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Free books, study table, toys

Discussion in 'Free Items Only' started by newbie19, Apr 16, 2019 at 10:12 AM.

  1. newbie19

    newbie19 Member

    See pictures. All free. For self collection near Newton MRT. Study table is height adjustable, able to tilt top with cup and drawing paper roll. Comes with matching height adjustable chair. Books are in good condition. I prefer to give to needy/ charitable or preschools who can take all.
    Please see next entry for link to books photos.

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  2. Divyani t

    Divyani t New Member

    Hi where can see the link.. If no takers can I have for my baby please
  3. newbie19

    newbie19 Member

    Hi. Do you want the study table or only the books?

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