Enrichment Classes Tips?

Observe your child's interest and let him/her take lead on the type of enrichment classes to sign up. I know of children who sign up for piano lessons, art classes, taekwondo classes, fencing classes, swimming and tennis classes. Group classes can be beneficial in helping your child open up and build confidence as he/she observes how other children behave in class.

Vanessa D

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Hi Everyone!

I am an experienced Chinese pre-school teacher for 25 years and have raised two daughters. I have recently started writing Chinese audio storybooks on my Youtube Channel (suitable for children 4 years and up) to inspire a love for Chinese stories amongst young children. I hope your children will subscribe to my channel and enjoy my content!

Please find the link to my Youtube channel below:


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Good , patient, experienced Chinese teacher to recommend. She teaches N2 to P4 Chinese. Fun and engaging lessons to form strong language fundamentals. She has good resources and will customise her learning based on the needs of her students. Those interested may contact 81248434


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Signed my girl up for a social emotional learning class and mountain biking to help with her confidence late last year through this centre Glyph. It's still a pretty new centre so it's not like midnchamps but she is enjoying the classes so far. I've realized an improvement as well. I might be signing her up for other classes as well if she wants since the rates are cheaper.