Its the complications that arise from the EV71 virus as what yellow mentioned on those illness.

Hi Yellow,
I very much agree with your point that the contagious period starts before the symptoms of full blown HFMD and AFTER the child has recovered, and is contagious up to 2-4 weeks. When my girl was down with HFMD, the PD told me that a child should stay away from school for 10 days. But is still contagious 2-4 weeks aft that. I asked him then why are the children allowed to go back to school aft 10 days and not 2-4 weeks later and he said that usually the faeces & urine is more contagious aft the 10 day period. But i thought the saliva too?? He had no answer aft that.

Hi Tomato39,
Oh primary school also have ah? Quite surprised that the gov did nothing to inform the public? Agree that it could be the siblings in CC that pass to them. Some schools require the parents to inform them if any of the children's siblings have HFMD. I also seperated my younger gal & elder girl. The younger one stayed for 2 weeks with my mum while the elder one stayed with us. No choice, we have to be vigilant and responsible. Cant imagine if they stayed together and pass to the elder gal, then the elder gal will pass to her classmates in primary school. sigh...the list goes on..

One of my friend's colleague, who teaches part time gym exercise lessons to kids had HFMD...So anyone can get it lor.



Ya agreed anyone can get it even the adults.

Last year, my colleague niece and nephew got it and 1st was the nephew (Primary 6) after that followed by his sister (Primary 4) and after that the parents plus the grandparents...sigh..


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ya, but think about it, doctors also cant possible keep the child at home for almost one month. if the doc says that the child has to be home for 1 month, and you need to work, do you think u can take leave to 1 month? so i guess the most the doc can ask the child to stay at home is during the period where all the symptons are seen. And the child need to get very good rest as well. Since they cant really eat, thus they should stay at home and conserve their energy lor. Then after that, during the 2-4weeks, although the child seems ok, but their body still contains those active virus.. Docs or gov also in difficult position mah.. if give every child one month out of school.. then also obstruct alot of things..

However, what we can do is to really boost all children immune system. Even they get contact with those contagious children, they wun get the virus so easily. And their body is able to fight not only the virus, they can even fight those common illness like fever, flu or coughing..


Just my personal view that HFMD is not as scary as many portray. Yes, there are currently no medication to cure it but it does not mean that if yr child gets HFMD then it is deadly.

There are cases where normal fever/flu can be quite serious affecting kids too. Feel that most doctors or rather MOH have to educate and pass correct information about HFMD to public. HFMD in fact is a common childhood illness and very often it just comes and go off by itself. HFMD is always around and this time round with the media non-stop reporting on the case increase that cause public to be so paranoid. Sometimes I just wonder why dun media report vigorously on the lower HFMD cases than the increasing one? Shouldn't good news be more well-publicised than bad news?


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But still, we cant take HFMD lightly as well. It's a virus! It's not bacteria.. They are both different thing. And there's no medication for this virus till now. Do u wish that your child to get this virus? I dont think you even wish ur child to got this even once. Because the process is simply painful.

Recently they have been vigorously reporting this case it's because they dont wish any more child to suffer anymore. Although alot of cases has been arising or even reducing, I believe still got alot of parents are unaware when their kids din got it. Thus, they want to get all parents prevent this thing from happening.. Prevent all ur kids to suffer the period..

Tots, do you know how much can a child suffered when they got HFMD? Can u imagine ur mouth got at least 7 and above ulcers, you cant even eat or drink! And you have to bear with the pain, hunger and agony..

Hence, parents, please know all the precaution and prevent this virus from even attacking your child even once. Once they got this en71 virus in your body, in future if there's another virus coming up, there might be complication which will causes death you also duno. Virus is not a small matter like bateria. Bacteria can be killed, not virus!

In fact china has shows some complication that leads to death already. If you can prevent, why not?


Tots, i agree with you, media is causing everyone to be so paranoid about the disease. I have experienced twice, my son was asked to go home due to one ulcer in the mouth. Once this happen, it is compulsory for us to bring him to a doc to see if it is HFMD case.

1st time, the doc confirmed the case on the spot without any observation. My son has no fever nor blisters or spots. The clinic even asked my son to stay outside the clinic to wait for payment, in fear of spreading to others. My MIL felt so humiliated and we blacklisted that PD now.

2nd time, we went to a different doc who took 1 day to observe and then still decided to confirm the case. There is slight fever at the clinic on the 1st visit and no fever after reach home and cool down with fan. 2nd doc told us guideline is 5 ulcers to confirm the case. But both times my son did not have so many ulcers, the most is 1 or 2, n no spots either. He played and eat well too.

