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Hi mummies any treatments or remedies for hair fall during postpartum? My hair keeps falling out non stop. When i bathe or brush my hair there's alot of hair coming out. Even on my pillow there's about 4-5 hair when i woke up. Im afraid my head will have patches due to massive hair fall ): Any mummies can help?


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I'm using maleleuca herbal shampoo recommended by some mummies. My hair loss reduced after 1st wash. U need to be a member to purchase it. Let me know if u are keen.

Btw how long have u been dropping hair?


Probably about 1 week + already. The hairs on the floor is driving me crazy. How much per bottle?


First few days were the worst, but now getting better already. Not that much compared to the first few days. How long will the hair drop last?


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Hi, I’m facing postpartum too. I have been dropping a lot of hairs for the last couple of months. My hair has become very thin and my part had widened. It’s really scary. I saw Trichokare ads featuring Xiaxue at orchardgateway mall which state prevent hair loss… I was thinking since Xiaxue helps Trichokare to advertise their hair and scalp treatment it must be good because based on Xiaxue personality she only gives honest feedback about the treatment. One of her fb post mention that their treatment was really good so I did signed up a trial treatment through their website.

Overall, I think the treatment was really good because they are able to clear some of the oily sebum which has caused my pores to be clogged. The consultant has mention that it could be because of the increased of stress level that have caused my scalp to be oily and clogged. I would recommend you to try out their trial treatment and you could see for yourself on the effectiveness of the treatment. Highly recommend! Hope it helps!


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I use shampoo/ conditioner that do not contain harsh chemicals. After bath, I use 3 different types of essential oils to massage into scalp - rosemary, cedarwood and lavender. I also use wet brush (can buy from pharmacy) to comb my hair so it doesn't fall so easily. All these have helped to reduce my hair loss.


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Hi~it is normal for hair fall after delivery. It might continue for afew months but will eventually stops. For my 1st baby no hair loss problem 2nd child was really bad but it stops when my baby hit around 7months. Don't need to do anything but if its really worrying u can try some herbal shampoo.


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Hi Mummies, do consider natural remedies if possible.
I have being using essential oil on my hair and the result is great.

Peppermint is great for hair growth. I use Peppermint for hair growth.
Only one drop per day

I don't use conditioner, instead, I only apply 2-3 drops of Cedarwood and my hair is smooth and not fizzy at all. Cedar wood is also very good for the scalp.

Of course the essential oil you choose is also very important. Im using Young Living essential oil.
Don't worry, not selling here.. just sharing what has worked for me.. email [email protected] if you are interested
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Hi Aky,

I'm using this shampoo which really helps me with my hair loss. I'm due soon with my second bb.
It contains zero silicone oil (Dimenthicone) which you can found many other branded commercial shampoo have and ingredients are mostly rose extract essence and coconut oil.
If you are interested to improve your problem, you can always PM me.



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Hi, I also have dropping hair problem after delivery, and that bothers me a lot because every time after washing my hair it seems to drop more. I tried herbal shampoo and it was effective. I also eat nuts, black sesame, and chicken essence with vaccaria seed to prevent hair from dropping. These foods not only can reduce hair falling out, but boost breast milk!

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Hi ladies, I was in same situation. I tried every home remedy, changed my diet, used hair products free of silicone etc. but nothing worked. I was too tired to something else. Read online, that water in Singapore is high on chlorine. Hence the hair fall and damage. I have started using Vitamin C shower head. You can get it here and its super easy to install. I use Sonaki one. All the best. Hope you find your solution soon.


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VIramin D is a best for growth of thick hair. you van eat vitamin D foods. Biotin, niacin and cobalamin are among the most prevalent B-complex vitamins that help restore sparkle and thickness to strands.


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My advice to you is to take egg and honey and put it into your head, and it must stay in your hair for some minutes before washing it.
Or take the juice of the lemon and add it into your hair when you wash it.
You can wipe your hair with garlic too, it has good effect.


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Yes. There is this shampoo that helps hair growth . Take with the supplement. Price very reasonable n result is good