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Gynae for Panic First Time Mom

Discussion in 'Year 2020 Mums' started by Plummery, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. Plummery

    Plummery New Member

    Hello all mummy,

    This morning I peed on the pregnancy stick and saw the positive sign. Instead of joy, I panicked first. My hubby and I had been casually trying for baby for the past few months and when it finally happens, I am worried, so worried that I gag non stop. I have a history of panic disorder and depression 5 years ago and was on xanax on and off since then or whenever I'm feeling nervous. Do you have any gynae to recommended that is experience in handling panic first time mom? Preferably gynae that do not have to wait very long. I'm staying at Sengkang. Greatly appreciate all recommendations. Thank you.

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