My problem is - my son is very prone to ulcers, i do not know why. He has to be forced to eat veg and fruits which he hates, n he grinds his teeth alot at nite, which I think could be the causes of the ulcer. Everytime he has 1 ulcer, we have to c doc twice, once to diagnose as HFMD, once to get clearance even though no HFMD. sighhh!!!! The MOH figures will not be accurate at all if majority of cases are like mine. Doctors may be too paranoid and prefer to confirm the case rather than wait to see if it is real HFMD case, fear of mis-diagnosing. For parents like me, i hv to keep taking leave, n spend money seeing doctor which is not cheap. How long more do i have to go on like this?

I understand it is better to play safe and keep the child away from school if he has ulcer. But the school wants us to bring him to see doc on the very day instead of keeping him at home for 1 or 2 days to observe on our own. And if go to doc, we have to make at least 2 trips, n doc will still prefer to confirm the case just to play safe. If end up found not HFMD after all, we cannot minus it out from the MOH's stats. Isn't there a better way or guideline for schools n doctors?


Hi Yellow,

Of course HFMD is not to be taken lightly, even slight fever/flu. But I guess the key thing is many parents out there are very often equipped with the wrong knowledge/idea of HFMD. As I said, staying vigilant and taking precautions are indeed neccessary but I see no reason to over react either.


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i agree .. the child care centre where i send both my young children have since disallowed parents from coming into the centre .. they also take temp outside the centre to stop any kids with spots or fever from coming in. yesterday my infant was spotted with a tiny red dot on her wrist - they were concerned but since it's only one dot, they cannot confirm. later i went to my office and my colleague helped to ask a PD about this and he said it's most likely not HFMD because the spots would appear on the palms, not wrists and she doesn't have any in her mouth which would be the most telling symptoms of all. plus no fever and good appetite so he told me not to worry .. phew!! only after he told me this, i was able to relax because after i heard this from the cc, i became worried leh .. my child is only 3 months old, don't want her to come down with it .. but if she did, then i would be most puzzled cos her older sister should have it too (more active) but she doesn't have it .. and we didn't bring the kids out to playground, pool, etc .. anyways, confirm she don't have it - i understand that the cc was being cautious because don't want to have this spread in the cc again and i certainly don't want to be the mommy that started it all again!!!


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Agree that doesn't mean a child get HFMD will lead to death, but its the complications that arises from this viral infection, i.e. menigitis, heart problem and brain infection that causes the death, not HFMD.

Similar to having cough/flu. These are viral infections. But prolong cough can lead to bronchitis, and bronchitis can lead to pneumonia, which is bacteria infection and is fatal.


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best i think is really to keep the children home even though they might not be HFMD
cos when sick, means the immune system weak, so also easy to kenna other illness
i not sure, but i think its better to build up immune system through proper exercise, nutrition, rest etc. dun wan wait kenna what special strain or anything funny
my friend who works in a childcare, also kenna... very poor thing

headache one ah, are like the ones tomato said, not well and HFMD already ah still send to school
pls spare a thought for the other children

think what is impt is we teach our kids to observe hygiene, cos children ma, they all like to play and will be careless one. so we must really teach them to wash hands and things like that.

just my 2 cents worth


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Yellow : yr pic is "yucks" :p

I tink all kids shldn't be gg to school , childcare if not feeling well.

When I heard abt this, I was worried. Although now both my boys not schooling but I'm afraid that my newphew gg to school will spread the disease if anything happen. *touch wood*

So pityful for kids will HFMD.

But i need some advise. What if the school/ childcare close during HFMD period? Is there any refund of fees?


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i think sometimes the onus is on parents to be more responsible...my friend is a teacher and she has seen many kids with HFMD who are on long MC, playing at the playground near the school...makes u wonder what the adults are up to lor...


Hi Mummies,

I had always thought HFMD will not cause much complications, only blisters and ulcers. Just drink more liquid to prevent dehydration and practice good hygiene while the blisters recover until I came to know my colleague's baby, Raiyan Shafiq.

Currently, a kind brain & nerve surgeon has offered to perform surgery on her son with a team of surgeons without charging her any surgeon fee. But surgery will be done in Mount Elizabeth and total hospitalization fee will come up to about $75K. Can someone please advise how I can help her.. Funding? Government subsidy??



