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Duphaston - when will bleeding stop?

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by AvocadoMilkTea, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. AvocadoMilkTea

    AvocadoMilkTea New Member

    Hi all, I was given Duphaston at A&E when I went there as I had slight bleeding last week. Gynae did transvag u/s and said nothing was wrong.
    It started out as light bright red bleeding for a few days, some brown spotting in between, then became heavier bleeding, these past 2 days it has almost filled up a pantyliner.
    Based on LMP, I am about 8+ weeks now. My gynae appt will be in 3 days time.
    I have no stomach cramps, although I have some slight backache these 2-3 days. I do feel bloated, sometimes feel very slightly nauseous, a little giddyness sometimes. I'm not sure if it could be a side effect from the meds?
    I am just wondering how long will it take to stop the bleeding?
    Has anyone else been on or are consuming Duphaston now?
    Any feedback/info is very much appreciated!

  2. MkJy

    MkJy Member

    Hi, not gonna scare you, but for my case, went to A&E with slight bleeding and gynae also did and ultrasound and everything was fine and baby heartbeat was still beating and was prescribed duphaston. The next day slight bleeding became heavier bleeding with intense stomach cramp and went in to A&E again and unfortunately it was a miscarriage and have to go thru D&C to remove the excess as i do not want to take the pills to expel out on its own. Now trying again.
  3. AvocadoMilkTea

    AvocadoMilkTea New Member

    Oh dear, thats quite an ordeal. Thanks for letting me know! I'm mentally preparing myself in case anything happens. Jiayou! Baby dust to you! :)
  4. MkJy

    MkJy Member

    Yup thanks :)
  5. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    Hi ladies,

    I also lost a lot of light pink blood since Monday 8 October and went to see my gynae immediately. He did an ultrasound and everything was also fine with baby’s heartbeat. I was also prescribed duphaston. I will be doing my CVS test tomorrow. Hopefully all will be fine.
  6. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    Btw, the blood is gone by now.
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  7. AvocadoMilkTea

    AvocadoMilkTea New Member

    That’s great! How’s your cvs test?
    I had a u/s this morning. Sadly, lost the pregnancy. Sorta expected cos of the bright red bleeding which didn’t seem to stop. Gynae suggested a couple of things that I could do, among that is the d&c procedure but I’m hoping to sort of expel it naturally. If it doesn’t happen naturally, then I’ll consider d&c.
  8. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    Hi AvocadoMilkTea,

    Sorry to hear abt your loss. I was given 4 days of MC to bed rest at home and took the CVS test yesterday. Had u/scan before and after the CVS test. Baby is active and kicking. I am currently 12w4 days.
  9. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member

    Hi AvocadoMilkTea,

    Please rest well. I am very sorry for your loss. I had been on duphaston since 4 weeks when i have my first pinking spotting. Till date i am still spotting brown. I am only 6 weeks.

    i wish you recovery soon. Take care gal.
  10. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member

    Hi ttcing,

    Can i ask you how far are you now? I am having brownish spotting for very long. I am only 6 weeks. Gynae informed me I am having threatening miscarriage so now on hospitalisation leave and on 3 pills daily.

    Do you have lots of spotting and how long? i am very frightened to see it every day.

    I have low hope and quite despire cos i have no such symptoms when i have my first pregnancy. I am very worried.

    Can you share with me your experience?
  11. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    Hi Yinyin11,

    I’m in my Week 12 now. Had a gush of light pink watery blood last Monday at Week 11. I think it could be the foot massage I went to last Sunday that caused it. Baby was fine now and I also did my CVS test last Friday. The blood was light pink but a lot that I had to change a few pads. Luckily my gynae said that only a part of the womb was bleeding but the baby was not affected.
  12. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    I was also on bed rest (MC) for 4 days last week.
  13. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    Yinyin11, did ur gynae say what might have caused your spotting?
  14. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member


    she did commented maybe hormone not enough earlier on.

    But this evening got a shock, red blood gushed out. I was having night class at uni and i had no choice but to take my bag and go. Immediately, i called my gynae. went to a&e novena mount e as my gynae's office was there but it had closed. She informed me to go a&e and she will come over.

    Reached there by myself. So hard to get a cab at uni. called grab also hard. Tried and tried. Finally got 1 but i put wrong mount e at orchard. Hiaz. then pled with the driver to deroute.