An appeal to help Mohd Raiyan Shafiq

Please support to raise fund for Mohd Raiyan Shafiq from 1st Aug to 3rd Aug. From 10am to 10pm at Kampung Glam, at Bussorah St, Baghdad St and Bussorah Mall.

All sales proceed will go to his fund for the upcoming surgery which will help him live life like a normal 3yr old boy.

Please help to make it happen.



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MY boy was suspected of HFM. So we went him to Doc and Doc certified. 2 weeks MC from childcare. He is 2 years old. He seems ok, a few dots on the arms only..

THen next few days, I started feeling pins in my hands... shit!! I got HFM!! And was a terrible full blown kind... blisters on hand and feet.

pics of my hands..

so everyone pls be careful... adults get it too.. and I suffer much more than my chirpy son :p


haha... err..jus to join in i got hfmd now but the doctor oni ask me to rest 2 days then go bac to work... dono what to do now cause tomoro need to go bac to work. Already quarantine my dd to grandmother house stay 1 week. Sibe sian... but mine pretty mild case.

anyone got experience can share how long the mc shd be..really dono if i shd go bac to work and declare i got hfmd.


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My 8 month old son just got diagnosed with HFMD today. Not sure where he got it from...could be anywhere according to the doc! It takes 7-10 days to incubate before the symptoms appear. Adults who are immune to the virus can also harbour the virus and spread it to others who then become infected! So ANYONE could have it and pass it around.

My son cried on and off the whole day and refused to eat or drink anything. The minute he sees a bottle or spoon coming he starts to cry. Even with the doc's oral and pain medication...he seems miserable. I feel so painful for him seeing him like that when he's usually such a happy baby.

My prayers go out to all those who have it. Must be so painful for them.


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there's no medicine to cure it,
just to "reduce pain"...
Maybe you taste the medicine, it may taste yucky...

If you hadn't try yet,
try cool milk, warm ones is painful on ulcers.
Baby yougart too.
Worse case, some unhealthy food, ice-cream, yakult...

Need to keep your son hydrated,
else he'll need to go hospital for dehydration.

You can try to sleepfeed him,
few mins b4 waking up time, feed him in his sleep,
hope he can drink more liquid to keep hydrated.

It should take no more than 10 days,


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hi all,

need your kind advice...

my son started with high fever last friday and was shortly diagnosed with HFMD following tues with his mouth full of ulcers...

From the onset with high fever this mon,it has aleady been 4 days but there is no sight of blisters on his hands and feets. However, my pd said that i shld be seeing them w/t 2 days ..

is my son's case a mild one? and will there be a case with ulcers in the mouth but no blisters?



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Joybab (joybab),
if there's more than 3-5 ulcers,
doc will diagnose as HFMD,
not necessary to have blisters.

Do rem to keep your son hydrated,
if he is unable to eat,
let him drink lots of water,
try ice-cream, cold fresh milk, etc. etc.

Keep him at home to stop the spread, keep young children away from him,
his caretaker need to wash hands often & DO NOT SHARE FOOD/DRINKS with him.

Hope he'll get well soon.


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hi leng leng,

thank you for your advice. It seems like my boy has a mild care of hfmd, and has recovered well.
he was taking his solid meals yesterday and drinks well too. very grateful...


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Hi mummies,

Need yr advice. My 2 kids are down with hfmd, while I'm suspected of hfmd too. 1st, should I continue to feed my 2 mth old baby (not down with hfmd) with expressed breastmilk. My baby is staying with my mum whereas the 2 sick kids are with me. Didn't dare to even visit baby cos fear of spreading the virus to him.

2nd, should I bring back baby after 10 days from the day that I'm suspected of hfmd and both kids are cleared of the virus. I'm very paranoid of what to do.

3rd, how to minimise the spreading of hfmd within the family as find it really tough especially with my toddler who love to drool. And I find myself perpetually cleaning and sterilising.

Any advice will be helpful. Txs.


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Hi all,
I was eventually down with hfmd after my 2 kids got it. For the benefit of other mummies, here is what I've found. For the 1st issue, there are divided opinions. The lactation consultant (LC) from GlenE reckon that it is ok as there are anti- bodies from breastmilk. LC from TMC advise check with PD. LC from
Mt A said must make sure that I clean myself properly and the bottles must be sterlised before I express the breastmilk. PD from Sgh reckon it is not safe. Eventually, I choose the pump and throw approach to be safe than sorry.

For the 2nd issue, GP advise the clorox the whole house after all has been cleared of hfmd, then it is safe to bring baby back.

No good answer for 3rd issue except to keep cleaning and maintain a high level of general hygiene.