    It is a terrible and scary nite for me. Somehow bleeding stop when i rh there and i was put on bed rest there. Gynae checked and said bleeding not too bad. she scanned and she said looks normal.

    I was sent home with more medicines and the nurse at mount e gave me an injection. Gynae got asked me whether i want to stay in hospital for daily injection. I chose the mediciation and observed as the complication is not covered under insurance and too ex to stay there.

    Got a shock with 700 bill just in 3 hrs. Omg again!

    What a shocking nite for me.

    Gynae commented blood vessel may have burst.. that is why is red. cos from the scan she cannot see much blood.

    Do you have red blood before or spotting with pink? i started with pink 1 day, brown 14 days, red 1 day. I am very frightened. never stop at all. Just went toliet and now the remaining blood become brown and dripped out.

    Btw, discharged already. about to rest cos just wash up. sat down to bathe now. I am put on further bedrest till end of month.

    I really do not know what is wrong. Felt hopeless that it is not within my control.
  15. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    Hi yinyin11,

    I hope u are feeling better and resting by now. Do try to sleep early to get a good night’s rest.

    Mine was a lot of light pink blood that filled my whole panty liner and 2 medium sized pads! Then gradually became dark red and brown for the next couple days. On and off nowadays I will have a streak of light brown discharge.

    Dun think too much and take ur medication and try not to move about unless toilet, bathing and meal breaks. Is ur family able to take care of u at home?
  16. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member

    Today turns to very dark brown bleeding. Msg my gynae and she said i can choose to be hospitalised and daily injection. But i cannot afford the fees. I told her i observed first and if anything then see.

    Insurance does not cover so needs lot of cash if really hospitalised.

    I try to be positive. Noone at hm so i have to settle my meals eat something light and wait for hubby to come hm if dinner. You too must tk gd care and rest more whenever you can.

    i now change to pad not liner cos the bleeding.
  17. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    Ya, I think just take medication and bed rest at home will do. They can’t do much except to feed you medication and injection at the hospital as well.

    I was also still having dark brown blood this morning after I walked fast on my way to work.
  18. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member

    yes. if injection daily, i think go gyane there and inject is cheaper than stay in hospital.

    Why not u tk hosp leave and rest? ask your gynae? i am on hosp till end of the mth. I do not dare to go long distance. And i just sent email to uni to defer schooling and exams. cos dun think i am able to sit thru the exams next few weeks.
  19. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    I’m already given 4 days of MC to bed rest at home. I was just told not to exert myself too much
  20. yinyin11

    yinyin11 New Member

    Please rest well and hope it will be better for you soon. I realised by walking much more i started to bleed brown too.Tummy hurts too.

    I have no one day never bleed or spot.

    I also not sure can i sit upright too long cos tried for 2 hrs and started bleeding red. most of time my feet up the ground. Quite worried if i go back to work. need to walk or sit longer.

    Gynae did said my condition is still not stable. I have also asked for deferment of examinations as i dun think i can sit thru the exams.
  21. ttcing

    ttcing Member

    I still have dark brown or dark red spotting that looked like lining discharge on and off. However, I have checked with my gynae who said that it’s fine as long as it’s not in fresh red blood and not a lot. I’m now into my 15 weeks this week and baby is healthy and actively kicking inside me when I did the scan and cvs test 2 weeks ago! Last scan did was last sat and baby was active too!
  22. Adele_Tan

    Adele_Tan New Member

    Hi, any of your doctor shared the cause of bleeding? What medication did you get when bleeding? Currently at week 13 and bleeding... seen my gynae but was told to rest as she cant find cause of bleeding.
  23. the fat cat

    the fat cat New Member

    Sounded like what I went through actually....I had spotting from week 6-10 (brown to light red). Around week 7 sudden hush of bright red that filled up a panty liner...rushed to KKH a&e two days in a row, ended up with $180 bills each time and no explanation as to why it was bleeding.

    The docs just put me on duphaston x3 daily and it made me super sick.

    I decided to switch to another gynecologist and never looked back. Although it is more expensive (I was paying private rate at KKH), this 2nd doc was able to reassure me that I did not have to worry about the bleed based on what he can see in the scans although he did not know the cause.

    I’m now 16 weeks-but it was a huge ordeal during early stage....

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